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    Thread LS99720a - Any way to root JUST for deleted file recovery? Don't need other stuff.

    Title. I no longer use this phone but I would _love_ to be able to get deleted stuff off of it. I did this in the past with my old LG G3 and never had any issues like this phone has with getting to root. I tried it when I first got the phone, tried it a year later. never worked. Now trying 3 yrs...
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    Thread Device stuck on TWRP screen after doing dirtysanta

    Basically after step 3, my phone turned off to reboot into recovery but it didnt install twrp correctly, so I fastbooted and flashed it. now when I try to get into twrp the logo screen just comes up and I cant do anything (adb commands or fastboot commands do not work) and tryin to let the...
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    Thread [Help?] Puzzle and Dragons

    With CM13 this game has no longer worked. I cannot launch it and the 'only' fix works for few people. Does anyone know a possible fix for this? called "Puzzle and Dragons" in appstore ( I can't post links yet) When you open the game, it launches and instantly gives you "PAD has stopped working"...