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    Thread XDA-Def Rom 1.2 as an NB1 file to flash

    Have somebody the new version or any other PPC2002 ROM online as an .nb1 file to flash it with SD card... The exe file doesn't work 4 me :cry: I've PPC 2003 and the FlashProgy crushed always... May be somebody could [email protected] it to me???? :?: :?: :?: email at my profil... Thanx!!!!!
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    Thread German Version of XDA-Developers ROM?

    Hi, Sorry I've knows nothing from UNIX... :oops: Is there somebody who've made an xda-developers rom v1.1 with german language? :D :D Thanx!!! Stefan
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    Thread Connecting XDA to Nokia CARKIT

    HI! Andrew has connected his XDA to the Carkkit (4Handy 3330). Now I have the Carkkit (4 5110,6110,6210,7110) and the central module is another than the one from Andrew. Is is the HFU-2. Mic +, Ear + and Ground is no Problem. But I don't know to find the Mic- (the pin to enable the car Kit)...
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    Thread Programming ... Whats Best???

    Hi! I'm a Programmer for Visial Basic and Delphi... I'm not sure whitch system is the best 4 programming the XDA? AppForge or what? Thanx Stevie