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  1. 22naresn

    Thread Installing GSI's?

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, I'm looking for help in flashing GSI's(Generic System Images). I was looking through the Android developer website for Android 12 today and the 'Get a Generic System Image' tab caught my eye. I was wondering if any of you guys have experience in installing GSI's...
  2. 22naresn

    Thread What will happen if you disconnect the USB Cable when ADB Sideloading a ROM?

    This is a question I have always had while flashing ROMs. When I use the 'Install' menu in TWRP and install a ROM Zip, there is no cancel option while the recovery is patching the system and/or vendor images like there is when creating Backups. However, when Sideloading a ROM Zip all there is to...
  3. 22naresn

    Thread Does flashing newer firmware affect the wireless capabilities of a device?

    Hello all. I just flashed new firmware on my RedmiNote8 to install CorvusOS and when I tried downloading apps on the Play Store all the apps were stuck on "Waiting for download". I have flashed multiple ROMs without flashing firmware and they worked perfectly fine. Is this a problem with the...
  4. 22naresn

    Thread Should I flash Stock Firmware to Switch Between ROMS?

    Hi all I am on my Redmi Note 8 running Pixel Experience 11+, I would like to switch to CorvusOS to mess around with Kernels (Bear with me it's a phase) and because the Dirty Unicorns thing intrigued me. I started the research phase by reading some articles and watching videos on YouTube, but...