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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    GPS... Is there a setting I need to change to get the Phone GPS to work while displaying on the HU? Works fine for the phone (note 4) but the phone gps doesn't seem to work on the 4100 display. THanks, -Alex-
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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    That worked! No Black bars from my Note 4! Thanks for the help and the great app! -Alex-
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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    I bought a genuine Samsung MHL adapter and still no joy. The output via hdmi on my note 4 to the 4100nex still has the black bars. I can get it to "zoom" to fit the whole 4100 screen IF I swtich to HDMI alone. As soon as I switch back to the bt + hdmi "app" screen I get the black bars on top...
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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    It is actually all the screens. If I switch to just the HDMI output, I can change the view setting from Normal to Zoom and this fixes the aspect ratio. But then I don't have control of the android on the HU (I still have to touch on the Note). If I use both bluetooth and HDMI, it enables me...
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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    I got it to work. However the HU screen is compressed into the wrong aspect ratio and is cutting off some of the Note 4 screen. Any ideas? Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post [Android 4.0+, ROOT] AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    T-Mobile Note 4 with AVH-4100nex Hi! I have a Note 4 (t-mobile, stock kit-kat) rooted, that I am trying to use ARUR (full-paid) with on a Pioneer AVH-4100nex. I can successfully get to the point on the HU where it displays the warning about driving while watching the screen and says to touch...
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    Post [ROM][ICS][06/26] ICS StuNNeR - 1.6.26

    If anyone wants a quicker (but not cheaper) way to install the missing fonts (droidsans), you can download an app in the play store called "root system font installer". Author is canvs2321. Cost $.99 Once installed locate the "DroidSans_Stock_Font" in the list, download the font from the link...
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    Post Samsung Note in the Super bowl!

    Seems my previous post was deleted. See techcrunch opinion of note commercial here: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/06/the-samsung-doth-advertise-too-much-methinks/ -Alex-
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    Thread Techcrunch bizzare take on Note Superbowl Ad

    http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/06/the-samsung-doth-advertise-too-much-methinks/ Criticizes the Note without having used it. Says Samsung desperate to carpet bomb Note Ads on America because the product sucks. God forbid that Samsung should advertise a new product. Truly amazing what passes...
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    Thread Free on Amazon app Store today: "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

    Free today for those up for a little Christmas cheer! Looks great on Note! -Alex-
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    Post HBOGO Now works...

    Looks like the update for HBOGO released today (12/21) enables viewing of the HBOGO library on the Note. Its a Festivus Miracle! -Alex-
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    Post CM9/ICS on Note?

    As "noted" on another thread, it is slow going for the ICS port right now. Samsung has tweaked some of the base code and made it difficult to get certain features working correctly. It may be awhile before we see a stable, feature complete release for the note. More here...
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    Post Apps missing or not working on Galaxy Nexus (or ICS?)

    HBOGo and Hulu+ do not work. However, once the Nexus Galaxy comes out, with a similar resolution to the Note, I beilieve they will through an update.
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    Post Please Help Bricked SGN

    Sorry for your troubles. I am no expert or rooting android phones. However, I know you will need to tell people how you attempted to root your phone so they have a starting point for a fix. Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Galaxy Note: News and Reviews thread [UPDATE 09/11/2011]

    Review from the Telegraph UK: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/samsung/8894595/Samsung-Galaxy-Note.html 2.5 star rating. Complaints about the Note not replacing pen and paper seem to be the main focus and criticism. Although I am holding my final judgement of the note until I have it...
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    Thread HBOGO Now works...

    I can't get HBO go or Hulu to work on the Note. With HBO, I get the start of the video with the HBO animation and music, but when it starts the video, I hear the sound but no pic. Hulu just says it isn't compatible. This is for the plus version Can anyone else confirm? Anyone have a...
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    Post Cisco AnyConnect

    I was afraid of that. It amazes me that the VPN on my Iphone using a simple PPTP connection works without a hitch, yet the note, which is perfect for VPN applications, doesn't properly connect even with rooted VPN. I am assuming the problem is the lack of a proper tun.ko on the rooted...
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    Post Cisco AnyConnect

    Did you get that even with the Rooted AnyConnect app available from the android market, or is this with the Samsung AnyConnect application? I cannot believe that such a good business device would not have a decent VPN client already on it! Thanks, -Alex-
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    Thread Cisco AnyConnect

    Any way to get the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on the galaxy note? I see that it can be installed on the S2 and Tab. However I get a -8 error when I try to install on the Note. I know I can root to get around this, but until the rooting gets a little more mature and can be undone, I would...
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    Thread Getting Note Setup on AT&T

    Got the note and put in my SIM. I can get voice calls, but I don't think data is active. Don't see the HSDPA or HSDPA+ logo on the unit when trying to access. Is there a special setup I need to go through to get the Note going on ATT for data? Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Battery life with the SGN

    See the slashgear review. They were amazed at the battery life. "Imagine our surprise, then, to find that the Note bulldozered through our expectations. With a combination of web browsing on WiFi and 3G, some photography, push email turned on (and Twitter and Google+ updating in the...
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    Thread Slash Gear Reviews Note...

    Review here: http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-galaxy-note-review-04193076/ Highlights: "Niche? Certainly, but Samsung hasn’t allowed fears of that to stop it from targeting pretty much every segment of the mobile audience. Niche needn’t mean unimpressive, either: what the Galaxy Note does, it...
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    Post Handtec order, shipped Nov 1 .

    Looks like there will be at least two Notes in Louisville. -Alex-
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    Post The Note to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

    OK. Samsung Korea has not come out with their official list. -Alex-
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    Post The Note to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

    Confirmed ICS for Note: http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-confirms-ice-cream-sandwich-for-the-galaxy-note-and-galaxy-s-ii-29957/ http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-and-Galaxy-Note-are-confirmed-to-receive-ICS_id23392 -Alex-
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    Post Handtec order, shipped Nov 1 .

    Likely they are lumping all the orders to a country together and by shipper. USA looks like it went, so others should be going out soon. -Alex-
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    Post Handtec order, shipped Nov 1 .

    Yep. Second batch is going out. Got my FedEx shipment notification this morning at 7:30am ET. Shipping from Handtec UK to Louisville, KY. Delivery scheduled for Monday. Faster than i thought. -Alex-
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    Post Galaxy Note on T-Mobile USA?

    Looks like the Note is getting the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 for the 4G LTE Korean version. This is the same chipset as the T-Mobile Galaxy S2. This hardware change should make it possible to be tuned for T-Mobile.
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    Post Handtec order, shipped Nov 1 .

    If you are in the US and ordering from Handtec in the UK, then your card is being blocked by the credit card company as a security precaution for an international order. Call the credit card customer service line and tell them what has happened. They will have a record of the denied...
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    Thread Advantage/Athena 7501 for sale...

    Just put this up on ebay if anyone is interested.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320353599978&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123 Email or PM me if you have any ?'s. Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Search for How-To team for AP4

    Update to AP4 Tutorial... Here is the update! Please review and comment... Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Search for How-To team for AP4

    Thanks for reviewing it! I will try to make those changes today. The print version is contained in lucky post #13. Same content as the flash version, just in *.doc format. Unfortunately, the only language I know is english. Glad to work with someone on other versions though... -Alex-
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    Post Search for How-To team for AP4

    And a word document of the same... Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Search for How-To team for AP4

    Here is a more interactive tutorial on the AP4 install. Please feel free to correct any errors. To install: Unzip to a location on your local pc Run the "engage.html" file. Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Athena Project 4.0 coming, but needs...

    I thought that T-Mobile was going to turn their flavor of 3G on all at once in the next two months. The whole USA would be switched at once. Hmm... -Alex-
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    Post The what to do in the shed till AP 4.0 post

    You could see how others are using their new 7510's... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2b1D5w82yU -Alex-
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    I stand corrected. I would caution though, that for new users it would be best to follow the procedure through all 3 steps. As I understand it there is no harm in doing this other than the increase cost in time and effort and may be less confusing and safer then just doing the first. Is this...
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    Sorry that you are having the same problems that I did. Unfortunately, I can't bring you much comfort as I tried everything that I could find or was suggested. I searched every post and put out multiple cross-postings (that is a real sign of desperation for me!). Ultimately I had to get a new...
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    I had a similar problem which I outlined here... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=368312 Notice the screenshots about a third of the way down. Does your Advantage bootscreen look like this? -Alex-
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    Thread When will there be video acceleration for the Athena/Advantage?

    I know that HTC has promised some future speed releases via some hardware/software tweaking, but will we ever see true optimized drivers for the Athena/Advantage ATI chips? The lack of video acceleration really sucks. Or is the answer "Never"? Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post SPB Mobile 2.0 on Athena (please don't move)

    No joy here either with 2.0. No tabs. Today screen plugin is totally useless without them. Too bad, there are some pieces of it I like!
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    Post x7501...do I need to unlock...

    Unlocking enables you to put a new ROM image in place of the factory ROM that is on your unit. ROM images, such as the PK Dual, can then be uploaded and installed in your Athena/Advantage giving you greatly increased functionality along with integrated updates for your hardware drivers...
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    Post x7501...do I need to unlock...

    Thanks.. Used the new 3.0 OliPro unlocker with all 3 steps and had no issues. -Alex-
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    Post Blank bootloader...am I screwed?

    Thanks for all the help! I gave up and warrantied a new unit where I WAS successful in loading a new ROM. I have learned several valuable lessons in the ROM upgrade process. This was on an advantage 7501, unlocked, USA version. I did the upgrade the process with the OliPro 3.0 unlocker, the...
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    Thread x7501...do I need to unlock...

    to use the PK ROM? I have searched and searched and not found an answer. This is an unlocked 7501 from the US. Do I need to use the OliPro Unlocker or something else? Can I just load the ROM directly from a flash card? Thanks, -Alex-
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    Post Blank bootloader...am I screwed?

    Nope. Tried 3 different PCs. Shut down all the activesync processes. No luck. No detection that anything is cabled to the advantage. I am thinking that it is warranty time. Damn, I hate this....its just the principle of the thing... -Alex-
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    Post Blank bootloader...am I screwed?

    I was trying to load a new ROM but I assumed that I had to use the OliPro unlock first. Got to the radio flash and that is where it crapped out. Now that I have read a little more carefully it looks like I don't need to use the OliPro beyond the first step for the stateside unlocked 7501...
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    Post Blank bootloader...am I screwed?

    Yes, tried the hard reset (camera + reset) the alternate reset (comm + camera + reset) and even the other reset (volume slider + camera + reset). And yes, I was pushing down firmly on the camera button. Each reset brings me to the tri-color bootloader screen with NO text. No model number, no...
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    Post Blank bootloader...am I screwed?

    Yes...no joy. Just stays on the tri-color screen with no indication that it is reading the card. Thanks for the advice though!