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    Thread [Q] Unroot Desire Z without Display ?

    Hey guys my Desire Z got a Problem with the Display. It won´t show me anything like it is dead :( But i´m quite sure that everything else is working like touchscreen etc. For now i´m on Miui but i need to send the Phone back to Amazon. Is there Anyway for me to Unroot my Phone without seeing...
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    Thread [Q] After Froyo Update Touchscreen won´t work.

    Hey guys. I was happy a few minutes ago when i saw that i can upgrade my legend to Froyo (Vodafone) but now my touchscreen isn´t working :( Any ideas whats wrong ? hard resest didn´t help. I have to say that i startet earlier to downgrade my phone with the tut on this site and i wanted to root...
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    Thread [Q] After Downgrad problem with upgrade

    hey people. I know it is a little bit stupid what i have done... I wanted to root my phone and so i downgraded it with this method http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=725430 .Everything fine. but after downgrade i hat problems with root and i think now that i didnt even want to...