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    Post video call using prophet

    Unless you would use WLAN ;) But since the Prophet doesn't have a front cam, you wouldn't be able to see the person you are calling while he sees you. Does it really make sense?
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    Post XDA Neo (o2 de) wireless problems

    Translation: @ blazarov & Dater: Do you also have WM5? Answer: No, I upgraded to pdaviet Windows Mobile 6. But it's not 100% bug-free yet. Better stick to Windows Mobile 5 for now ;)
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    Post XDA Neo (o2 de) wireless problems

    Of course, that is exactly what I meant! ;) I was just not able to properly express my thoughts since English is not my native tongue hehe... (that's always a good excuse!) Bin auf jedenfall glücklich dir weitergeholfen haben zu können! Have a wonderful day! :)
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    Post XDA Neo (o2 de) wireless problems

    mmm.. well I can't say for sure what your problem is, but i can take an educated guess... maybe you set one of your connections to use a proxy? if i recall correctly when you want to use the o2 flat you have to set up a proxy, this may very well be the cause of your problem! you also might wanna...
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    Post please anyone can explain me what is VGA hack for ????

    Actually i think the vga hack may very well be possible on the Prophet! All you have to do is put the mini usb plug into the prophet and hold the other side of the cable out of the window during a storm or better buy a 20 meter usb cable and tie the other end of the cable to the clock of a city...
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    Post Extended ROM - why all the fuss?

    mmm... i believe i also read somewhere, that accessing the internal memory is less energy consuming than accessing external storage cards... but i am really not sure about that...
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    Post How to delete a font from the windows folder?

    Thats impossible!!! It really worked! :D Thank you soo much Menkul! :) I even didn't try that out, because i thought the OS wouldn't allow me to rename a locked file ;)
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    Post How to delete a font from the windows folder?

    No response yet? So i guess the only choice is to do a hard reset? Isn't there a little trick i could use to delete that stupid .ttf file?
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    Thread How to delete a font from the windows folder?

    Greetings! I manually copied a japanese font into my windows/fonts folder, but now when i try to delete it, my o2 neo says its in use and i can't delete it. Of course i terminated all tasks and rebooted several times but i still can't delete it. Does anyone of you have any suggestions...
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    Post Camera, Save to: Storage Card vanished!

    Thanks mikechannon! This hint helped a lot! :)
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    Post Camera, Save to: Storage Card vanished!

    no, i didn't unlock my extended rom. When i got my o2 neo i installed the new rom right away... everything went automatically. ok, so i guess i will install a new rom in the near future. Thanks for your help! :)
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    Post Camera, Save to: Storage Card vanished!

    Please! At least somebody has to got an idea! :P Any hints are welcome!
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    Thread Camera, Save to: Storage Card vanished!

    Hi people! I seem to have a very unusual problem. I got my O2 neo since yesterday... i successfully installed the AKU2.3.1_LvsW_Edition_2006-11-28.exe... and today i noticed i cannot select Storage Card in the camera options anymore! (It still worked yesterday) I only can chose between Main...