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  1. theoalex50

    Thread Question Poco F3 + SwiftKey

    Has anyone experienced the SwiftKey keyboard minimazing by itself (like you press the back button) once or twice every time you write? (Global 12.5)
  2. theoalex50

    Thread Question Poco F3 charger. Decent?

    Does anyone know if the charger poco f3 comes with supports quick charge 3+ that the phone also supports?
  3. theoalex50

    Thread Question Messenger on Poco F3

    So to get rid of the whole square bubbles problem I have installed a previous messenger apk that has bubbles. But even though I have automatic updates on play store turned off, after a couple of hours I check and the messenger in already updated through play store to the latest version. Anyone...
  4. theoalex50

    Thread Question Usage of Razer Kraken Over-ear wired on Pubg Mobile, Poco F3

    Using the headset for the first time and I can see a notable sound reduction compared to gaming with a mi mix 3 5g I had before. I dont have a second wired headset to compare. Any idea what could be going wrong? I have ultra sound enabled in-game. I also downgraded from that and the issue...
  5. theoalex50

    Thread Question 90 fps on Pubg mobile

    I cant seem to find a way to put 90 fps on Pubg mobile. Every video I find on youtube is on foreign language. Can someone help please?