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  1. Minugiti

    Thread Where can I download chinese rom (ofp file)?

    I have searched RMX1931 (chinese) OFP file on Internet two weeks. But all of them is RMX1931EX (Global). Would someone please help provide the chinese OFP file because my phone is bricked.
  2. Minugiti

    Thread stuck on fastboot, cannot enter twrp recovery

    My phone is rmx1931 (chinese version android 11) Bootloader is already unlocked Success to flash twrp.img When I enter into twrp recovey, it only show the "realme" logo a few seconds, then back to fastboot
  3. Minugiti

    Thread none of the stock rom can be flashed/booted

    my phone is RMX1931 I have tried to flash stock rom downloaded from this website but all fails: https://realmeupdater.com/downloads/archive/ When I try to flash rom using the twrp/orangefox: RMX1931EX rom: flash fail, error 7 RMX1931 rom: flash successful but cannot boot into system...