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    Thread Huawei P8 Lite No Wifi, slow wifi, no connection and other issues

    Hi guys, i found out i have this horrible bug that is actually quite common beween some users. When i connect to wifis i get access denied and sometimes i get in the wifi but the download speed is less than 1 kb. I have an ALE L23 latin. Has anyone ran into this problem?. I flashed many...
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    Thread Huawei P8 Lite ALE-l23 dual sim , is it worth it to update to marshmallow?

    Hello, i have a huawei ale-l23 P8 lite build: ale-l23c605b150 The system says there is no update to marshmallow, it's the dual sim edition. But the internet says there is an update.... so, where should i get it?; is it really worth it?. In the case there is an official update, will you point...
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    Thread S4 mini i9195 US with no recovery, cant flash it via odin!

    hello guys, im having a problem with a s4 mini, i dont have a recovery, a friend gave it to me with this problem. I can get download mode but when i try to flash TWRP or CWM i get the OK signs in odin but it doesnt get into recovery, well it gets to recovery but it says "no command" (sin...
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    Thread Cant region unlock Galaxy S4 GT-i9515 (Value Edition?)

    Hello guys, Im having trouble unlocking the S4 GT-i9515 , im currently in Uruguay and this is an european phone. Is there a way to unlock it for Uruguay? Thanks Guys!
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    Thread Where can i get S Voice for my s3 mini using kitkat 4.4?

    Hey guys, I'm using the Novafusion(Maclaw) Cyanogen11 4.4 rom I want to know if i can get S Voice now or a better alternative
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 wont turn on with power button but does charge

    Hey people!, Well i have my friends phone here, it's an Samsung Galaxy S2, i don't know if the power button is dead or not, but the phone charges when i connect it to the USB but won't turn on vía power button, neither i can power it on with the USB... I would like to know if there is a way to...
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    Thread [Q] Improve or overclock S3 MINI (Maclaw 4.4)

    Hi guys, Im very happy with my S3 mini running with Maclaw Cyanogen mod 4.4, like a charm. But i would love to have better graphic performance to play asphalt 8 smoothly, i can play it, but a couple of extra FPS would be nice. Also, Do you know some improvements for the camera?. PS. I...
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    Thread [Q] [Battery related] S3 Mini i8190L update from stock rom to custom, is it worth it?

    Hi guys, i recently sold my crappy Xperia Tipo (i goddamn hate it) and bought an S3 Mini, i love it, it's my first day with it, but i'm having serious issues with the battery life, it discharges too fast, When i bought it i drained all the battery, then charged it (turned off) to 100%...
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    Thread Xperia TIPO kernel upgrade questions

    Hey guys, I have the xperia tipo with the Free Xperia Project tapioca FXP 246 and i want to know if there is a newer Kernel for my device, i'm no expert but i've flashed many phones, some samsungs,2 or 3 xperias and an LG...so i can handle some tools... I Don't want to overclock my Tipo, i...
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    Thread Xperia TIPO st21a bad recording quality fxp221 unofficial tapioca

    Hey guys, I can't seem to get good quality when recording video on the xperia tipo, it's the cm10 fxp221 build. I only get 240 p or something like that, it sucks, and i have seen better videos with this phone Here is a link to a video i uploaded for xda LINK: youtu.be/ BiZPS-bygRo
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    Thread Can't install rom status 0 and kernel issue

    Hello guys, I have a friends xperia x8 that she gave me to upgrade, i wanted to update it to minicm10 for xperia x8 or jellyblur, so whenever i want to install the ZIP it says status 0 and installation aborted. I can't boot to android, also i tried changing the kernel to NAA or some others...