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  1. Kenora_I

    Thread Best components to upgrade?

    What would be the best components to upgrade on my setup Intel Core i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD 4GB Intel Optane Nvidia GTX 1050
  2. Kenora_I

    Thread Rooting Android TV with /system partition ro

    Hey, I have a smart android TV running on some cvte board from china and running android 7.1.1 from 2020. The /system partition is mounted ro [remount allowed] and /data rw but trying to edit that gives access denied error. The adb reboot fastboot and adb reboot recovery just reboots the tv. I...
  3. Kenora_I


    It is running android 7.0 And specs posted below
  4. Kenora_I

    Thread Freelance Dev

    Hey there, My name is Keno and yeah I'm not that new but I noticed I never made an introduction so here I am. So hey there I'm from Dublin, Ireland and I'm a technology enthusiast as I like to refer to myself. I like to help others and I'm looking forward to helping people with their problems...
  5. Kenora_I

    Thread Impex Android TV 4K Gloria 55 Help

    Does anyone know how to root an Impex smart TV Specs—————- Shown below and attached. A spec report generated by Droid Info application. It is attached below. I have explicitly tried one click root apps and other methods with no avail. E.g Kingroot, Kingoroot etc. I cannot use ADB because the...