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    Thread Belt Replacement (Show stopper !!)

    I want to get this watch, but I am kind a turned off on not been able to replace the watch band. Anyone has thought about this limitation on this expensive watch? What happens if belt breaks? How much is the replacement cost?
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    Thread Unlock T-Mobile LG G3 for att

    I am using ATT network, and was wondering if I can use unlock T-Mobile LG G3 for wife who left her phone on the hood of the car, and it is gone.
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    Thread Re: [[ROM][4.3][JLS36G] SlimBean - T0lteatt [Build 1] [+WEEKLIES]

    Re: [[ROM][4.3][JLS36G] SlimBean - T0lteatt [Build 1] [+WEEKLIES] I am running Devil's, and it is pretty darn solid, and it is using Andreilux build I think, so you can actually get all the enhancement with your panel. You can get rid of saturated colors from Samsung. It also has pretty...
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    Thread no sound - Sound only after headphone insert/removal

    I have just received my B60 Eee Pad from Newegg, and did all of the firmware updaes, and I have peculiar problem. This is similar problem that I ran into early days of GTablet/Viewsonic. Only way to get the sound out of the EEPad is to plug the headphone, and then sounds works once you pull...
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    Thread Asus Eee Pad or Touchpad

    Just wondering if you have to choose between Asus Eee Pad or HP touchpad? I have just bought touchpad as an impulse purchase, and it does email and browsing pretty well, and that's it. Not a hugh app collection, and there are some intense effort to get Microsoft share working with overclock...
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    Thread Gtab for sale

    Mod Edit: Thread closed for selling outside of XDA Marketplace.
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    Thread browser from HC?

    I wonder if anyone was able to port browser from HC for the GB? Everything we have is fairly slow and rendering issues. I love the stock browser on CM7 harmony but no tabs and some issues with rendering on huffingtonpost as well as mint.com.
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    Thread Anyone was able to score Asus?

    Just wondering if anyone was able to buy Asus today?
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    Thread Viewsonic GTablet - $315 + shipping -

    I am trying to sell my Viewsonic Tablet with cover from Amazon and iPad screen protector for $315 + shipping - Still have the box, and everything original accessory in the box. NO scratches on the screen and running Vegan 5.1 with Pershoot kernel.. No problem or issues.. Just using my laptop...
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    Thread Resolution on vegan beta 5.1

    Is there a way to change/increase resolution of tablet running the vegan 5.1? I love the high resolution which comes with the gingerbread build? Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App
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    Thread [Q] FCs on few apps

    I am running Vegan 5.1, and I am getting FCs on Dictionary or XDA apps on my Gtablet. Do anyone is having the similar issues?
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    Thread [Q] wifi issues

    Has anyone experiencing wifi won't connect once it wakes up from sleep. Mine is running the latest 2.2. My wifi keeps turning on and off in a loop until I put it back to sleep, and it does ok. 2nd time. Any ideas or suggestion?
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    Thread g Tablet is a good buy or wait for Honeycomb branded Tablets?

    I have driven 90 miles one way to pick one up for $279 earlier this week, and so far have been very happy with it. Just started reading about the future of Tegra based Tablet, and it appears that there is the Honeycomb version of the Gingebread Google OS which is coming out early next year...