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    Thread i fix my e7 brick and show HUMAN INTERFACE DEVISE

    hi i fix my e7 brick in pc show HID i dont know work for other devise
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    Thread my e7 after flash kk imei 0 and no signal

    hi i flash my and dead and today fix it but imei 0 and on signal i fix imei whit qpst but dont signal
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    Thread i need dumpind rom whit bin format

    hi my e7 is brick and i need a dumping rom adb whit bin format plz help
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    Thread i need rom1 and rom2

    hi my e7 3gb brick and for jtag i need rom1 and rom2 plz help me
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    Thread [Q] gionee e7 briked

    hi, my e7 is off and when conect to usb for flash whit Q-com add usb port in device manager plz help me:crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying: Excuse me My English is bad