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  1. immns

    Thread there's screen filter at lowest brightness? (FIXED)

    I discovered a weird behavior by lowering realme 7 brightness to the bottom and taking screenshot. there some sort of screen filter that make screen dimmer. what happened here? is it DC/pwm dimmer? which I never thought there's some sort of that in ips panel instead of oled. I'm not sure if it's...
  2. immns

    Thread [delete_please]

    nothings. sorry
  3. immns

    Thread [STOCK] Flashable Oreo ROM H872 20A (20g Update!)

    H87220a Flashable ROM for the T-Mobile LG G6 This ROM based on H87220xxxx.kdz then extracted and repacked with autoprime's zip based on this thread. Also, thanks for runningnak3d for TWRP install method. This ROM is ARB01 which is safe if you want revert to 11g. Installation : Modullar...
  4. immns

    Thread Front Camera on 3rd Apps Fix

    3rd app seems incompatible with front camera hardware in Redmi 3 Pro/Prime (ido). But, some of them works just fine, such as Snapchat. Camera can't expose light for video calling on LINE, Instagram, OpenCamera, and another 3rd camera apps. That problem only occurs on Q-Tech camera model that...