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  1. scariola

    Thread Help the community and gain 1.9GB extra internal storage.

    This topic had been posted in the N7105 forum and I had checked with the OP about it being compatible with my T Mobile note II. Original thread here... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=53179859 If someone with an Att Note II can follow the steps below, then this mod can be...
  2. scariola

    Thread [APP] Re-sizable Popup Browser for JB 4.1.2!

    Updated 5/13/13. Taken from note ii. Thank gyebro for this mod found here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=34348831 Instructions: 1. Download file below 2. Copy, paste the apk into system/app using a "root" explorer. 3. Delete previous popupbrowser.apk from system/app if...
  3. scariola

    Thread Clockworkmod Touch - problem with USD mount

    Flash 4ext recovery instead of clockworkmod. Go to play store and search 4ext, or google. Touch version cwm isn't fully supported from what I understand. 4 ext recovery touch to save the day.
  4. scariola

    Thread Faceunlock password useless!

    Gsm 3d here... I noticed that the face unlock code if light too low or can't recognize can be bypassed by simply pressing the ok button. :eek: actually unlocked with wrong password too. Anyone else? Could have been a recent mod I flashed.
  5. scariola

    Thread [Q] Adding Notification Power control widget to our HD2 with a flashable update.zip?

    Now that the Clockwork Recovery MOD,http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=898913 Basically Amon-Ra, with Nandroid working, can allow us HD2 users to flash just a single zip file, is there a way to get this working regardless of ROM version. The MOD is here...
  6. scariola

    Thread [Q] Available RAM in Stock NAND Builds??

    Just curious to know if the non-"sense" (lol) versions run lighter on the amount of available RAM for NAND? If so, what is your FREE MEMORY on boot-up, or after clearing with a task killer. On my sense builds so far anywhere between 150-220 free, after clearing with a task killer. Wheres my...