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    Thread Refresh rate problem!

    I tried to switch to 60hz from 144hz but when I try to switch it back to 144hz. Nothing happens. It's still on 60hz. On the status bar it shows 144hz it doesn't feel 144hz at all. It feels 60hz. Edit: I tried to reboot and factory reset the phone it doesn't work as well Edit 2: I found the...
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    Thread Slow storage

    Nubia Red Magic has slow storage having UFS 3.0 compare to Poco F1 having UFS 2.1. I'm not saying that Poco F1 is faster but NRM benchmark results is too close to Poco F1 (UFS 2.1)
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    Thread Nubia red magic android 11

    Will this phone get an Android 11 update? I highly doubt because the NRM 3 and 3s didn't get an Android 10 update. I heard Nubia has a poor software support so....