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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge app to re-map power button to volume up or volume down?

    Hello, I have a small problem. My phone power button is damaged therfore pressing it is hard (works but poorly). I need now to re-mail the power button so i can turn off screen when i need. Can you recommend app that can do that. I did get app named as volume powr but it seems buggy and app...
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    Thread How to unlock Samsung S7 Edge

    Hello, I have my new phone. But it is locked now. I can find phone via google android device manager But that one cant open the screen lock. (Note: i do not have global phone lock on). It the password that phone asks when you do not have finger print set, (Not the sim password). How this...
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    Thread Samsung Note 4 Screen scroll capture for app-s?

    Hello Do any of u know good app that allows to take screen-scroll capture from another app? I got installed one gym app and i have excersizes there listed and want to take screen capture while scrolling down. As it has many excersizes listteed so have to scroll down a bit. Is there app that...
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    Thread Questions regarding Samsung Note 4 wake up alarm using s voice.

    Hello I have few questions: I am using s voice to set alarms. How to change default alarm sound as I don't like default alarm that I have currently. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    Thread How to check is the Note genuine (authentic)? with serial number?

    Hello, I am planing to buy Samsung Note 4 via E-bay. One reason is that proces are cheaper then shops here. As shops here are adding nearly 200 euros extra to phones. Depends deal i can find on e-bay. All deals there phones have Product Identifiers section on advertisment. Model and MPN...
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    Thread Will the SM-N910C version of note 4 work in EU?

    Will the SM-N910C version of note 4 work in EU? I am located in Estonia and one person is selling here Samsung Note 4version SM-N910C
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Note 4 Edge same curved function as S6 edge?

    Anyone has any info on this? As i did notice s6 edge has this missed call function on that curved glass part. Aslo shortcut to favorite contacts. Is it possible to get same function to Note 4 edge?
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    Thread Samsung Note 4 blocking a number calling me specific time

    Hello, I have a question. I want to block one person calling me specific time is this possible with android note 4? I do not want to bloack him i yust want to block him from calling me x time frame but same time i want that others can reach me. So airplane mode does not work. Is this possible...
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    Thread [Q] Manage text templates in Gear Manager bug? How to fix?

    Hello, Problem description: When i go in my Galaxy Note 3 to Gear Manager >> Notifications i can`t open up Manage text templates it will pop up for second and instantly closes down and i see again Notification window. History: Before updates (auto updates from Samsung) i managed to add Text...
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    Thread [Q] Set up call rejection messages in Gear wach

    Hello, I changed rejection sms via Note 3. Gear Manager→Notifications→SMS samples But those messages do not occur in Samsung Gear Watch. I deleted messages that i do not use and i added 2 messages i most likely will use when somone calls me and i reject call via Gear Watch. Anyone knows how...
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    Thread [Q] Is there app that wont allow to turn off bluetooth without a password?

    Need app that will not allow to turn off bluetooth without password? I am getting proximo device that will keep an eye on my Galaxy note 3. I want to make sure that bluetooth can't be turned off manually without a password. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Forum app to upload pictures and video clips from phone directly to forum?

    Is thre a such app.* I have a blog in on forum.* And i often want to post picture or video from my phone there.* I often have to upload picture to image shack and video to YouTube and then copy link to forum. Is there a app that will make that more simpler so I don't have 2 upload picture or...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Stolen. (To prevent this happen again?)

    Hello, I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Stolen cant track it as i did not have tracking on it and battery was empty (gps is off) I am getting tomorrow ne phone (same) What options are out there. I often forget phone to desk or to mall or to car etc. how to prevent that happening again? I...
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    Thread Best Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Wallet type case with card slots)?

    Any sudjestions? Best Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Wallet type case with card slots)?
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    Thread Best Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Wallet type case with card slots)?

    Any sudjestions? Best Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Wallet type case with card slots)?
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    Thread [Q] Google Maps GPS and Jabra Wave?

    Hello, Question is: Does anyone have any knolege does Jabra wave work with google maps GPS? As i am entering to addres in Google maps via voice, but does that work also with Jabra wave? Case is that when speaker is closer to my mouth system understands better address where i want to go. When i...
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    Thread Bluetooth Tracker & Alarm for smart phone

    Hello, I have had lately issues with thives. My Samsung Galaxy S4 was stolen when i was out in public from my pocket. Do you people know is there possible to set up Samsung Galaxy note 3 and that gear wach this way that IF i forget phone on my work table when i leave office or somone takes it...
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    Thread REQ: Help with my Blackstone

    Info at About: Windows Mobile 6.1 Profecional CE =S 5.2.20757 (Build 20757.1.4.0) ROM version: 1.14.401.3 (22273) WWE ROM date: 10/24/08 Radi version: I have made no updates to this device when i did bought this. Time to time i get some lagg with device. For example when i type...
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    Thread Please help!Any better music player for windows media player in HTC blackstone?

    As i am listening a lot of music from phone tho damn could not find way to create my own playlist.The windows mediaplayer is hm not usto it at all. In my pc i can select files i wana play and open as and select program. Tho in mobile i cant.And when i search for music i can play those as single...
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    Thread HTC Touch HD memory bigest memory card available?

    Anyone nows what is bigest memory card available for that phone?