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    Thread Unable to use USSD codes

    Hello, I recently wanted to activate VoLTE/VoWIFI on my OP7. This made me reinstall the oneplus logkit. before AND after doing this I realized I was totally unable to use any USSD codes on my phone. For instance typing *#800# or 801 or whatever gives me something like "Connexion issue or IHM...
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    Thread SIM Card connection acting up since 10.3 update

    Hello guys, Since last update I have some weird issues with my phone. The issue: Randomly the phone will go into "no sim inserted" mode. Within seconds the sim will "reconnect" and get network again. One the issue happens, it does it non stop ever few minutes, also draining the battery in...
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    Thread Copying Slot A to Slot B and vice versa ?

    Hello, As discussed in other threads I have issues updating my 9.5.6 GM57BA rom to 9.5.7 or 9.5.8. I tried both flashing via local update and through TWRP. Both fail and only fix is going back to slot B where my actual setup is setting. Based on that the only explanation that makes sense to...
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    Thread OnePlus 7 and Android auto

    Hello! I just picked up a rental with Android auto and was totally unable to get it to work. So the app crashes at startup every other time And when I am able to launch it the car doesn't recognize the phone when connected. Using the official cable. Any clues?
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    Thread Oneplus 7 dual boot from "factory" ?

    Hello, I just received my oneplus 7 (GM1900). Ordered from rakuten. First time I have a phone with 2 "slots". I managed to flash twrp & magisk on both. However when booting on slot a, I boot into H2 os, and when booting on slot b I am booting on Oxygen OS. Can someone tell me how these A &...
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    Thread Oneplus7 delivered with tempered glass???

    Hello ! I have finally decided to leave my OP3 behind and ordered a OP7 8/256 My question is the following. Until now I have always received oneplus phones with installed tempered glass on it, the one on my OP3 is actually still on it! Is that still the case for the OP7? Thank you
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    Thread Understanding how DM-Verity is triggered - How to update easily 4.0.x -> 4.0.x+1

    Hey there, I have been really annoyed since i installed OOS 4.0.0. First because it took ages the first time to get it right, and then because i had to start from scratch with every little 30MB update AGAIN. I didn't find any reliable source to what happens in the folowing cases, thus this...
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    Thread [Please help]Permission issue on data partition

    Hey there, I just have updatet to Nougat. I made the mistake to copy my data backup to the partition before the first boot. It seems to have provocated some permission issue. For instance i couldnt make screenshots because the app couldnt write to data/pictures. I also have issues with...
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    Thread Dual SIM Issue

    Hello there, Im getting trouble to get the dual sim working properly. First of all my setup : OOS 3.2.7, rooted, some xposed modules, nothing fancy. Stock kernel SIM1: Data SIM, o2 germany SIM2: Just used to receive some texts, all APNs deleted, Carrier : Orange/Sosh France In normal usage...
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    Thread Searching a way to avoid the sms spam authorisation pop up

    Hey there, I own a brand new nexus 4 and i am having some trouble when sending a lot of text messages. Im getting the message you can see in the attachment (in french but i think you know it well anyway). So i'm searching a way to disable or modify the sms limit before showing this pop up...