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  1. 22naresn

    Post Installing GSI's?

    Wow, thanks man. This helps a lot.
  2. 22naresn

    Thread Installing GSI's?

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, I'm looking for help in flashing GSI's(Generic System Images). I was looking through the Android developer website for Android 12 today and the 'Get a Generic System Image' tab caught my eye. I was wondering if any of you guys have experience in installing GSI's...
  3. 22naresn

    Post Question why wallpaper looks darker than in the gallery

    nice wallpaper mate, don't mind if I take it?
  4. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow] Pixel Experience [11.0]

    Hey guys, I figured out how to stop PE recovery from overwriting TWRP!(Noob here, so ignore if you already know this). All you have to do is format the cache partition in fastboot mode before booting to recovery. This can be done by fastboot erase cache , after fastboot flash recovery...
  5. 22naresn

    Post DONT BUY (Nvidia RTX 3050ti)

    So, you're gonna open it up and stick a new one in?
  6. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow] Pixel Experience [11.0]

    Bro, the instructions literally tell you to clean flash the ROM cuz they changed device trees. As for Netflix, idk I don't use it.
  7. 22naresn

    Post DONT BUY (Nvidia RTX 3050ti)

    Which laptop did you buy, and what games did you play?
  8. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow] Pixel Experience [11.0]

    Thanks for sharing, can you share the link where you got the DFE Zip? Thx
  9. 22naresn

    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP-3.5.2 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T [ginkgo][willow]

    Does this work with the android 11 decryption? Because my current 3.4x keeps saying "Unable to Decrypt FBE".
  10. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] PixelOS [AOSP][UNIFIED][14/8/2021]

    What is the difference between this and PE+?
  11. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow] Pixel Experience [11.0]

    I second this. My TWRP doesn't seem to be able to decrypt internal storage either. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow] Pixel Experience [11.0]

    Thanks mate, learned something new today!
  13. 22naresn

    Post What will happen if you disconnect the USB Cable when ADB Sideloading a ROM?

    I get where you are coming from, but what I meant was what would happen if I yank it out during the transfer of the zip? Will it just.....stop because it didn't copy the files completely? So ultimately I'm assuming it would just say "No OS Installed" when I try to reboot to system?
  14. 22naresn

    Thread What will happen if you disconnect the USB Cable when ADB Sideloading a ROM?

    This is a question I have always had while flashing ROMs. When I use the 'Install' menu in TWRP and install a ROM Zip, there is no cancel option while the recovery is patching the system and/or vendor images like there is when creating Backups. However, when Sideloading a ROM Zip all there is to...
  15. 22naresn

    Post "This PC can't run Windows 11"

    Did you try WhyNotWin11? It says exactly what is missing based on the official release. Download it from here. Cheers.
  16. 22naresn

    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    Thanks for the input, but I used the ADB shell's Package Manager to uninstall the Stock Camera and then sideloaded GCam. Worked like a Charm! What is a Clone Version btw? Thx in advance.
  17. 22naresn

    Post "This PC can't run Windows 11"

    What processor does your desktop have? I have an Intel i5 7th Gen and the PC Health Check says I'm not compatible....
  18. 22naresn

    Post Windows 11 leak/rumor megathread

    Where did you download it from and what's your PC's specs, if you don't mind me asking?
  19. 22naresn

    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    I'm using Pixel Experience 11+, so yes it's with Gapps.
  20. 22naresn

    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    It says failed to install...pls help!
  21. 22naresn

    Thread Does flashing newer firmware affect the wireless capabilities of a device?

    Hello all. I just flashed new firmware on my RedmiNote8 to install CorvusOS and when I tried downloading apps on the Play Store all the apps were stuck on "Waiting for download". I have flashed multiple ROMs without flashing firmware and they worked perfectly fine. Is this a problem with the...
  22. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][11][OFFICIAL][LANCELOT] ♔ AncientROM-Society 5.4 ♔

    Is the whole anime thing optional or not?
  23. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T700, SM-T705, SM-T800, SM-T800, SM-P600)

    Hello there, newbie here. Why do I have to flash the latest official Samsung Firmware with ODIN? I have to latest OTA updates Installed on my chagallwifi TAB and want to switch to LineageOS to De-Google my device. Thanks
  24. 22naresn

    Post General Using the Mi 11 Ultra instead of a laptop

    What mouse is that?
  25. 22naresn

    Post [ROM] Corvus OS v16.0 Alpha-Centauri [OFFICIAL] [BETA] [16th May 2021 | Android 11]

    Sorry if this seems like a dumb, half-assed question but what is vendor and why should I flash it? Is to emulate coming from MIUI if switching between different custom ROMs? Thanks.
  26. 22naresn

    Post Should I flash Stock Firmware to Switch Between ROMS?

    Well PE and CorvusOS are definitely not compatible with each other, and my understanding is that Dirty Flashing Works only when updating a ROM. So should I flash the stock Firmware before flashing CorvusOS or is that not required since I'm planning to format data and then flash Corvus. Thanks in...
  27. 22naresn

    Thread Should I flash Stock Firmware to Switch Between ROMS?

    Hi all I am on my Redmi Note 8 running Pixel Experience 11+, I would like to switch to CorvusOS to mess around with Kernels (Bear with me it's a phase) and because the Dirty Unicorns thing intrigued me. I started the research phase by reading some articles and watching videos on YouTube, but...
  28. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][11] LineageOS 18.1 GO for Galaxy Grand Prime

    Thats too bad.....thanks for the speedy response tho.
  29. 22naresn

    Post [ROM][11] LineageOS 18.1 GO for Galaxy Grand Prime

    Does this work on the Grand Prime 4G version(grandprimevelte)?
  30. 22naresn

    Post [Collector Thread][SM-G531F] Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

    Thanks for the immaculate work, however in the desktop.firmware.mobi there are only the Boot Image and Recovery Image not the Stock Rom. Kindly fix this or email me the stock rom. This will be appreciated very much. Thanks in advance