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    Thread Run PUBG mobile on a Touch Windows device

    I have an HP x360 and i have no intentions of cheating by using a mouse and a keyboard and 3rd party apps like octopus something something to make the game easier. I just wanna play PUBGmobile on my 13inch device with the highest possible graphic settings as if i were playing on a tablet. Is...
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    Post [GT-I9192][ROM][unofficial][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 for S4 Mini Duos[EOL] 12/MAR/2016

    Hi, k2wl Can you add slimrecents to this ROM please? THANKS!!! :D :D
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    Thread [Q] ROM+Kernel with Best Battery Life

    So, whats the best ROM+kernel with an unbeatable battery life. Performance, lag,quality - no, they just dont matter.. All I want is my phone to make it out through the day with mins of charging on intervals. Unfortunately, it only survives 5 hrs (calling and texting) with the CM11+F4k latest...
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    Thread [REQUEST] S4 mini i9192 MIUI Rom

    I've been using CM for years now, and it now feels boring having the same UI for so long. Can anyone please port any ROM with some new UI like the MiUi and the HuaweiOs, or anything like that. Plus, there is a MIUI for the other models of Mini then why not i9192? Performance really doesnt...
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    Post [Q] GT-I9192 Overheating on 5.1.1

    Thanks for the help :D As far as I think, it could be a faulty battery. Will look towards replacing later. Until then, I had to settle on TouchWiz. Gotta say,its cool too, but just too slow.
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    Post [GT-9195/90/92 FlexOS [Lollipop 5.1.1_r1][UNOFFICIAL][30/05/2015]

    GT I9192 MY DEVICE IS GT I9192. TOTALLY FORGOT THAT. This ROM is totally awesome no doubts. But it seems to be extremely heating to very high temps. And by very high, I mean water boiling high. Nah not really. So, as I was saying. It reaches upto 70C while charging and 2tabs of chrome on WiFi...
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    Post [Q] GT-I9192 Overheating on 5.1.1

    Roms tried : Each and every single one of them [4.4+] including the latest 3 builds of them all !!! Yep you read it right, top 3 builds of each and every 5.1.x rom for i9192. And 50C on normal usage like surfing on WiFi and calling. 70C on Wifi + Charging. Even a few...
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    Thread [Q] GT-I9192 Overheating on 5.1.1

    Is it only me or my gt-i9192 overheats to upto 70C while charging and 50C in normal usage? I cant make sure its the battery or the system itself, but my guesses are, its the battery however underclocking lowers the temperature a bit.So it could be the system itself too. PS. Its only on 5.1.x ...
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    Post [CLOSED]

    Turn Menu key back to menu key Hey, I selected to use menu key as recents key by mistake, since I kept on tapping next next next. So, how do I turn it back to what its supposed to be? Without reinstalling ofcourse :D UPDATE: IS THERE ANY WAY TO CHANGE RUNTIME? UPDATE2: SOME ICONS AND BUTTONS...
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    Post Chuwi V89 8.9 inch 64gb Dual Boot Windows 8.1 Bing / Android 4.4.4

    Windows 10 Upgrade I dont feel like it would be receiving an Windows 10 Update. Since this device appears to NOT be an x86 architecture. If by any means it is, does it means that it will support linux too?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 for S4 Mini [3G|LTE|DUOS]

    Bugs? Hey, The ROM for I9192, when the screen is locked, it seems to turn on the screen every now and then. It was pretty often with the builds of other roms too, but usually flashing a custom kernel (your 2.0.5) kernel did it. But, I know I cant flash it, since its 12.1. I tried flashing the...
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    Thread [Q] How long does your battery last?

    So, How long does you S2 Mini's battery last? And is it a *92,*95 or *90.
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    Thread [Q] Please Help. I9192 Overly Overheating

    My phone used to reach 70 Degrees earlier after heavy gaming. But nowadays, it reaches upto 75 Degrees even on mild games like Clash Of Clans and whatsapp. And the battery reaches 55 Degrees. I do have Apps hogging the ram but that shall not cause Overheating. P.S. Unit is Celcius. Dont get...
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    Post S4 Mini I9192 Duos Heating up

    Overly overheating Friends my CPU reaches temps of 75 Degree C and Battery upto 55 Degree C while playing even mild games like Clash of Clans and Subway Surfers.
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    Post [ROM] [ serranods][GT-I9192][14 Nov] AICP - 10.0 - LP 5.1.1_r24 | UNOFFICIAL

    Lockscreen Wake Up The phone randomly wakes up when locked. I am using the last update of AICP, with f4ktion 2.0 kernel.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1 r21][GT-I9195/L/90 RESURRECTIONREMIX_lp 5.5.8[LOLLIPOP][FINAL RELEASE]

    Comparison So, RR or CM12 ?? Performance, battery, visualisations ? Which ones better. And, by the way. Which ROM do you have right now?
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial][CM-12.0 - 28 JULY 15][CM-12.1 - 11 MAR 16] S4 Mini duos GT-I9192

    Lockscreen Wakeup My Device wakes up randomly and sometimes even unlocks by itself (swipe unlock) . It eats up 30-40% of battery and are too often lately. Any solution? P.S. I am using builds from around 9-12 Feb. I dont precisely remember.
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial][CM-12.0 - 28 JULY 15][CM-12.1 - 11 MAR 16] S4 Mini duos GT-I9192

    Lock Wallpaper? After a recent Feb Update I installed, I noticed that there is no keyguard_wallpaper. So, how am I supposed to set up a different wallpaper for the lockscreen?
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    Post Canvas A1/Android One : Gaming Performance

    Real Boxing Hey, I have a device with Adreno 305, and it stutters quite on Real Boxing. So, does real boxing works good on A1? Please test it, its only 150Mb and is a great game also.
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial][CM-12.0 - 28 JULY 15][CM-12.1 - 11 MAR 16] S4 Mini duos GT-I9192

    [Q] Just a question, Is there a way, I can update to the latest release without losing my data?
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    Post [ROM] [KK - 4.4.2] FuSiOn RoM™ - Lollipop EdiTioN v1.2 [ KERNEL - JB/ICS ] [AROMA]

    Fixed it, but its quite laggy :( The L2 by Rohit was amazing :D Hope you improve it :good:
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    Post [ROM] [KK - 4.4.2] FuSiOn RoM™ - Lollipop EdiTioN v1.2 [ KERNEL - JB/ICS ] [AROMA]

    BootLoop IDK why, but the ROM is quite laggy.
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    Post [ROM][A110][24/6/13]XR650 V14 Gaming Rom|PERFORMACE BEAST|Smooth UI

    Provide kernel please Kernelflasher.zip not it your devhost profile :(
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    Thread [Q] Micromax A1? Or Asus Zenfone?

    All of the members here must have used the amazing A1. All I want to know, is the overall performance good? I am planning to flash CM12 on it. Is it good in perf. without any custom kernel? And, if no, then what about some custom kernels, does it improves the perf. significantly? And the main...
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    Post [TUT] The Ultimate Noob/Beginners Guide to Tasker

    Help :D Hello, I wanted to create a profile to do the following: 1. Turn Wifi/Mobile Data every 15minutes when Screen is off and then turn it off. 2. Toggle Wifi/Mobile Data every 15minutes when screen is off. But unfortunately couldnt do it myself. Can someone please help???? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] What If I install I9190/9195 Rom on I9192

    So, as the title suggests. What happens if I flash the Roms built for I9190 or I9195 on my I9192? Cuzz I really want to use PA on my I9192. Thanks :laugh::laugh:
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v2][FINAL]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    Runtime!!!! Why is there a runtime changing option in this Rom? Isnt it supposed to be in 4.4 KK and above? MEDIAFIRE MIRROR - -----ROM----- ----PATCH----
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v2][FINAL]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    :D Erroe :D When I multi task on android version, instead of Easter egg, it is showing 'amzen KitKat easter egg not found'. How can I solve it?? P.S it is an awesome, fast, and beautiful rom bro. The looks are unmatched, and the tinted status bar app you used is awesome. It's strange that I...
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    Post [ROM] [KERNEL] [KITKAT 4.4.2 - KOT49I ] MMX a110 [MT6577]

    Wifi *bug* I have the ICS Revision and there seems to be a bug with WiFi. After a few minutes of not using internet, or sometimes even randomly, the WiFi stops working. The statusbar icon shows only the Up and no Down sign. The only workaround is to restart wifi, but this way, I wont get any...
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    Thread [ROM Request] KitKat

    The phone's performance on the KitKat Rom. Simply incredible. But the looks are not at all good. Can someone mod and customize the looks of the Stable version of the KitKat Rom? :good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good:
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    Great Dude, this thing is great :):):):laugh::laugh::laugh: But, can you make a flashable Zip to turn everything back like it was? I no more need such huge 793mb of space, and need the 1.05 [ ~1GB] back.
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    Post [ROM] [KERNEL] [KITKAT 4.4.2 - KOT49I ] MMX a110 [MT6577]

    * Question * Does changing runtime to ART results in significant boost in C2? I know it does improve load times by a small fraction.But does it show any major improvement in c2?
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ASUS ZENFONE 5 FOR CANVAS 2 [Performance+Gaming+Battery]

    Well I do have Bindass Boost Kernel flashed. No luck. :(
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v1][BETA]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    Oh. I see. How could not I realize that. :D :laugh: Thanks anyway. :D
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2] ASUS ZENFONE 5 FOR CANVAS 2 [Performance+Gaming+Battery]

    No Ram Management Its strange that I never get that much free Ram.
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v1][BETA]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    Stuck!!! Its stuck on the Google Boot Logo. I flashed it twice-thrice, flashed diff. kernels but no luck. :laugh::laugh::laugh::good::good::good::good:
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v1][BETA]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    It is very much same as Xolipop, except for a few minor tweaks. Everything is same as Xolipop, that is, yes it also has a JB quick setting and you can bring up the L quicksetting by a little upwards flick where the date is written. Hit thanks if I helped :D .
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    Post [Q] [Q/A] [ROM] [KERNEL] [KITKAT 4.4.2 - KOT49I ] Wifi buggy

    Its a Kernel Issue. Just google and flash another kernel. :laugh::laugh::laugh::good::good: Hit thanks if I helped :D
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    Post [Q&A] XOLIPOP ROM: pure lolipop experience

    Use Titanium Backup to uninstall Google Play Music and Play Services, and reinstall from the Play Store. And for the L styled keyboard, open Google keyboard app, go to Appearance & Layouts and then select the Theme which you like. Hit Thanks If I helped you :D
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    Post [q] any staBle androil l rom for micromax a110

    There Certainly Is :laugh::laugh:Xolipop Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/micromax-a110/development/xolipop-rom-t2998668 Material design, performance, amazing display and audio quality, but at the cost of little battery :D Its one of the best Roms I've known.:laugh::laugh::laugh...
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    Post [Kernel][2.7][S2W][DT2W] Unified BindassBoost™ [O/C][UV] [performance + battery]

    S2w/s2s/dt2w So keeping all these [ S2W/S2S/DT2W ] functions turned on is a drawback for my battery? Or the battery life would be same? :good::good::good:
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    Post (updated)XOLIPOP ROM: pure lolipop experience

    A Great Performer I have used many and many ROMS and only found a few to be good enough to be able to take Facebook and Messenger and Whatsapp all at once. Among them is the Stock ICS, Stock JB, SnappyDragon, Beast, Lewa, KitKat and a few other unnoticable ROMS. And, as I have said in my...
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    Post (updated)XOLIPOP ROM: pure lolipop experience

    Xolipop - Review -> The UI seems to be fluid and smooth. The modded settings and apps are simply amazing. -> Its not easy enough to close the Android L quick setting. We are supposed to make a slight upwards flick, which I couldnt figure out at all.So its little tricky as well> -> Free RAM...
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    Post (updated)XOLIPOP ROM: pure lolipop experience

    Mirror Just in case someone prefers MediaFire :laugh::laugh: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6fyqn4u5v1x62k/xolipop.zip Well.If you dont like it, dont hate it either, its amazing :laugh:
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] Tinted Status Bar [BETA 8]

    So, you found a fix? I'm having the same problem. And its not just this module, many other modules-all related to tinting staturbar - are having the same error.
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    Post CyanogenMod For Adroid devices

    CyanogenMod So, is it bugless?
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    Post Lumia 800 flaws list here

    WP 7.8 Well the fact that there are not many apps on the appstore ONLY for out phone, also doesnt makes sense. WP 7.8 should have had an 8.1 updata :(
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    Post [group] Android one - 1st gen

    Android ONE Roxx Android One Policy, itss simply awesome :D