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    Post Fire TV Stick Launch Thread

    Got one today on a whim. Good news is the remote shows up as BT HIDP class. Works with my Linux box as arrow keys at the least. Haven't looked at the keycodes for all the keys, but out-of-the-box it's a decent presentation remote. Bad news is the posted sources have the wrong kernel tree...
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    Post Moto 360 .. WiFi capable

    Ah thanks. I forgot to check for additional filings. That's more or less how the G Watch looked before the update that turned off the charger/ID probe supplies. I wouldn't be surprised if ID and D+/- sense voltages aren't turned on until VBUS goes high. Unless you need OTG, it doesn't make...
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    Post [Hardware Mod] Increse signal strength

    These are test ports, not intended for external antennas (if the glued on back cover wasn't enough of a clue). Usually these have built-in bypass switches, and the act of jamming a plug in the connector disconnects the built-in antenna from the TX/RX path. Not to mention that at the...
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    Post Moto 360 .. WiFi capable

    This is the same series controller that was used in the Nook Color. If you remember, the Nook Color (and Touch) was only certified for WiFi but with some hacks could use the Bluetooth. I think this is a matter of being a "package deal" considering a large number of chips are from TI (360: CPU...
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    Post [BOUNTY] $2986 Full working Android wear for ALL Gear Devices GEAR 1, 2 & NEO

    Mentioned this a month ago, and some efforts were made to split it, but haven't really been maintained. It doesn't help that most commitments in this thread come with strings attached, like calling/ir/camera under Wear and time limits for payout.
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    Post [Teardown] What is the material on the shielding covers ?

    I think it depends on the EDA tool and the whim of the library maintainer. From the little symbol creation I've done in KiCAD I think pin number visibility can be turned off for a symbol. I'm looking right now at one of our designs, and half the page is plated drill holes, each numbered pin 1...
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    Post [Teardown] What is the material on the shielding covers ?

    We use this stuff at work for RF gaskets for EMC. Here's an example: LeaderTech SF030PCU-CA My guess is that it's to complete the EMI shield around the cutouts for the SoC and the couple of other parts poking through. Look at the mill-out where the PCB sits on the chassis for the SoC. By...
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    Post [Q] Screen lottery?

    If you don't mind voiding the warranty, you can swap the displays. All Moto G models use the same LCD and front chassis. Sent from my XT1045 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post Post your battery

    LTE or 3G? That sounds more like what I'm getting on my LTE. Though if I don't use it much during the day it still gets crappy life, but with system or play services taking up the bulk. I wonder if there's some other unaccounted battery drain going on.
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    Post [tutorial] Fastboot Mode (No need to push the reset button)

    Also works if you do reboot from the menu instead of powering off and on. Sent from my XT1045 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post bluetooth

    Yes. Sent from my XT1045 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post Screen Protectors

    I made a 3d printable template for cutting out a protector for the G Watch. Works great with Invisible Shield film I had from an old tablet. There's OpenSCAD source so you can change sizes or generate files for laser or CNC. Get it here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:400458
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    Post 3rd Party Watch Strap Thread!

    The original purpose is for diving. It's meant to be easily adjusted large to fit over a wetsuit, stand up to harsh seawater, and provide redundancy in case one spring bar gets ripped off. Back in the day the only other options were metal links, which could cut into suits and were impossible...
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    Post buyable in stores?

    Bought one at an at&t corporate store yesterday.
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    Post [BOUNTY] $2986 Full working Android wear for ALL Gear Devices GEAR 1, 2 & NEO

    You might want to lower the bar a bit. The Gear 1 and Gear 2/Neo are on two very different CPUs. Porting the G2 kernel should be straightforward, but as Sammy has only an internally maintained 3.0.31 fork for Exynos 4212 it would be an insane effort to bring it up to a KK-compatible 3.4...
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    Post [PSD] Motorola Moto G Template

    Does anyone know if there are 3d CAD models for the G like there are for the X?
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    Post Keep calm and hope

    Did you try boss442's suggestion earlier? If it's in Qualcomm bootloader mode then there's a chance. Don't worry that the screen isn't turning on, since it won't if it's in this state.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    It's not likely. Doesn't look like it does ID detection of OTG or have a VBUS supply.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    ART eats up more space than our little 1gb and change of user storage can handle. ART precompiles all your apks, while dalvik does just-in-time compilation and caches only frequently used compiled objects.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    Like thaislcrd said, Hola and FoxFi should work. Foxfi to work around the native tethering and Hola (or any other VPN) to keep the carrier from seeing that you've got multiple devices going through your phone.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    This thread. They're patching aboot to skip the signature check when booting an image. But what I don't understand is how they can patch the bootloader which should be signed. Unless it's not being checked by the prior stage. Maybe something is being lost in Google translation.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    Yes, from my MS323. All you need is root and a terminal / adb shell. The bigger problem, and what the aboot hacks solved for D410/405, is the signature check the bootloader is likely doing on recovery and the kernel. Even if you could write a valid recovery, the bootloader might not load it...
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    With root you can read and write the partitions on the emmc. /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name on the L70 has conveniently named links to block device files. dd is a copy command that's meant to write raw images to and from disks...
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    They get root and dd it to the block device.
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    Interesting bug in Little Kernel (aka aboot). Fun project once I get something to replace this L70. *edit: looks like this is old news on other devices
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    Post USA Metro PCS LG L70

    Why not extract the kdz?
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    Post LG Optimus L70 Root

    Yes, it works.
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    Post Deleted Bootloader

    If you had made nvflash blobs before your unfortunate fastbootery, then you should be able to restore the bootloader and partitioning. Otherwise you might be able to get a few $$$ on eBay if the screen is in good condition.
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    Post Kernel version

    Bummer. The fastboot stuff in the LK source from Amazon's GPL tarball doesn't seem to expect anything out of the ordinary. Not gonna lie, this is a hard tab to make an argument for developing for since the N7'13 comes in at the same price without any baggage. But I'm really curious to see how...
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    Post Kernel version

    That's it. And you're running fastboot as "fastboot -i 0x1949 your_command_here", and you have udev set to allow permissions for that VID (or are running as root) in Linux?
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    Post Kernel version

    Sure you have the right VID/DID?
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    Post Kernel version

    Nobody's tried dumping partitions with fastboot? Vol+, vol- with USB plugged in while powering on. Among the fun things one could find in the GPL sources... Sent from my HTC One using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post [Q] Totally bricked(probably overheated)

    If you successfully did usb_fix_parts_and_install_fff_twrp, then either it should leave it with a working bootloader & recovery or your flash is somehow bad.
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    Post Headphones recommendations...

    Fry's has these for $140 this weekend. I'm trying really hard to resist. That's more than I've spent on what I consider my audiophile headphones. I already have the Plantronics BackBeat GO, which has a similar form factor. They fit well, are mostly inconspicuous, and have good audio for a...
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    Post Missing the micro sd card? Check this out!

    Sorry, I made the assumption that it would be left on. You could make one like you describe more easily than what this Kickstarter needed to get going. Start with a small reader ( look at all the "world's smallest" microsd readers on DX), get some microusb plugs, and use magnet or wire wrap...
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    Post HTC One Diztronic TPU Case Review

    I got my Diztronic Gray TPU case today, and since I've been using the HHI (purchased from that $0.99 sale last week) I figured I'd share the differences having them both in hand. As I said above, I had a Diztronic TPU on a previous phone and enjoyed it although it had a few flaws (excess...
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    Post Missing the micro sd card? Check this out!

    Of course it's just like the Kickstarter device. You wouldn't want to leave it plugged in all the time either.
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    Post Missing the micro sd card? Check this out!

    Even if that were physically possible, the phone will power the OTG card reader for as long as it's plugged in. Not only would your phone never go into deep sleep, it would keep the 5V boost converter turned on indefinitely. The battery life on that setup would suck. The product being...
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    Post Vibration causes some plastic-ish sound?

    It's the vibration motor rattling the main camera autofocus mechanism. Tap the back of the phone near the camera and you'll hear the same sort of rattle. The camera is meant to take the abuse, so it's annoying at best.
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    Post HTC One Battery

    WiFi Performance mode kills mine fast.
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    Post HTC One Diztronic TPU Case Review

    Beast indeed. I bought one back when they were branded TC for my Galaxy S2 as a holdover until Seidio started selling a case. It was one of the cheapest on Amazon at the time. A year and a half and many miraculous saves later I'm retiring the phone in near perfect condition. I'm definitely...
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    Post [Q] Charging Habits/Battery Longevity?

    That's 300 to 500 full discharge-charge cycles. If you only run the battery down halfway at the end of the day and charge until full, it's roughly half the wear of a full cycle. There's some benefit to longevity with having shallower discharge cycles, but not enough that you should worry...
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    Post please post what your mobile network type reads

    To stay OT, in the test menu before changing to the LTE plan my phone showed Network Type "HSDPA" and now shows Network Type "LTE". It also switched from a preferred network type of "WCDMA Preferred" to "GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto"
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    Post please post what your mobile network type reads

    Make sure your account is provisioned for an LTE plan. I had to hash it out with customer service, but they managed to switch me from a legacy HSPA+ unlimited plan to LTE unlimited. Immediately after I got off the phone, I switched airplane mode on and off to reset the radio and it came up...
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    Post Psa: Antenna gate and htc dev

    Did you turn on "Best Wi-Fi Performance" in the Advanced Wi-Fi settings? It comes off by default. That made all the difference on mine. Though I am using a case...
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    Post Headphones - Unbranded beats?

    Haven't tried the stock ones, but tried a few of my 'phones with it and the headphone out is a big upgrade over my Galaxy S2.
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    Post Changing from unlimited to LTE plan

    I guess so. I called CS and they supposedly were able to split it into a $30 unlimited LTE + $5 200 text plan. I'll check my account later to make sure this was the case.
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    Post Changing from unlimited to LTE plan

    I have unlimited + 200 texts, and I was told that they couldn't let me keep the 200 texts and upgrade to LTE unlimited. I would have to get unlimited text for an extra $10 to get LTE
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    Post Bootloader WILL be locked...eventually

    I got an unlock.bin late last night. TU to the first person to report on unlocking theirs tomorrow.