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  1. mseskir

    Thread [KERNEL][N750] Kernel For Note 3 Neo hl3g (3.4.113)

    Kernel for note 3 neo hl3g version. New updated sources. Compatible with only hl3g cm-14.1 All credits goes to devs of note 3 neo; Firelord, artas182x, Amit.A, Gabri98, argraur and hard working devs of Exynos5420 team. It would not have been possible to make any progress without their great...
  2. mseskir

    Thread Lineage Recovery

    Hi note 3 neo users. I am trying to build lineage-17.1. I am not a developer. I am just a fan of Aman Kumar (Firelord) And trying to understand what he did and how he did without having this phone. All credits goes to Firelord and hard working devs of Exynos5420 team I am just trying to apply...