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    Post Nexus battery status shown Wi-Fi always on

    Turn wifi on: settings, wifi, menu, advanced, uncheck scanning always on.
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    Post [Q] Phone doesn't go into deep sleep + wifi always stays on

    This fixed the Wifi always on issue for me. Turn WiFi on: Settings, WiFi, Menu (3 dots upper right hand corner), advanced, uncheck scanning always on. Hope this helps.
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    Thread Bugfix wishlist for KitKat 4.4

    Please post any bugs currently floating around on JB 4.3 so we can check them off when KitKat 4.4 is released. I certainly hope KitKat fixes the .84 radio crash bug...
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    Post [Q] Battery Stats show WiFi always on

    almost forgot, settings>wifi>menu>advanced>uncheck scanning always available.
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    Post [Q] Battery Stats show WiFi always on

    Go into Play Store, go to settings and make sure that auto update is turned OFF and not only on WiFi.
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    Post [ROM-AOSP][BL1.2]G-Harmony Gingerbread 2.3.7 (UPDATED 3/15)

    gapps didn't install. which CWMR should I be using? I'm on
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    Post [Q] FUBAR'd (Status 7)

    To downgrade from ICS, you need to flash the full GB 2.3.6 ROM first... I downgraded from OTA ICS 4.0.3 due to battery, Wifi & lag issues as well. A NANDroid backup does NOT contain the bootloader and radio AFAIK. Here's what I did. Find the appropriate FULL ROM here and download and copy to...
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    Post [REF] Nexus S Hardware Model variants

    What about the batteries? Can all three models use the same battery/battery cover? I've seen extended batteries online that were for I9020 models only??? Thanks.
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    Post Anyone get USB on-the-go (HOST) working

    No host for Sprint & TMO Client only per PDADB.net:mad: AT&T will get the OTG host capabilities.
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    Post [Nov. 10, 2012][ROM][GB][2.3.7][720p] NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.3a [tytung_gb_r16]

    Where's Sound Recorder? Hello tytung, Xie xie for this great ROM. I am currently on MAGLDR 2.8 version with instructions followed in the first post usng CWM 3.2 with the 135MB partition and everything works fine but sound recorder isn't in the app drawer. The APK is in the system/app folder...
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    Post [Dec 1][SD][BETA] desire hd2 [hastarin 8.5.1]

    general1977, Do you have background data activated? Also, did you run CLRCD.exe and haret.exe as soon as possible after WINMO bootup? Check all your email settings and make sure that the interval is NOT the default 15 minutes. I have mine set to check every hour. Check facebook and twitter...
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    Post [Dec 1][SD][BETA] desire hd2 [hastarin 8.5.1]

    Best stock desire HD SD ROM so far. 2 weeks so far. I'm using the ROM Lucian777 patched on post 4. Upgraded kernel to Hastarin 8.6eb for HTC extended battery support. Everything working fine except the install/uninstall freeze which always resolves itself. 4 to 9 mA on standby with mobile...
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    Post [Dec 1][SD][BETA] desire hd2 [hastarin 8.5.1]

    Install/Uninstall also slows this ROM build to a crawl. Specifically, the download is OK but waiting for the installed notification will lock up the phone. The reverse is true for the uninstall. Has anyone found a workaround/fix for this?
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    Post [12 JAN] prj Clean Desire v0.3.2 [Kernel: prj v0.4]

    Did you run ROM Installer as administrator?
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    Post [26.JAN][DFT/CWM] NexusHD2-Froyo V1.9G [Android2.2.2][Kernel: tytung_r2_oldcam]

    A couple of things: I was able to boot with the OEM EXT BATT. The initial boot was done with the regular 1230mA battery but was able to boot with the extended battery afterwords. Unfortunately, it looks as though the calibration is off. Battery drains very quickly and battery pulls don't work...
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    Post [Q] Extended Battery Support on Android NAND?

    NexusHD2 V1.9b will boot up with the OEM extended battery but it's not calibrated correctly and does not charge all the way, even with the device off... I could go almost 2 full days with stable SD Android ROMS (MDJ Clean 2.4) but I have gone with NAND and the extended battery won't make it...
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    Post Post your average battery drain on standby

    3 to 5 mA on standby. MDJ Froyo Clean 2.4 with stock tmous ROM 3.14, 2.15.50 radio. I have found that if you boot into Android as soon as possible after power on or reboot, the low power drain is enabled. If you wait, or boot into Android after some time in WinMo, the low power consumption is...
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    Post List of builds compatible with TMOUS 3.14

    Obsolete list? t-mous stock ROM still having issues with new android builds. ROMS tried and failed due to robo voice: hyperdroid1.7/CM6-michyprimaR11 mattc LEO+froyo sense 1.8 HD2ONE0.3.2/CM6.1 bangstersv.1.5 Currently running successfully on stock t-mous ROM 3.14, 2.15.50 radio, HSPL 2.08...
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    Post [Dec 22] HD2ONE 0.3.6 [CM6.1.1 Stable] => HD2NONE [Frozen][Hastarin r8.6]

    I'm using the T-MO US stock 3.14 ROM with the radio and i am getting the robotic voice as well. will another kernel fix this?
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    Post 3.14 T-Mobile Stock ROM PRO's and Cons

    For those getting out of memory messages. Have you tried tip # 76's memory tweak from tboy2000's original Leo Hints, Tips and registry tweaks thread? 76. Improve Performance and Speed in Opera Make the following reg tweaks to allocate more memory to Opera for complete page loading in multiple...
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    Post [App] Zevele's AutoLoudspeaker V1.6 [15/01/2011]

    bluetooth handsfree profile cannot connect. Thank you Zevele for this wonderful app. I found a bug today on my HD2 (T-MO LEO 1.5). I'm still on the stock T-Mo US ROM and was using v. 1.2. With the program activated, my bluetooth handsfree profile will not connect. With the program...
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    Post [HOWTO] Enable text mode and disable Start/OK keys in 6.5.x

    Seiphr, That means you have a WM 6.5 ROM. Not a 6.5.X ROM. This hack does not apply your phone.
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    Post Salat(Prayer) Reminder - SMS [v0.9.8.9 Build 20120208] - With Azan/Athan Support

    Thank you for your efforts for this application. I'm using a T-Mobile_LEO HD2 with the stock ROM (CF 3.5) and i am getting error messages that CF 3.5 is not installed.
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    Post MASSIVE battery drain with Sense music player?

    Remember to turn of the auto download of album art! The sense music player probably went through your whole library and downloaded album art.
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    Post Tellme.cab extracted from Intrepid-INSTALL DIRECTLY, NOT install CLIENT!

    voice command stopped working after uninstall! Word of warning to all: Tellme was too much for my elfin so I uninstalled. Voice command stopped working after that...Had to reinstall MSVC.
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    Post A2DP on Tornado!!

    sysmen volume control not working.... Just bought a pair of Jabra BT3030 and updated my T-Mo SDA with this A2DP hack...Everything is working great except the system volume buttons are no longer working... Is there a fix or do we manually adjust the system volume through this reg hack for max...
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    Post Adobe PDF smartphone ?

    terima kasih banyak-banyak!!!
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    Post Adobe PDF smartphone ?

    Hello Kar Hoe, What is the file name of Adobe Reader for Smartphone? Thanks.