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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Extract fastboot ROM and you will find your persist image file.
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    Thread [Guide] How to partition your sdcard and install apps on it (use as internal storage).

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the results of any of these operations. This thread I will tell you how to partition sdcard and install/move apps to sdcard. Required environment: 1. A working sdcard inserted to your phone. 2. Root. 3. Activity Launcher for calling hidden activities...
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    Post SDcard as internal storage in Redmi note 8 AOSP

    Partition your SD Card for installing apps and storing other files at same time. Make sure you have a root shell. If not, root your device with Magisk first. Start a terminal, and run su to switch to root shell ($-->#) . Partition your sdcard. Follow the instructions below. 1. Check your...
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    Post Magisk & Crypto

    If you want to encrypt your data, clean flash stock fastboot ROM and reboot. After initial setup, go to install Magisk.
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    Post "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device"

    You have 2 ways to get out of this situation. 1. Try to unlock the bootloader with the Mi account you used last time. 2. If couldn't unlock, then switch to EDL mode. Use a no auth programmer to flash the correct variant fastboot ROM and the device should boots up. Then add account again and...
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Also not allowed flashing these 2 partitions even with --disable-verification --disable-verity. These arguments are used for flashing vbmeta. Please give your screenshot of successful flashing and the firmware version of your device. Flashing persist and persistbak are NOT allowed in fastboot...
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Flashing persist and persistbak in fastboot mode is impossible. So I made these flashable zips for Redmi Note 8 users after I managed to fix the persist and persistbak. Right now with no auth programmer for Sm6125 we can also flash these 2 partitions in EDL mode. If you tried this method and...
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    Post hard bricked willow (redmi note 8t) no fastboot / no recovery

    Did you send the firehose programmer before you send the reboot xml? As the log said, may be you forgot to send programmer manually? Do a power cycle and send "prog_emmc_firehose_Sm6125_ddr.elf" using QSaharaServer.exe first: QSaharaServer.exe -u 40 -s 13:"prog_emmc_firehose_Sm6125_ddr.elf"...
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    Post hard bricked willow (redmi note 8t) no fastboot / no recovery

    @lueromat Try to send reboot command manually. <?xml version="1.0"?> <data> <power value="reset" /> </data> (The power tag could let the device reboot to system/to edl with correct value) Create a xml file and send it to the phone manually after flashing. Rename the xml to "reboot.xml". I...
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    Post hard bricked willow (redmi note 8t) no fastboot / no recovery

    I own a RN8(ginkgo) and it's not easy to open the back cover. I manually went to EDL with a fastboot command and do an experiment to confirm it could flash without errors.. The result is that the phone reboot and boot up with no problems. Maybe he could try to force reboot by sending reboot...
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    Post hard bricked willow (redmi note 8t) no fastboot / no recovery

    Are you sure the fastboot ROM you flashed is the correct WILLOW fastboot ROM? Download latest willow fastboot ROM here. As I said above, extract fastboot ROM and replace the programmer in "images" folder. Then flash again. Please give a screenshot of XiaomiFlash so I could understand your...
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    Post hard bricked willow (redmi note 8t) no fastboot / no recovery

    Download willow fastboot ROM and extract. Download the programmer(need decompress) and replace the original one which is in "images" folder. Run Xiaomi Flash and select the fastboot ROM folder and it gets ready. Long press your power button more than 10s so the device could do a power cycle...
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    Post Recover data from fastboot mode?

    Use test point method to force your phone go to EDL. Run QFIL, with "Flat Build" selected and then select a working programmer. Go to Tools-Partition Manager and wait for it reading GPT. Then select "userdata" partition, right click and select "Manage Partition Data". Click "Read Data.." and it...
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    Post Queries regarding installation of Custom ROM in my Redmi Note 8 for the first time.

    Of course you can. Download the recovery ROM and flash it with 3rd party recovery like TWRP etc. Root is not necessary for flashing custom ROM. Format data and cache after flashing.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Find the persist.img form your fastboot ROM. Then replace the persist.img in the zip file.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Download the fastboot ROM for your phone and find the persist.img. These zips are made for ginkgo.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Just download the fastboot ROM which version you are using. Extract it and you can find persist.img in images folder.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Is your persist partition broken? If so just flash it. Don't think too much. The phone works normally is the first thing. And sorry, I don't know if it will effect the widevine DRM security level. Don't use it like a toy. Persist means "persist", its data should not be changed after shipping...
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    I don't think dd is wrong if the img is a raw image. It should can be dd to the partition. I'm sorry if I said something wrong and don't be angry please. Just discussion, nothing else. I will test your file with my persist.img tomorrow.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    OK. Thanks for the reply I will test your zip file tomorrow. It should be a good work. Just technical discussion, nothing else.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Yes. That's a good work. Thanks for sharing. I really have the same idea to you. I will test your file later with replacing your persist.img in the zip file.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Yes. You are right. I have been flashed my redmi note 5's persist partition and its a sparse img file. Look like this img file is a raw img not sparse file. Thanks for the tip. I have changed the content of method 2. And it's really easy to flash both persist and persistbak using my repair tool.
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Update: I have uploaded the persist partition repair tool for both global version and Chinese version. Both of them are in attachments. These tools make the repair process very easy. Both flashable zip files are tested on my Redmi Note 8 and they work fine.
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    Post "the system has been destroyed" HELP!

    Make sure your system is untouched before relocking. Flash a full fastboot ROM and select clean all and lock. Then your phone can lock and boot up with no problem. Note: Don't flash global version system on a Chinese hardware or vice versa or you will brick.
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    Post note 8t global to eea ?

    This is a fastboot ROM. Flash it through fastboot. Or you can flash recovery ROM through custom recovery.
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    Post Not receiving OTA updates after flashing recovery rom

    If you have Magisk, your phone will not receive any OTA update. Or you can flash new version manually via TWRP or MiFlash.
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    Post Well, I completely wiped my system. Help appreciated!

    I suggest you to flash full fastboot ROM. This devices uses SAR and don't wipe system next time.
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    Post where to get MIFLASH tool

    Look like the download link of MiFlash is fixed. I sent a thread to Mi community. The link for official MiFlash tool is shown below: https://download.appmifile.com/images/2019/07/01/09cdc3a7-5a11-42aa-81f4-be27fe12ce80.msi EDIT: The msi link maybe unstable. Here is the latest download link...
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    Post Bootloop after flashing wrong image

    Go to fastboot and clean flash stock fastboot ROM. A clean flashing could solve most problems, I think.
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    Post Bootloader re-locked

    Rewrite vbmeta or flash universal dm_verity disabler and the twrp will not gone.
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Screen turning black while calling.

    Try disable the proximity sensor and your screen won't turn off during calls.
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    Post where to get MIFLASH tool

    Go to https://www.xiaomiflashtool.com/. Download the version you like. It's not an .msi installer but a zip package. The Mi community has removed the msi installer from their server. You can use the miflash tool from XiaomiFlashTool or the msi installer from me. I have downloaded from Mi...
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    Post [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Yes. It can fix "find device storage corrupted" . You won't lose your imei or mac. At that time I erased the persist partition by a command "fastboot erase persist" accidently. I have tried both method 1 and 2, and the error is no longer appeared. About backing up, the persistbak partition is a...
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    Post Help, do I need to disable dm-verity and force encryption for this? If so, how?

    Re: WololoadRaider If you are unable to copy the /system/framework folder to your internal storage or external sd card, just use a command called "adb pull" . Mount system partition and you can pull any file you need to your PC directly. Install java on your PC, and download baksmali/smali...
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    Post Some questions Redmi Note 8T...

    Re: xdalass You can flash the fastboot ROM using MiFlash. You don't need to install it again if you already installed it. Here is the download link of the official MiFlash installer: https://download.appmifile.com/images/2019/07/01/09cdc3a7-5a11-42aa-81f4-be27fe12ce80.msi Then download the...
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    Post Some questions Redmi Note 8T...

    You can download the latest fastboot ROM. Then flash it without Internet connection through fastboot. Flashing new ROM will erase all your data. Indeed, you need to re-debloat system apps you don't need.
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    Post note 8t global to eea ?

    Re: bluefender Downgrading or changing area version need to do a clean flash through fastboot. You can do this by MiFlash. According to your description, your current version is V11.0.3.0.PCXMIXM Global Version. The fastboot ROM for this version...
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    Post Twrp Redmi note 8 t

    The official TWRP website for Redmi note 8T: https://twrp.me/xiaomi/xiaomiredminote8.html It said this TWRP version can install on both note 8 and 8T. The differences between note 8 and 8T: 1. Redmi note 8 has the notification light, which hasn't on note 8T. 2.Redmi note 8T has NFC feature...
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    Post Redmi note 7 bricked with global rom

    Just unlock the bootloader again with same Mi account. Then continue using this OS. The area code of the ROM must same to the bootloader area code, or the phone will refuse to boot when the bootloader in Lock State. Installing and using a ROM with different area code need an unlocked bootloader.
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    Post Install twrp on device without os?

    Re: Johnny3_3 Wiping Internal storage will not wipe the recovery partition. Once you wipe system partition, you maybe can't boot with a boot that has no ramdisk. If you have no OS and no TWRP, you can only boot into fastboot and flash images. If you wipe system, recovery, data, internal...
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    Post Install twrp on device without os?

    Re: Johnny3_3 Can you boot to twrp by long pressing POWER and VOL UP? According to your description, your bootloader has been unlocked. But maybe you can't boot with only a boot without ramdisk. Go to fastboot and flash the right fastboot ROM for your phone. Then flash, and go to TWRP using the...
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    Post How to completely revert back to stock.

    Re: am23rs90 Download the right fastboot ROM and flash it by MiFlash through fastboot. Choose "clean all and lock". Your phone will lock automatically when the flashing progress is done.
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    Post Should i get Note 8 or 8T ?

    I think Redmi Note 8T is better. This model has the NFC support. You can use any NFC emulator to emulate the access control card. But if you don't care of this, both of them are all good. Note 8 has a notification light.
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    Post OrangeFox recovery lost or not ???

    I flashed Magisk at that time without keeping the dm-verity and the OrangeFox was saved. Now I have went back to TWRP. I don't like the theme of OrangeFox. I know there is a script called "install-recovery.sh". I didn't modified it and just disabled the dm-verity and the custom recovery could be...
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    Post Stuck at boot screen after trying to restart my device, don't want to lose data

    Re: @Arun pm You'd better create a new thread otherwise we will disturb the original author of this thread (Prakharpathak). Did you mean the returned message from your phone is like this: Sending "recovery"... OKAY. Total time: 4.016s Writing "recovery"... FAILED<remote: Permission Error>...
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    Thread [Guide] About repairing/fixing the persist partition

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the results of any of these operations. Everyone knows that the persist partition is responsible for sonsors and carrier network etc. Once this partition is failed or lost, your phone will go wrong. I just faced, then solved the problem and I want to share...
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    Post Stuck at boot screen after trying to restart my device, don't want to lose data

    Re: Arun pm Xiaomi has locked the 9008 port for their devices. Can you flash and boot into TWRP recovery? Can your phone boots into fastboot? Did you try to flash every partition manually? Did you try to flash the oldest version--V9.5.19? More information needed. It can save time and guesswork.
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    Post i need help to flash twrp recovery on RN5 pro

    Re: wickednight TWRP is a custom recovery. Flash it need an unlocked bootloader. If your bootloader is locked, go to https://en.miui.com/unlock/ to apply for unlocking permissions. Download Mi Unlock Tool and proceed to unlock. A waiting period and instruction will then be displayed in Mi...