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    Thread USB C Audio, google play install sync, etc..

    First off could you make the phone play music through usb port ? Second, when I'm installing apps from google play store on my pc the apps does not install until I open google play store on the phone and go in my library. Do you guys have these prob's ? We lost apx hd codecs for the bluetooth...
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    Thread Layers Manager

    Seen it, tried it to the point of changing the look of third party apps like Instagram and you tube.. Curious about possibility on changing the system ui layers and some other stuff.. But before that, wanna know how to revert to stock layers ? I know they are kept in system/vendor/overlay but...
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    Thread [Q] List of the games that are not supported

    Okey, I found out there are some games (most common gameloft games) that do not work on this phone, or they work but only with mods and some of them have lag issues. I've made this thread so we can put the list on, and not be suprised when they try to download them from store, or they have weak...