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    Thread Puzzled with TWRP not Showing Folders

    I've been using TWRP for ages, and on every phone I root. I've been running my Pixel 2 XL stock rooted. Since installing the March update (wiped everything and installed official image from Google), my phone folders aren't showing up in TWRP. Using all of the file explorers, the usual folders...
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    Thread Screen Shot any Screen

    Does anybody know of an app that will allow our rooted Pixels and Pixel XLs to capture any screen - including ones like bank app screens, pharmacy app screens, etc.? I think I had this on my HTC 10, but maybe it was accomplished via XPosed. Thanks!
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    Thread Forgot PIN - Not Really

    I just restored my 0 to LeeDroid 1.01 and since I had a PIN code it asks for it when you restart. I have not forgotten the PIN. I have entered it and every other number I can think of and the prompt for "forgot pin" never does pop up. Nor does it act like it will reset the phone. Is there a work...
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    Thread Fastboot Missing?

    There is no "option" for fastboot in the list with bootloader, etc. I need an answer fast. I've never had this issue before. I'm on an AT&T A9. Without fastboot function, I'm stuck. Thanks in advance for your help. Larry
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    Thread No Sound

    I have installed Arrow Rom and everything seems to work fine except sound on an incoming or outgoing call. Any suggestions? It works fine on stock, and work fine on OZOP. Thanks in advance, Larry
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    Thread Need OEM T-Mobile Device Unlock APK

    Hey folks. I need the original T-Mobile Device Unlock that came pre-installed on the Note 5. It's not exactly the same as the one on Play Market. Does anyone have it extracted from the original ROM? I originally thought I could unlock this with a code - WRONG. Anyway, I deleted the original app...
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    Thread SM-N900 No IMEI Number

    I like many of you have flashed a couple of ROMS and now I have lost my IMEI number. I know there are several ways to fix this - but I am far too busy to get into that sort of thing. Is there anyone here who can help me step by step via email, phone, or private message, to get my IMEI back? I...
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    Thread [Q] Trouble! With my M8

    well, my first problem is I should have checked to make sure I have root. I'm really not sure at this point. I do have the phone unlocked via HTC. I then downloaded SuperU. I am also running TWRP, and can manage to get there occasionally. I have tried side loading and was successful with a...
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    Thread [Q] AT&T One - Will LTE Work with any of the Current Custom Roms?

    I think the title says it all. I have a European One and now an AT&T 32 GB One that is unlocked now with a custom recovery. Is there a custom ROM available yet that will work with the AT&T phone? And will LTE work with that ROM if one does in fact exist already? Thanks!
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    Thread Camera Upload Question

    A few of the custom roms have the option to upload to various photo sites (such as Facebook and Flickr). I'm finding that very few have the option to upload built in to the camera app, to upload to Flickr or even Dropbox. Can someone develop something so that we can have the option via the...
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    Thread Help! Quick! Thanks.

    First - I'm not noob, but not a developer either. I'm about to sell my Rezound which has only seen about two months real use. I am now on AT&T with a One X (yes I love HTC). Anyway, I recently flashed one of the GSM roms in hopes that I'd be able to use the Rezound as one of my AT&T phones. I...
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    Thread [Q] Wake on Volume

    Why are we not seeing this option in most of the new ROMs for the One X? Is it a problem to incorporate. It's something that is nearly necessary for me. I found it in one ROM, but it was hit and miss. How about you Scott? Any plans to incorporate this soon?
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    Thread [Q] I'm Looking for an SMS App with Assignable Quick Compose Key

    Since the S3 (Verizon by the way) doesn't have a search button, it makes Handcent harder than what I've been used to. There's also no dedicated camera button. The camera button trigger and the search key are the two ways to initiate quick compose in Handcent. Is there another SMS app that would...
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    Thread Original Verizon SCG-I815 Firmware

    Can someone point me to the original firmware for the Verizon branded Tab 7.7?
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    Thread I Need Help Quick!

    I made a goof and flashed a kernel for 4.03 and I'm still on Fabolous' ICL53F Deodexed Rom. What a goof! I did a backup before this, but it doesn't show up in recovery. Also, when I plug the phone in via USB, the computer isn't recognizing it (I guess because it isn't completely booting up?)...
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    Thread Lost Root Privileges on A500 - HELP!

    I simply can't figure this out. I have an A500 that I have rooted successfully back a few months ago and installed HoneyVillain 1.04 ROM. It has worked flawlessly for months. Now I can't get root access with Titanium BU, BusyBox, Root Explorer or anything! I've tried re-rooting it using...