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    Thread Any LG G6 camera ports?

    I'm not sure if this is just me totally wishful thinking or not? Just curious if anyone has heard of any development or ports of the LG G6 camera? I'm from the Note 4 and was spoiled from so many camera ports. I'm on sprint, but my question is for any variant or port to V20. Sent from my...
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    Thread Schedule SMS messages

    I'm coming from the Samsung world and miss being able to schedule SMS messages. I'm hoping I'm just overlooking the setting somewhere. If anyone knows of how to get this feature on my v20 I'd very much appreciate if you'd share how to. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Sprint IR blaster

    So I'm super stoked I just got my v20 yesterday! I loaded it up w/ all my apps/settings/sms backups etc. So a big reason for holding out w/ my Note 4 was my IR blaster hence my jump to the v20. Anyways I use the blaster a lot for work and went to use it today.......nothing. I tried the stock...
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    Thread Note 7 live screen/video gif creator

    Has anyone ripped this software from the Note 7? Just curious if it could be installed onto older note devices. Just wishful n00bish dreams. ...sigh Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Thread Jogging Belt for galaxy note 2

    Anyone have suggestions on belts that may fit this beast of a phone? I like the "go belt" but not sure if it fits the note 2. http://www.hippierunner.com/index.php/product/view/1/1 I also found the SPIBelt but not sure if that fits it either...
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    Thread Is there a .cab version of the HTC Album?

    I am currently one of DCD's ROMs I don't remember which one off had I have running at the moment. I do know it is one of DCD's 2.x.x ROMS with the new radio. I know I could build some sort of kitchen & do this w/ the OEM, I just do not have the time & would like to just install a .cab...
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    Thread Can one install a 5print ROM update if they

    are running a custom ROM? My friend just called me & said he just got a phone call from 5print & they wanted him to download a file to update his OS. He did not do this yet because he is running a custom ROM & not sure if it will brick his phone or corrupt the OS. Any ideas? :confused...