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  1. superaddict

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][ONE UI 3.1][A70] - Swx ROM

    Hey, this rom is aöazing and works great for me, but i do miss one thing, its the voice match feature for google assistant, hopefully your next update could support it.
  2. superaddict

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][ONE UI 3.1][A70] - Swx ROM

    heyy, I love your work man, this is the only ROM I can install on my phone rn I cant even revert back to the stock ROM, just found out that screen recording doesn't record media sounds at all, hope you can fix it in the next version.
  3. superaddict

    Thread Custom ROM flashing stuff unconditionally and not booting

    Hey everyone, I have tried rooting my a70 after downloading the last android update (android 11) and I didn't back up anything, I flashed the SWX v4 ROM and it worked but then I just didn't find it that good and I was looking for a more pixel-like experience, recently DotOS 5.0 was released and...
  4. superaddict

    Post [ROM][BETA][Dicontinued][11] DotOS 5.1 for Samsung Galaxy A70

    hey, sorry im new to all this, do I need special software like odin or adb for that or can I just instal it using twrp? Edit: I tried flashing it normally and it flashed normally, but the room always flashes stuff unconditionally, is that normal? I try booting up and it just boot loops twice...
  5. superaddict

    Post [ROM][BETA][Dicontinued][11] DotOS 5.1 for Samsung Galaxy A70

    Hey, I'm new to rooting, I've lost my stock ROM and now using swx v4, tried downloading other ROMS like lineageOS but I've always been put in a boot loop until restore a backup of swx ROM, do I need stock ROM to install this ROM? If I do, can anyone help me find a stock ROM for my A705FN/DS?
  6. superaddict

    Post odin stuck at file analysis

    This was fixed by @hainguyenthao thanks a lot for the great support, I don't know how I could've done it without him, he did everything all I had to do was watch my screen and check back every now and then. Great help problem solved.
  7. superaddict

    Thread odin stuck at file analysis

    I'm no pro at this kind of stuff and I've only been following some steps online to hopefully root my galaxy a70, I have flashed vbmeta onto the phone using odin and it took just a second, when I try to install TWRP custom recovery but it's just always getting stuck at file analysis. I tried...