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  1. soaringowl2145

    Thread Does this phone have a performance increase by disabling encryption?

    Does the Qualcomm version handle encryption by having a higher CPU usage via software or is there actually a hardware chip that does it? Basically if I disable the encryption how much faster would this phone be?
  2. soaringowl2145

    Thread how much longer will this phone be supported by a Motorola?

    Does anyone know about how much longer this phone will receive security updates by Motorola?
  3. soaringowl2145

    Thread Please delete

    Double post since a bug in xda app. Please delete this one.
  4. soaringowl2145

    Thread What is the signing key signature for the Magisk zip?

    I know topjohnwu said that he has signed the zip and we can verify download integrity and authenticity using the keytool command yet topjohnwu has refused to put the correct signature on the documentation in an easy to find place. Can anyone please tell me what the correct output should be for...
  5. soaringowl2145

    Thread Does the US retail Qualcomm version support volte?

    I already know the Indian version does, and am not asking about that version. Does the US retail version have it? Also is there a way I can find out without getting a new sim card just to find out? Like an app?
  6. soaringowl2145

    Thread [SOLVED] System UI Tuner

    Did Moto disable the hidden system ui tuner from stock? Also how can I get gravity box features without using Xposed?
  7. soaringowl2145

    Thread Disable ALL vibration

    How can I disable all vibration without using silent mode? Mainly I would like to be able to use the moto fingerprint navigation without the vibrate. If I can make the navigation think it is in silent mode we can achieve this.
  8. soaringowl2145

    Thread AOSP Extended rom for Owens?

    If anyone can please build this ROM for Owens that would be great! We have a wide range of ROMs for this device now, but unfortunately none of the custom ROMs are based on pure aosp/caf unless you count lineage. This ROM is aosp and not lineage based and has a ton of features as well. Also...
  9. soaringowl2145

    Thread Best OWENS rom for battery life?

    I realize there are many factors involved and mileage may vary. However can someone that has tried some of the other ROMs please tell me their experience in battery life as to which ROM gives them the longest battery life? Stock Aokp Resurrection Remix Paosp Or Lineage Thanks!
  10. soaringowl2145

    Thread AOKP for SM-T580

    Is anyone here willing and able to make a build of aokp for T580? Thank you!
  11. soaringowl2145

    Thread AOKP rom for Owens

    I would LOVE to see AOKP for Owens! If someone can please build it for our device I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you.
  12. soaringowl2145

    Thread Official OTA Support

    How long does Moto typically support their low end phones like this one?
  13. soaringowl2145

    Thread which of the following roms gives the best battery life?

    Dirty Unicorns 10.6 Cyanogenmod 13 last nightly - not the one by anderson Cyanogenmod 12.1 last nightly Cyanogenmod 11 unofficial Mostly my biggest concern is standby time. Thank you.
  14. soaringowl2145

    Thread Can I update the stock firmware if I install TWRP and nothing else?

    Can I still update via OTA or Flashfire if I only install TWRP recovery?
  15. soaringowl2145

    Thread What sort of problems will I encounter if I root the stock rom for T580?

    I am planning to eventually root the stock rom of SM-T580 to use AdAway and Greenify. What sort of problems / side effects if any might I run into after rooting the stock rom? Also I do not plan on using SuperSU as I will be using Magisk.
  16. soaringowl2145

    Thread Is this tablet the same as SM-T580NU?

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EUC7NPI/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IMD6OB602TJ0W&colid=BGCZAT4L2ACW It says this is the SM-T580NZKAXAR, but I can not find a model anywhere that says SM-T580NU
  17. soaringowl2145

    Thread Checksums for files uploaded to XDA

    Can we please have checksums added for all files uploaded to XDA to verify a download was indeed successful? Thanks.
  18. soaringowl2145

    Thread Is SuperSU good on Moto E?

    I have a few questions about it. 1. Does it have problems with things like loosing root or anything else? 2. How does it compare to Magisk? 3. Do you think Coding Code is trustworthy?
  19. soaringowl2145

    Thread Google Apps coming to Fire OS in a future update?

    With the new Amazon ICE phone shipping with full Google Play support, does this mean that we may see the same thing happen to Fire OS in a future update? Thoughts?
  20. soaringowl2145

    Thread Best Nougat ROM for Battery Life

    What is the best nougat rom you have used in terms of battery life? Please post your idle time and screen on time as well.
  21. soaringowl2145

    Thread Why is Lineage not going to ship with root access by default?

    I read on their Gerrit that they are looking to make a flashable zip for root instead of in-built. Does anyone know WHY they are doing this?