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    Thread Create unlimited Green and Blue Screen Videos for your Project with FXtreme 3D Movie Director App

    Hello Friends, It's been a long time posting on XDA Forum. Now we are proud to announce that BSK Studios Pvt Ltd. and INDIA Startup company launched an FXtreme 3D Movie Director App. What is special in it?? For several years from now people struggle to get good Chromakey Green and Blue Screen...
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    Thread Record your Dance with Green Alien Dance Recorder - Dame tu cosita Challenge.

    Record and Challenge your Friends (Dame tu cosita Challenge). Install and Place the Mobile and check your position in the selfie camera view and click record. That's it and Challenge your Friends. MOD Edit :- Links Removed
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    Thread [APP] : IPL Score 2018 on Android Live Wallpaper - Android App (Worlds First App)

    Easy way to view the IPL Score on Android Mobiles. Just Install "Always On IPL Score - Live Wallpaper" and set it as your Mobile Live wallpaper. That's it just That's it. Once the match starts and automatically the IPL Score starts displaying on your mobile live wallpaper. Here are the...
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    Thread [APP] : Shoot Reaction Videos from YouTube using Mobile. Download Now !

    Create Reaction Videos from your mobile and Earn Money from YouTube. Install this app and follow below steps: 1) Open Reaction Video Maker App and Enter text to Search the video from YouTube. 2) Touch to Start the Recording. 3) After Reactions done Touch again to Stop. 4) Place the Front...
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    Thread Tee Too Video Call (WebRTC with Google Chrome)

    Tee Too Video Call App enable rich, high-quality Video Calls for the browser, mobile platforms and allow them all to communicate without installing any application. Just Few simple steps. 1) Install Tee Too Video Calling app from Play Store. 2) Create Room and schedule the Date and Time. 3)...
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    Thread Real 360° Image viewer and Video player Now available in Play store for free

    View beautiful, immersive spheres from around the world using “Real 360° Player”. You can then scroll around the image with your finger to see everything as you originally saw it. You can also use built in Mobile gyroscope to see Image or Video in 360°. Features: 1) Support in built...
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    Thread VR Gold Class Cinema App now available in Play store for free.

    Best in class VR Mobile experience and enjoy your favorite videos in any VR Head Set like Google Cardboard etc. Steps to use the VR Gold Class Cinema. 1) After installing app from the Play store. It creates a folder named “VR Real Cinema” in your mobile internal memory. 2) Quit the application...
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    Thread InstaHead AR android app now in playstore for free. (Please checkout now !) Thanks.

    With “InstaHead AR Camera app” you can experience the Augmented Reality. Few simple steps and you are set to go.(No need of Photoshop and other tools) Steps: 1) Download the word doc file and take a print out without changing the Tracking image size.(DOWNLOAD TRACKING IMAGE FROM BELOW LINK)...
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    Thread Pyramid Holo Play Camera app now available in Playstore

    Play your mobile videos in 4 sides( Hologram 3D) and Capture Hologram images (Holo Camera) by using "Holo Play Android App". WHAT'S NEW 1) Holo Camera( Now you can capture Pyramid Hologram photos and share it with your family and friends).(Photos will get stored in HoloPics folder) 2) Convert...
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    Thread Endless Enemy: US Hummer and soldiers struck in Syria help them to get out of there.

    Play Endless Enemy and enjoy. Upgrades with multiple levels are coming soon!!! Endless Enemy
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    Thread [APP:4.4] Play all your mobile videos as Augmented Reality video

    Using "Play On AR" app we can view all our mobile videos in Augmented Reality. Make your friends amazed !! Steps: 1) Take Print out of the Image from the link. https://app.box.com/s/dp1rnkgvhix8bhaacpgu982dzn8umnlv 2) Select any video of your choice. 3) Face the Camera towards the image and...
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    Thread Never miss a call even if you forget mobile[ I Forgot Mobile android app is free]

    With “I Forgot Mobile” (IFM) get Missed calls and text messages to your email inbox. If you have a habit of forgetting mobile in home, office, car etc. Then don’t worry Install IFM app and check Missed calls and text messages in your email inbox. Just your mobile should have access to internet...
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    Thread Worlds first Hologram 3D Android App now in Play store.

    Hologram 3D app turns your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector. World’s first android app on Hologram is “Hologram 3D app”. Hologram 3D Android App Hologram 3D Android App Video
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    Thread App: Bored watching mobile videos in Video Players. Wanna see in Cinema Hall?

    Have you bored of watching your mobile videos in traditional video players. Now say good bye to them and pick “VR Cinema Hall android app” from the Play store and watch all your videos from the mobile and Enjoy. It is very simple. Just you need to Install the app and select a video to play in...
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    Post [ROM][CM12.1][Lollipop][Android 5.1.1] NightOwl 20180124

    I have rooted my samsung galaxy note n7000 with cyanogenmod Hello All, I have rooted my samsung galaxy note n7000 with cyanogenmod and now I'm not able open Android System Recovery console. It skips and moves to cyanogenmod and i'm not able to wipe or clean the data. Please help. Thanks :
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    Thread Color Car Racing Game Free Android[2

    Have you ever Jumped a Car in a game on your control. There is no such game in the market only you can find Mario jumping or Flappy birds jumping. But Color Car racing is a unique game of this category. Where you have 24 different cars to choose and 12 creative Locations to play in. Color Car...
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    Thread [App:2.3+] Multitasking widget while on Call(Note On Call)

    Description With this app you can start writing notes on call and no need for you to search for pen and paper or minimize the call screen to open notepad and switch back again to call screen. If you need to make a note on call and keep it or share it then you are the right person to have Note on...
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    Thread Download paid apps and write 100s of fake reviews in Play Store with onetime payment

    Check out this link really works. Mod Edit: 6. Do not post warez. If a piece of software requires you to pay to use it, then pay for it. We do not accept warez nor do we permit any member to request, promote or describe ways in which Warez, cracks, serial codes or other means of avoiding...
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    Thread [APP][2.2+] TiltMe App launcher

    Description With Tilt Me Launcher you can launch your favorite apps without touching any icons. Just you have to set the apps for four directions (Left, Right, Top and Bottom). Then you can launch apps by tilting your device. Tilt Me works based on the orientation. You can set which app should...
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    Thread [APP][2.3+] Clap Camera android app in playstore!!

    Clap Camera application is very very simple to use never miss yourself from any picture. Just imagine in case if you and your Family members going for a vocation. Don’t just stay behind the device camera by capturing the pictures without you. Don’t look for anyone to take a picture of you and...
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    Thread [APP]:[2.2+] Answer and reject calls by air gesture. Official Release in Playstore

    AIA provides different features. 1. Answer or Reject Calls waving twice near the sensor. 2. Answer call with loud speaker ON or OFF. 3. Pocket/ Flip Case mode. In this mode you can Answer or Reject Calls by waving twice. 4. At any time if you want to switch off capturing call in Main Menu...