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    Thread Viper4android fx and dolby atmos for ROOTED MM

    1. Flash zip via twrp for dolby atmos 2. Install apk for Viper4android For working Viper4android selinux just be set to permissive Enjoy
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    Thread Need dolby atmos and viper4android for rooted MM

    Rooted MM 6.0 C5 ultra E5563 Need sound mods like dolby atmos and viper4android etc
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    Thread Got new firmware upadte for C5 ultra dual

    Got new firmware update 29.2.B.0.129
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    Thread Flashing other country/region firmware

    My model is E5563 C5 ultra dual India generic But m nt getting India region firmware/tft file 5.0 lollipop So can I flash Hong Kong 5.0 on my device?? Nw on MM and for root I want to go back to 5.0 as per procedure posted by brigammy PLZ help
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    Thread C5 ultra E5563 5.0 generic India firmware

    Need link for download C5 ultra E5563 5.0 generic India firmware....
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    Thread How to downgrade to lollipop?

    How to downgrade to lollipop?? Flashtool version? Now on marshmallow E5563...PLZ help
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    Thread Bravia engine 2 not working for videos after marshamallow update?

    Bravia engine 2 not working for videos after marshamallow update??? Working good for images...but not for videos...in lollipop was working great... Any solution plz? Mine model is Bootloader locked and unrooted E5563 Please help
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    Thread Cant move an app to external sd card after Mm update

    I cant move apps to Sd card after marshamallow update....any1 facing same issue?
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    Thread How to root 6.0 marshmallow c5 ultra E5563?

    How to root 6.0 marshmallow c5 E5563? Root process is same as for lollipop 5.1? Rootable via Kingroot? How to unlock bootloader? And flash custom recovery on 6.0 marshmallow?
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    Thread Unroot Sony Xperia c5 ultra

    How to unroot Sony Xperia c5 ultra E5563 and update to Android 6.0 manually?? :confused:
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    Thread Android rom update after root

    How can I update 6.0 marshmallow on my rooted Xperia c5 ultra dual??