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    Post Must have apps

    Titanium had a good run, but it's time for a new king. Swift's UI is more user friendly too. ---------- Post added at 02:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:28 AM ---------- I use volume slider. The paid version had more options, but it allows you to adjust brightness, call volume, media...
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    Post What version are you on (US specific)?

    Use OOS updater if you are on the international version. If you are TMobile, you will have to wait on their slow updates. ---------- Post added at 12:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:09 AM ---------- Can be found on play store, btw.
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    Post twrp wipe results in fastboot loop

    You really only need to wipe data. Everything else is rewritten upon flashing a full OOS zip, which is why you need to reflash twrp in that session before trying to boot or you lose twrp.
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    Post TWRP Restore issue

    Can you boot TWRP still? If so, restore Data ONLY, flash full OOS zip version the backup is from, twrp installer, reboot twrp, flash full OOS zip again, TWRP installer, reboot twrp again, flash magisk and other mods you have/had/want. If you can't access twrp, use fastboot ROM to restore your phone.
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    Post Rooting, useful and safe?

    Your data would be wiped unlocking the bootloader, as I'm sure you know. Your are correct about Netflix, but there are a million free streaming apps to choose from. Magisk has a repo of modules that you could use and there's a few custom ROMs that are magisk versions. Magisk can hide from apps...
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    Post Various troubles with my OnePlus 7pro (rooted) + questions about restoring Nandroid

    You need to wipe your data. Use Swift to backup apps, messages and call logs. Google will do it's best to restore settings upon setup. Your problem is almost guaranteed to be in data. If you need that data, I would recommend going back to whatever version of pie you were on before. Swift won't...
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    Post Back up / Restore Help....

    Back up data only and lable it for each ROM. TWRP flash your ROM, TWRP, reboot twrp, ROM again, TWRP again, reboot TWRP, restore data, flash magisk and other mods like custom kernel, dm-verity if you are decrypt and wish to stay that way, reboot system. There may be a simpler way, but that's how...
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    Post HOS to OOS in China

    There's a magisk module to skip startup, I believe. After that, you should be able to set up a vpn, if that'll work at all. https://github.com/askme765cs/Magisk-disable-setupwizard
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    Post Can I install any Custom Rom on my OnePlus 7 Pro?

    ROMs are built for a specific device and can be ported and maintained. There are a few that you need to flash in TWRP as per their specific instructions and a few that you can flash in magisk. You need to research and all the information you need is usually on XDA with each ROM in the...
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    Post Can I install any Custom Rom on my OnePlus 7 Pro?

    Send me your phone and I'll flash a custom ROM for you. Otherwise, do your homework. We're not here to babysit.
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    Post Can I install any Custom Rom on my OnePlus 7 Pro?

    There's a handful of ROMs available now in their respective threads here on XDA. They all have instructions on installation.
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    Post Running two different ROMS

    It doesn't work like that. The whole point of a/b is for seamless updates. If there is an error with the new slot, it reverts back to the old slot on boot. You didn't follow the flash instructions for the ROM. Flash it once, flash TWRP, reboot recovery, flash again and TWRP, reboot recovery.
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    Post One Plus 7 PRO stores in USA

    T-Mobile sells only a single SIM variant. It's the 8gb/256gb version.
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    Thread Are there any custom ROMs for this device?

    Title speaks for itself. I can't find any Information on a custom ROM for this device anywhere.
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    Post Transparent/Cear back Mod. Has anyone tried it... wondering

    They'll sell it on witrigs soon enough for like $45US
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    Post Ordered OP7P from oneplus website directly. What version should I expect to recviece?

    I am a T-Mobile user as well. You will get the international unlocked version. It will work on any carrier and has dual SIM. ---------- Post added at 06:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:06 PM ---------- Model GM1917
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    Post GM21AA OOS 9.5.6 update: how can I keep root?

    A partial ota with unlocked bootloader will brick your phone. Download the full zip and update in TWRP if you have it. If bootloader locked, install as normal, wait for it to finish and ask to reboot, don't reboot and open magisk manager and install to inactive slot. Reboot. That process will...
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    Post To all the people who have unlocked their bootloader

    Doesn't matter. It's unavoidable if you unlock bootloader.
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    Post Thinking of Switching to Oneplus 7 Pro from ios, need guidance.

    It's smooth like butter. OnePlus usually updates 1 month behind google but they update it once a month with the open betas (pretty stable for daily driver) been using OnePlus since 2k17 with the 3t,the 6 and now the 7 pro. They'll update it for 3 years. Even after that, custom ROMs will be going...
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    Post Wifi-Calling on T-mobile in US

    As long as you don't use a private DNS, it'll work. It's always worked on every OnePlus phone I've come in contact with.
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    Post Best OnePlus 7 Tempered glass screen protectors

    I always use rhinoshield. The preinstalled plastic protector will be sufficient until rhinoshield starts producing theirs. OnePlus tempered glass is garbage and cracks in your pocket under normal circumstances. I have a front and rear impact protection on my OnePlus 6 and the screen and back are...
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    Post Night Sight on Gcam port for OP3T

    I installed an updated GCam on my wife's 3t that has night sight working with OOS.
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    Post Google backup

    Beta usually has more features than stable. The data isn't compatible completely reverting back.
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    Post Problems with touch screen

    Backup data in twrp, wipe data and try again. If it's fixed, issue is in data. If persists, it's a system error. Restore data in TWRP. Make sure to delete lock screen before backup.
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    Post gcam

    Go to the gcam thread.
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    Post Scratch warranty

    I have it. It's fantastic.
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    Post Scratch warranty

    Repairs are not free. A return can be made within 15 days of receiving the device. If you would like to repair the frame yourself, it will cost roughly $98-120 USD for the entire assembly, since it will damage the display if you try to remove everything yourself. You need specialized tools to do...
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    Post Restoring twrp backup bricks phone

    All you need to do is backup data. There are multiple threads explaining nandroid backup and restore. Just install OOS and TWRP, reboot recovery and flash all mods that you use, then restore data only and reboot.
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    Post GeForce Now App

    I couldn't tell you that. I'm sure the app exists, since it is on an Android box. Perhaps a rooted shield, you could rip out the APK from the system and install it on another device.
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    Post GeForce Now App

    I'm using 5.17.25543766. No other modifications installed. Edit: Haven't used it in over a week, so it might not work now. Will verify when I get home tonight.
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    Post How to backup and restore TWRP

    There are many threads on this subject. A simple Google search yields this...
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    Post GeForce Now App

    The app is called Nvidia Games. As far as downloading it, Google it and find your own link. Since it may be piracy, I won't post a link.
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    Post GeForce Now App

    Confirmed working on my OnePlus 6. Steam games and all work flawlessly, since op6 is miles ahead of shield.
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    Post Bluetooth paired devices

    Mine connects instantly, whether or not it's already connected to something. I also never turn off Bluetooth.
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    Post Bluetooth paired devices

    Mine connects to my headset, mini speaker, other mini speaker and car just fine as soon as one of them are turned on. Works if it's connected to one of them already (like headset, then turning on car)
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    Post Why is the Quick Notification Pull Down Menu grey in Pie?

    If you look, I wrote root and use substratum. Use msm tool to fix if you screw up the process.
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    Post Does TWRP Backup/Restore work for OP6 9.0.3 Stock? Fails/Bricks every time for me.

    The a/b partition is a failsafe that also makes updates easier overall. OOS is a solid ROM. I would recommend xXxNoLimits. That's what I use along with Smurfkernel. It's all preference.
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    Post Does TWRP Backup/Restore work for OP6 9.0.3 Stock? Fails/Bricks every time for me.

    The best way to flip between ROMs is to take a data backup specifically for each ROM, but install the ROM as per instructions every time. The noverity just maintains decrypt after you decrypt your data partition. Restore your data any time while in recovery, and it'll be fine as long as it's...
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    Post Lg g7 Vs Oneplus 6

    OnePlus updates usually a month apart and stock camera is good. You can install modded gcam without root and it works incredibly well. ---------- Post added at 12:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 AM ---------- OnePlus also has no bloatware and a very active development community.
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    Post Does TWRP Backup/Restore work for OP6 9.0.3 Stock? Fails/Bricks every time for me.

    I only backup data, but I'm also decrypt, which helps. There really isn't a simple flip flop like you used to do. I backup data, then install OOS zip, flash TWRP, reboot recovery, flash noverity (for decrypt), magisk then kernel and reboot and all is the same as it was before.
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    Post Why is the Quick Notification Pull Down Menu grey in Pie?

    No, root and use substratum to change it.
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    Post Does TWRP Backup/Restore work for OP6 9.0.3 Stock? Fails/Bricks every time for me.

    Just backup data partition and flash your OOS zip when you want to return to OOS in TWRP. After you flash it, restore data and you'll be golden.
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    Post Updated to 9.0.2 and now I want to go back

    Download the ROM version you want, flash it in TWRP, flash TWRP, reboot recovery, flash magisk, kernel etc. You don't have to wipe data, but know that if there are any issues, data will be the cause of them since there was an Android version upgrade.
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    Post How do I restore my OOS backup?

    Backup data partition only in TWRP to restore later. If you want to go back to stock, just flash full OOS zip in TWRP, flash TWRP zip, reboot recovery, flash magisk, kernel and other mods, then restore oos data and reboot.
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    Post Bootloader warning message frozen?

    It's completely independent of data partition. Make sure to get latest bluespark TWRP zip. Flash latest OOS ROM (~1.6gb), flash latest bluespark TWRP, reboot recovery, flash latest magisk, custom kernel etc. Report back after that. ---------- Post added at 09:29 AM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Post OP6 Losing WiFi Connection When Screen off?

    Do you have sleep standby optimization on?