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  1. mleimnek

    Post Snake OS A30 V4.2 {FINAL}{Updated on 16/7/21}

    full wipes, flashed latest eureka kernel, THEN, i flashed the rom zip, followed the installer, reboot system, THEN, i flashed my migrate apps backup, reboot one more time and now, enjoying the smothness of SNAKE. Thanks dev!!
  2. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc-OS v4.5 for Galaxy A30

    mobile data is not working and i cant download anything from playstore, it says "download pending"
  3. mleimnek

    Post Z-Rom v2.5 lite A30

    got stuck in "Just a sec..." screen :( any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. mleimnek

    Post {ROM}{OneUI-2.5}{A30} INFINITY OS A50s PORT

    Thank you for this ROM, made my phone quite fast and gaming is now better. I just want to know how to root it, like the most easy way...
  5. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [G928X][G928T/W8]

    Beautiful rom. Everything works fine. I had to upgrade my recovery using the one provided because it didn't recognize my phone as compatible before. When charging it says "charging slowly" but I cannot confirm nor deny this because I've been mainly playing while still charging... Calls work...
  6. mleimnek

    Post [ROM](KERNEL)SmokkieROMV4+S8 Stuffs For s6 Edge+(G928F) [10/04/17]

    manage ti fix the samsung health app, but bixby is still trying to update, then it says ther was a problem, try again....
  7. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][7.0][N] N-lite Nougat V4.1 G928 [CQC7] [18/03/17]

    hi.... i really wanna try your rom, but your mega link is down. Do you still have it????
  8. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [G928X][G928T/W8]

    Thank you!! Any open source alternative you recommend???
  9. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [G928X][G928T/W8]

    Hi..!! Today is my first day using the ROM, I really like it. I just want to know if there is a way to have som Samsung apps like, health, games launcher and edge panel...
  10. mleimnek

    Post So Called Oreo (G92xF/I/S/K)

    Is this dead??? Did the cam ever worked??
  11. mleimnek

    Post [ROM](KERNEL)SmokkieROMV4+S8 Stuffs For s6 Edge+(G928F) [10/04/17]

    I want to use Samsung health, is there a way?
  12. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][SM-G531H/BT] ResurrectionRemix 6.1.0 for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE

    Congratulations!!! i love it... but every 5 min or less it ejects my simcard. i know its the ROM cause i restored my TW ROM back up and it worked just fine, then went back to RR and the issue continued. Any suggestions???
  13. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][SM-G531H] VOCAL Project

    I love it. But i lost my signal even after flashin SU. I had it for a whole day and this morning it was gone. Any suggestions, i really want to keep this ROM. Btw, Samsung Camera 3.0 fix worked for me, until i zoomed...
  14. mleimnek

    Post Help with unbricking a hardbricked H631

    Was doing a happy flashin. And sudden death came!! No response at all... did anyone find a solution for this??
  15. mleimnek

    Post AT&T H810 Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode Solution

    can you help me out. ive a LG H631. I flashed a Stock Rom (it was a lower version than the one i had, i was on lineage 14.1 and the rom was LP) and then when rebooting it just died.... no download mod no recovery no nothing. Does your solution works for my device too??
  16. mleimnek


    ive tried everyhing, and it doesnt work. it worked once bet then i rooted again and flashed som roms like lineage, and thats when i realized my camera recording wasnt working. i now want to go back to stock and cant have either LGUP nor FlashTool recognize my LG H631. I beg for help!!
  17. mleimnek

    Thread lgup won't recognize my phone model

    I rooted and the changed my T mobile LG H631 rom several times. I even used LGUP once to go back to stock. But then i was away from home, and pc, while flashing Lineage and got a bootloop, but i had previously downloaded a flashable Metro 6.0 android zip. So i flashed it and got out from loop...
  18. mleimnek

    Post LGUP and LGFlash unaware to detect Stylo

    did uppercut work for you? it didnt for me... ive tried everything and still nothing...
  19. mleimnek

    Post [rom][aroma][pre-rooted][stock rom] g531h pre-rooted+deodexed+debloated stock rom

    link still down... I really want to try this rom cause, everytime i install a AOSP rom, it rejects the sim card, so i have to stick with TW roms... Or does anyone knows how to solve this??
  20. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][SM-G316M][STOCK][4.4.4][PreROOTED][DEBLOATED][INIT.D Suport]

    link down... dos anyone still have this rom???
  21. mleimnek

    Post [17 October 2017][FINAL][ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][SM-G531H/BT] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5

    i looove RR but, it has been rejecting my sim card. i really want to use this rom, do you have any advise? i know its not a hardware issue cause if i use a TW rom its allways OK... thanks in advance!
  22. mleimnek

    Post [ROM][AOSP][7.1.1][SM-G531H/BT]Slim7

    this rom is awesome!!!! but... which version of gapps should i use??
  23. mleimnek

    Post (No Root)Remove bloatware all LG Devices!

    Will it delete the application or, it will only hide it?
  24. mleimnek

    Post LG K4 (2017) [X230M] Help with Root

    I've tried this and I'm stuck cause my adb won't recognize my phone... What can I do?
  25. mleimnek

    Post LG K4 (2017) [X230M] Help with Root

    Thank you for still looking, please let me know if you find a way... I made a mistake with the phone's model at the title, it's "X230H" My urge to root is to uninstall all the bloatware. Searching for a way to root I found the stock Rom, and Im confident that it won't have all the Telcel...
  26. mleimnek

    Thread LG K4 (2017) [X230M] Help with Root

    I got this phone from Mexico, there is almost nothing but price and specification anywhere ive searched. Does anyone has an idea of how to root? ive tried all apks there are to root and some software and no success. I read that this phone has no bootloader, a different model but still LG K4, and...
  27. mleimnek

    Thread [Q] Question about MIUI v5 4.9.26 Multilang [CM Base 4.4.4 M9] *01.10.14* + MIU-S

    This is the first post i made, have no good english so i apologize. i've rooted and flashed MIUI Rom on topic because i really like MIUI. the thing is that i cant seem to get enough battery juice to last through the day. i already flashed Alucard kernel but still i haven got the results i'm...