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  1. church_foster

    Thread Which variant have bands 5, 7, 28?

    Does the 6/128 have it?
  2. church_foster

    Thread Is this a Snapdragon 625 or 636 Redmi Note 5?

    Phone info If yes, can I install LineageOS on it?
  3. church_foster

    Thread Which variant have LTE band 5, 7, 28?

    It seems there are multiple variants of Realme X2. Apparently RMX1991 is the CN variant, but which is the EU variant that have band 5, 7, 28?
  4. church_foster

    Thread My Lenovo P2 randomly reboots when the display is off

    When the display is off it will probably reboot itself whenever I try to do anything: Press the power button, will reboot Double tap to wake on the screen, will reboot Pressing the home button, will reboot Anyone encountered this problem? I also lost support for 5ghz wifi. This whole thing...
  5. church_foster

    Thread Is it possible to replace the 64gb emmc with a 128 or 256?

    Provided I have the spare parts lying around. WIll the 3a recognize the 128 or 256 emmc? Maybe upgrade the ram too while where at it?? These couple of post intrigued me: https://www.xda-developers.com/nexus-5-hardware-modded-to-64gb-internal-storage-by-replacing-emmc/...
  6. church_foster

    Thread Does it support LTE bands in Southeast Asia?

    Hello, will this work on LTE bands outside China and India? Like Philippines and Malaysia? And how ad intrusive is MIUI? It seems official LineageOS might take a few months to release, so I might as well learn my way around it.