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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    I wish I knew what was causing these issues. I typically reboot my phone roughly daily when I start to see reloads of apps or slowdowns. It wasn't like this on pie for me. My hope is Google does something about this on the October build. The change to zram size increase to 2gb is concerning as...
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3 XL ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    I did at one point but it was a problem with some versions of magisk. Not kernel related. It's not an issue on 19.4.
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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    Anyone have any idea why they changed zram size from 1gb to 2gb? Looking at the source it was done back in December. Could be related to some of the issues, causing more swapping instead or just killing apps. Though it has an internal bug id attached so it may be related to a legitimate issue.
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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    I have found the exact opposite. It was fine with later pie releases but awful on Q so far. It gets so low on ram and starts killing play music or pocket casts and can get super laggy that it's actually frustrating. Not good for a $900 phone. Never had this level of issues on the pixel XL. I...
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    Post Q Beta

    Anyone else have consistent issues with memory on the beta? For me I have to reboot every day or two or the music apps will start getting killed. This is concerning since beta6 will be pretty close to the final. I noticed they allocated 2g zram. Maybe that's part of the issue. It was less before.
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    Post July update is out

    Seems too early to confirm the ota helps with performance as performance for me is always better after a reboot for a while. If it stays smooth like it is for me nearly two days after updating then I would have more confidence the performance improvements are helping.
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    Post June Update is out

    Anyone run into an issue where notification sounds play even with ring/notification set to vibrate? Just started this week and aside from the ota and disabling/removing a couple apps, I changed nothing.
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    Post January Update is out.

    I thought Google was supposed to have fixed the issue with check for updates but they either changed something or broke it again. The check for updates was supposed to skip the staged rollout but I still haven't received the notification for OTA.
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3 XL ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    Random reboot on 1.0 running on blueline. stock settings. Pstore wasn't blank but last_kmsg wasn't produced. Can you take a look flar2? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oHjMkUGhxD-YkZfOzJXBcwUD4Cv6D0aX/view?usp=drivesdk I think it's a oom related reboot though.
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    Post Anyone else having this problem?

    Had this very issue with my pixel XL and blowing on the top speaker grille of dust with compressed air solved it. But if this is out of the box that sucks. It should not be like that. My pixel was approaching two years when that happened.
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    Post Coming from the 2xl

    I switched from the 1XL and so far don't mind the smaller screen. I know you were talking about the 2xl specifically.
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    Post estimated delivery date

    Just got mine today!
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    Post estimated delivery date

    My preorder was due today and made it to the nearest FedEx distribution center yesterday evening but didn't ship out today. Anyone run into that sort of thing before? I mean it should make it tomorrow and is still earlier than the original quoted date so I shouldn't really complain. Just wondering.
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    Post Who Has Pre-Ordered?

    Not everyone. Ordered 10/10 but nothing yet. It can't be cancelled though so it was sent to the warehouse. Probably means they'll ship soon.
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    Post estimated delivery date

    It's funny how this works. Some people get theirs sooner than others who order earlier. I ordered on the 10th but I saw some might already have their tracking numbers who ordered that day.
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    Post Who Has Pre-Ordered?

    Same. OG pixel silver Marlin to pixel 3 just black 128gb.
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    Post Pixel XL laggy since Pie OTA update

    Do you have adaptive brightness enabled? It is enabled by default and adjusts the brightness based on machine learning algorithms
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    Post Pixel xl phone app unresponsive 9.0

    I was thinking about it doing a factory reset once the final came out but I've heard stories from fellow moviepass owners that are unable to use the app when switching phones. That would make a valid concern for factory resets as well. Not because of lag but I have noticed battery seems worse...
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    Post Not fast charging with Android P DP5

    Not a fast charge issue but my phone wouldn't charge the other day and I thought the charge port was dead as I tried two different chargers and it didn't charge at all. Then rebooted and all was good. I think it was DP5.
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    Post Dp5 is out

    Both dp4 and dp5 have been fine for me. I got dp5 via ota so it should eventually release to everyone. I haven't wiped since 8.1 and it's been ok so far. Only issue is Bluetooth track data acts wonky sometimes but that's been the case since 8.0.
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    Post Pixel Xl Widevine L1 support

    Anyone able to at least check this on their unrooted pixel XL phones?
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    Post Android P Beta is now live.

    Anyone notice the launcher get laggy after a while when switching screens? It might be time to wipe, but I didn't have this issue on DP2.
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    Post T280 Custom ROM Progress Thread

    Anyone run into this when trying to build the kernel? I updated ion drivers fro the LTE kernel as recommended in the thread. vendor/sprd/open-source/libs/vpu/vpuapi/../vdi/vdi.c:301:49: error: incompatible pointer to integer conversion assigning to 'unsigned long' from 'void *'...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1

    As I have a d580 I wanted to try testing it and you were looking for feedback as well. Tested latest d850 build and it the boot hangs right here: 04-14 13:23:41.746 302 302 E qdoverlay: Bad ov dump: mdp_overlay z=0 fg=0 alpha=255 mask=-1 flags=0x220100 id=-1 04-14 13:23:41.746 302 302...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1

    I don't know if d850 is worth building, unless someone has a specific tree they use for the G3 devices aside from the official lineage tree, as lineage on my straight build from source simply hangs at boot (appears to be a bootloop but logcat and dmesg provide zero clues even on an engineering...
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    Thread Pixel Xl Widevine L1 support

    As metioned in that title, does anyone know for sure if the pixel XL supports Widevine L1 DRM? According to the app DRM info, my pixel XL does not. That seems odd for a phone coming from Google. Seeing that and not really using root let to me going back full stock (was using stock + magidk +...
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    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel XL ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    I apologize if this was answered already but I just recently decided to root my pixel and just last night installed this kernel and didn't see an answer to this question in the op or searching for mic gain. Does this mic gain affect both in call mode and speaker / voice control? I'd love to be...
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    Post Substratum support for Android 8.0 Oreo, in the form of the newly released Andromeda

    Swift black is the best black theme I found so far. Pitch black seems to be actively worked on but Google now home had black on black issue. Only issue with Swift black was inbox shows a white background once opening an email but it might not be the app's fault.
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    Post 1-2% Battery drain and fast drain (Oreo)

    Reposting link someone posted in the general section. Hope this helps: https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/6wi0lg/psa_update_google_play_services_apk_if_youre/
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    Post Anybody get the OTA yet that wasn't a Beta member?

    It doesn't reset unless it downgrades which it won't do on a release build. ---------- Post added at 12:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:46 PM ---------- The latest "beta" is the final version. Build numbers are the same.
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    Post December Android 8.1 Oreo factory images and full OTA images

    Has this one been tested? My phone and many other people's phones are pulling a bad OTA. It might not be a bad idea to flash a factory image but I don't want to have to unlock the bootloader just to do that.
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    Post Android O Beta issues

    This bug is marked as fixed in bug tracker. Hopefully we'll see the bug fix make 8.0 final. Source: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/62973699
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    Post Android O Beta issues

    Anyone on O beta use discord and have it stop working randomly (crash at launch)? It's happened to me a few times and I've had to clear the app data and sign back in to resolve.
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    Post How to get Bluetooth HCI log? See what codec BT is using?

    Pixel only uses the SBC codec until android O. O supports aptX and a few other high definition Bluetooth codecs.
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    Post Android O DP4 is available

    Not sure if anyone has run into avrcp issues with track info not displaying in their car but I'm seeing that in my 2013 Honda Accord and also had that problem in CM a while ago which was fixed. Currently on DP4.
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    Post Android O DP3 is available.

    The developer preview builds can lag behind as far as security patches. The next build will have either the July or August security patch level, depending on when the build is actually done. If the security patches are more important to you than the features, I'd suggest staying on the stable...
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    Post Long term Pixel opinion?

    At least it's not just me with the YouTube sync issues. We should raise support tickets for visibility Initially my issue was video would freeze and audio continue, but now during many videos the audio and video would get a few seconds out of sync suddenly. At least with the current interface...
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    Post From May 27th Onwards, Open GApps Works on A/B Partition Devices

    Source code of commit https://github.com/opengapps/opengapps/commit/3a217a58e56fbf9a706d7ef012799ce14b05e4c6
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    Post Android O Beta issues

    No issues to complain about here. Been using it this week so far with nothing unusual to report.
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    Post Android O

    Cm had similar issues on my previous phones and it was due to how the car handled the changes from CAF and Bluetooth. I doubt I'll be able to figure it out but it does sound like this could be related. I never had audio control issues though, just track data problems. It is happening to me again...
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    Post Android O Beta issues

    Try double tapping from ambient mode.
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    Post Wear 2.0 official from today

    That's not how I read it. It says AW 2.0 adds support for Android Pay but no where in that article did it say it would enable NFC / Pay for the original Huawei Watch. I would not get my hopes up on this. I sure hope I'm wrong though.
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    Post Wear 2.0 official from today

    I for one have been very happy with DP5. It seems smoother and less buggy than DP4 and I don't think I'll go back except possibly to get the OTA if it's much sooner than from DP5. Hopefully they do provide an OTA from DP4/5 to final.
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    Post Wear 2.0 official from today

    Seems to be the same factory image as DP4. At least the build id on the site matches what I have for DP4.
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    Post Wear 2.0 official from today

    Since dp5 doesn't have an actual image I haven't seen anyone explain how they updated from DP4. Android Wear and system updates show no available updates. Never mind. I didn't really explore to see that I could update the wear app.
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    Post Anyone know why system uses 19 GB of storage ?

    That's a silly way of wiping data. Factory reset from os or fastboot erase userdata will accomplish the same thing.
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    Post February Security patches firmware are up!

    You can flash an OTA in twrp by copying over to your device just like any ROM image. At least for previous devices. I haven't unlocked my pixel at all or used TWRP on this phone to mess around with it.
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    Post Android 7.1.2 Beta should be out today!

    The kernel commit shorthand ID for the 7.1.2 beta is 98c3e53. It is the number after the g in the kernel version under about phone. Can someone confirm the ID for the 7.1.1 build with the Feburary security updates? This is one way to potentially see if the security updates were bundled but...
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    Post Android 7.1.2 Beta should be out today!

    Yep can't seem to reproduce it except at max volume.
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    Post Upside down photos on Huawei Y6 Pro

    This isn't related to the Huawei Watch.