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    Thread Disable sounds on boot and charge

    Hello, Since the update on my mi 10 T pro in, I have a sound on boot and when I charge my device. Is it possible to disable this sound ?
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    Thread Tempered glass for Mi 10 T pro

    Hi, I'll buy this mobile and I'm searching for a tempered glass with full covered screen, and without finger problem on screen. Do you have any idea ?
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    Post Question Call recorder in global ROM?

    Thx, it's a great news (y)(y)
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    Thread Question Call recorder in global ROM?

    Hello, I'll buy the Mi 11 and I would like to know if there is a call recorder installed. Thx for your answers.
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    Thread Aggregation 4G+ on Sim2 ?

    Hello, I have a Mate 20 since 18 month and 2 sim since one month. I've discovered that the aggregation of 4G+ is enabled only on sim 1. The place of sim2 is only 4G with no aggregation. Is it possible to enable aggregation on Sim2 when I use data on Sim2 ?
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    Post Any joy with a Call Recorder?

    For me, cube acr doesn't work. Call recorder - ACR (by nll) works fine. The audio source selected is (auto). I've increased the volume and the 2 ways are recorded without speaker on.
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    Post Any joy with a Call Recorder?

    Thx, I've tryed ACR call recorder and it's working fine on Mate 20 :good:
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    Post Any joy with a Call Recorder?

    Thx, I've tried it but I'd prefer not to use the speaker
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    Post Any joy with a Call Recorder?

    It's a good thing, which call recorder are you using ?
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 Screen Bleed

    I have a Mate 20 since one month and no problem with the mobile, the screen or anything else.
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    Post Face unlock coming soon?

    Hello I've installed the update and the face unlock is working great. Is it possible to record 2 different faces to unlock my Mate 9?
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    Post Does anyone have problem with their phones after play service update?

    Hello, Same problems with my Mate 9 MHA-L09
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    I come back with a great news, a working app which record incoming and outgoing calls : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glgjing.mickey I've installed it since past weekend and all my calls are recorded. :good:
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    I've tried acr and it's working. But it's difficult to launch manually the record for the incoming calls from due to Oreo. How do you launch records when the screen is locked?
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Thanks, I'll try it:good:
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Ok, but which apk do you use for recording both calls by clicking on app?
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    News on 09/02 : I can record outgoing calls with the parameter mic2. Incoming calls are not recorded.
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Same thing for me, all parameters are OK but there are no records, incoming or outgoing
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Can you describe the parameters because I've tried and it's not working
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    It's the sake thing I've noticed for the called recorder problems
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Yes, I've installed the latest version on playstore and all autorisations have been accorded. It's an european version (L09) from France.
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    Post Call recorder with Oreo?

    Thx, I've tried it today but there is no working configuration :crying:
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    Thread Call recorder with Oreo?

    Hi, I was using a call recorder with nougat but since oréo, it's not working anymore. I've tried many others, but no success. Do you use one working call recorder?
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    Post I've got Android O on Mate 9 - Screenshots and Q&A

    Do you know if Huawei assistance knows the beta program because someone says there is no beta pushed by Huawei :eek:
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    Post Screen protectors

    Thx a lot tor the links ;)
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    Post Screen protectors

    It looks great ;) Which case do you have ? it seems to be very thin and I search one for my futur Mate 9 :D
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    Post [How to] Root for 4.4.2 and Flash rooted Stock Android 5.0 with KNOX 0x0?

    It's a very good thing if anybody can do all the steps ;)
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    Post Samsung General Galaxy Core LTE SM-G386F knowledge base

    Thx for this thread, my Core LTE will appreciate ;):good:
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    Post How to root Samsung Galaxy Core LTE SM-G386F

    You mean this ?
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    Post [Q] Rooting the new galaxy core 4g

    I'm searching a root method too because I'll recieve my Core 4G tomorrow and it would be a fine if I could root my new phone ;)