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    Thread How to revert back to Oreo app switcher and recents on Pie

    Notes: This also re-enables holding recents for multiwindow. This removes Swipe up to Home from Settings > System > Gestures, so turn it off before reverting to Oreo method Adb: 1) Enable USB Debugging 2) Execute adb shell in your terminal of choice on desktop 3) Type 'pm uninstall --user 0...
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    Thread Will it be possible to revert back to the Oreo notification panel aesthetic on Pie?

    Via a theme, adb, or root? I ask because it's possible to revert to the Oreo app switcher via an adb command: https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/9592kw/how_to_get_oreo_app_switcher_and/
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    Thread OnePlus 3 & 3T Official Stable OTA (OOS 4.0)

    It's only a matter of hours now https://twitter.com/getpeid/status/815171834345885696
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    Thread Unlocked bootloader seems to not trip SafetyNet for Z2

    Reverted to stock .291 since I plan moving on from the Z2 and I found that SafeNet was passed despite bootloader still being unlocked (therefore Android Pay and Pokemon Go working). https://imgur.com/a/WlA4A
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    Thread Flashed kernel on locked bootloader, screen won't turn on

    Hi my devices screen won't power on after flashing AndroPlus v59 kernel on my locked bootloader Z2 5.1.1 on (Forgot custom kernels require bootloader unlock). Holding the power button causes vibration but the screen doesn't turn on. Neither does it boot up as my PC doesn't detect it. I can't...
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    Thread [Q] How to disbale LGs terrible noise cancellation?

    When recording video, the audio leaves a lot to be desired. Constant crackling and breaks in audio, onset by presumably LG's noise cancellation algorithms. Try it for yourself. Record a video of you counting from 1 to 10 with a few gaps in between and you can hear the noise cancelling go full...
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    Thread Bootloader Thread

    Here we post in order to give an idea of whether bootloaders will be unlockable for devices depending on carrier and source: Example 1: Example 2:
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    Thread How to replace flaps?

    My USB port cover is lose so I want to replace it. Do I just yank it out, or is there a tool for this? Sent from my Xperia Z
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    Thread 1440p and upscaling

    1440p screens are set to become the next advancement, but could this mean a negative for video consumption? Most high resolution content is 720p (ie YouTube app) with the exception of local media usually 1080p max. Neither of these would be at native resolution on a 1080p screen, thus...
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    Thread Is touch-to-focus while video recording supported?

    Asking because the Xperia Z did not have this feature so just wondering. Sent from my C6603 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Frame replacement?

    Is it possible to replace the the Xperia Zs exoskeleton and back panel? Sent from my C6603 using xda premium
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    Thread Nexus 7 II: spotted in Google ad?

    Google Hangouts ad @ 0:20 All that can be taken is there's an LED notification lol. Take this with a grain of salt as always.
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    Thread [DISCUSSION] Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition: Confirmed.

    Available from Play in a 16GB variant compatible with ATT/TMobile with LTE support, bootloader unlocked, running stock Android 4.2.2 with direct updates from Google just like the Nexus line. June 26th is the date. $649 is the price. Discuss
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    Thread Is your smartphone faster than your PC?

    Just to get it out there, I'm not a complete idiot, obviously this is debatable due to architectural differences and what have you but I think we're at the stage where modern phones can hold their own against the average PC. For example my laptop (AMD-E450 1.65GHz dual/Radeon 6850/4GB RAM)...
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    Thread "Couldn't capture screenshot: Storage may be in use"

    My problem is I can't save screenshots, I get the following error: This only happens on stock ROMs not AOSP. I have formatted /data, /sytem, /cache inbetween flashing stock builds. I think it may be a permission issue or something to do with mediascanner?
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    Thread [TIP]Xperia Z Camera Launch Delay Workaround

    As most of you have already noticed launching the camera on the XZ takes noticably long by any standards. Here's a workaround that reduces the launch delay to about half A camera icon is added to homescreen with that shortcurt as directory. This launches the camera faster than the regular...
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    Thread [IMAGE] Someone explain this

    This has been happening for 2 days now, regardless of ROM. My screen itself is not defected etc. but images are rendered with random pixels generally green. Most often appears on app icons. Here is an example of it action in the camera. (see shutter button)
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    Thread Will restroing nandroid relock bootloader?

    I've unlocked my bootloader, so my internal sd is wiped. Would I be able to restore a backup, from when the bootloader was locked and continue with an unlocked bootloader, or will it relock?
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    Thread Is touch to focus supported on the Z?

    It most likely is in camera mode, but what about the camcorder? Just want to make sure! Also, anyone with the white model care to comment on hold it compares in terms of finger print visibility?
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    Thread Xperia Z not vibrating issue

    Can this be fixed with an update? I'm planning to switch my S3 for a white model that doesn't vibrate no matter what. And he/she isn't the only one with a non vibrating XZ. Also how does the screen compare to S3 bar viewing angles. Exynos S III @ 1.2GHz, CM10.1
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    Thread Screen calibration kernels?

    Trying to reduce saturation on display to match levels closer to N4. Wondering if this is possible? I've returns Screen Adjuster from Play but I notice frame rate drop Exynos SIII; CM10.1
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    Thread 4.2 keyboard prediction not predicting

    OK so for text fields which do support next word prediction, there are no results. This happens on and off. In fact it just started working again halfway through typing this post. Anyone know the cause/fix International S III 16GB / CM10.1
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    Thread Safe CPU overclock

    I've using 1.7GHz for a few days on pegasusq governor but was wondering how much CPU life is affected each clock interval. My guess is the S3 is underclocked at 1.4 because the Note 2 uses the same Exynos 4412 SoC @ 1.6. By logic 1.7 let alone 1.8GHz isn't overkill, provided a stable voltage...
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    Thread One feature you'd like to see implemented in 5.0

    For me, ReadyBoost when plugged into a PC or using extSD/USB drive. Probably never gonna happen though! International S III 16GB / Dualboot 4.1.2 Stock & Cyanogenmod 10.1 / Gokhan's SK
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    Thread AOSP font name?

    Don't like the ones packed with Sammy ROMS so I'm using a 3rd party font off Play. Does anyone know how to add AOSP font or any other other to my ROM. Currently using 'Jefferson' International S III 16GB / Dualboot 4.1.2 Stock & Cyanogenmod 10.1 / Gokhan's SK
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    Thread Device reboots when charging

    My device has been like this for almost two weeks now. It doesn't happen immediately, when the screen is on or when music's playing. Only in sleep (between 5-15) minutes generally the device will reboot auto or show the initial Samsung logo (before boot animation) or just a dead screen and...
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    Thread Post your 'advanced' battery saving methods

    Background processes make my skin itch. Using App Quarantine widgets for quick disabling enabling. With Maps disabled, Now works fine in terms of determining my location, however the 'NAVIGATE' action is missing on cards. Share your ways of saving juice Sent from my GT-I9300
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    Thread Post your homescreens!

    Title :D Sent from my GT-I9300
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    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher 2.0 settings background wallpaper

    If you look hard enough it uses the matrix design on the back of Nexus 4. My guess is this would help with battery life as I'm using an OLED screen device. Any themes that use this layout in the settings menu? And does the Nexus 4's settings theme look the same? Screens attached show contrast...
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    Thread Who manufacturers the S Pen please?

    I'd like to do research on whoever produces the digitizer for Samsung, unless they make it themselves. I'm 50% percent sure the company begins with W? Please help me out! Sent from my GT-I9300
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    Thread 'Multitasking' fail (RAM)

    Sometimes comes the time I have 5 - 12 apps open. I switch the one of the apps initially opened earliest and they're cleared out of my RAM so there is a delay as the device attempts to reload my current position. Sometimes when the browser is opened the web page refreshes. I always have 300mb...
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    Thread 12% battery drain <1hr HSPA+

    All I do is tweet, Google+, xda and browse during my 50 minute commute to college and my battery goes haywire. I restrict background data, autosync and also use inverted rendering in the browser along with dark themed xda. My question is how can I reduce this drain? Sent from my GT-I9300
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    Thread How I upped my battery life

    Hi all, * Throughout my <two months with the S3 I generally got 3.5-4 hours on screen time in an 8.5-9.5 hour window with frequent/heavy usage at <25% brightness before I hit <3% from full charge * My day always consists of upto 2hrs HSPA+ browsing+rest wifi, 1 hour of streaming episodes of...
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    Thread Will flashing STOCK wipe all?

    Soft bricked my S3 (stock rooted), restoring a recent backup didn't work so I'm planning to fix this by restoring to fresh stock (links would be great). I cant backup to ext sd card because there is insuffienct space, if only I could save the nandroid file to my pc (possible) Do/should I need...