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    Thread A505U flash other official firmware

    I'm considering purchasing an a505u, but want bootloader unlocked. Can I flash the firmware to a non us model with modded Odin, unlock the bootloader, and flash back?
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    Thread Mount android apps to sdcard

    I've ordered a used Asus c101 with 16gb of storage. I think 16gb will likely be enough. However, I'd like to get android applications moved to the sdcard. I know this isn't officially supported but a linux based system should be capable of it. In Ubuntu I would simply remount the apps directory...
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    Thread No fastboot in recovery after TWRP installed failure

    Ok.... So i unlocked my bootloader on a verizon pixel and installed magisk with a patch boot image. no problem I just tried to install TWRP (3.2.2). I booted the image first, the flashed the TWRP zip in the booted image. Then TWRP would boot, but only TWRP would boot. it would never progress...
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    Thread Ubuntu Fastboot Waiting for device

    I've installed android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot from the ubuntu repositories. ADB is working fine with the kindle, works with my XT1080 droid maxx as well. I just received my factory cable and plugged it into the PC. Went right into fastboot, i type in 'sudo fastboot devices' and...