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    Post [APP][5.0+] BatteryGuru: Monitor & Saver

    is the app privacy friendly?
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    Post [APP][MOD] Today Weather - Global daily weather forecast, customizable widgets, animated radar & warnings

    is the app privacy friendly? does it only connect when I also manually update the weather data?
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    Post Samsung To Add 120hz Refresh Rate @ WQHD+!

    Yeah, that was very bad of Samsung. The good news is that Samsung has to step on it now. The new competition is no longer Apple. It's no longer enough to be a little better than iPhones as it used to be. There are so many new gaming smartphones and so on now. Finally, after years, there is...
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Cute girls, hot girls wallpaper

    Hello, where can I see the resolution of the image before?
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    Post Method to unlock 90fps on games which supports high refresh frame

    Are there quality differences in the graphics? It is worse or the same? What about the battery consumption?
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    Post Samsung's support for charger faster than default 25W

    No. But the Note 10 Lite supports USB 3.1, because according to the specs on Samsung homepage it should only have USB 2.0, but this is a mistake. But you need a USB 3 cable to achieve fast data transfer, because the included cable only supports USB 2.0.
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    Thread Does the Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro support USB 3.1?

    Does the Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro finally support the USB 3.1? All previous Xiaomi phones have only USB 2.0 support. Also the Black Shark series (gaming smartphones).
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    Post [APP][6.0+] Internet SpeedTest & Indicator - 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi

    I have exactly the same problem. When will it be fixed?
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    Post Android 11 Scoped Storage.Android future completely Google dependent (centralization)

    https://www.androidcentral.com/what-scoped-storage I really laugh :D There are always Android users who say that iOS is limited, but Google is trying to copy Apple. Every file manager developer must have Google's explicit permission to run their file manager applications on Android 11. Without...