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  1. J

    Post Is it possible ?

    Wow awesome reply thanks mate.made my week ill try that and post back up cheers
  2. J

    Thread Is it possible ?

    I have a sony k810i and a MDA Pro,can i via bluetooth use the uni to surf the net via the sim in the K810I(i connect to the net on the k810i but want to use on occasion the Uni for its better keyboard) id like to do it via bluetooth rather than swop the sim over,anyone that can offer help thanks
  3. J

    Post Get Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL email on your mobile phone

    Ok thanks ill give it a go
  4. J

    Post free sms world wide.. a real thing !

    Forget the whos and whys,does it work and will it spam me?
  5. J

    Post Get Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL email on your mobile phone

    Does the free version send you loads of spam ad's?i hear it does
  6. J

    Post help with adding Mod's

    just sync ur pda to pc,some progs will require a simple click ,if this needs you to do more on the device it will prompt you other will need transfering onto your memory card and activating from your pda i used this method with trail and error good luck buddy
  7. J

    Post program for free SMS

    yes crikee try that mate,device dependant
  8. J

    Thread PDA V PHONE and a big thanks everyone

    Thanks for the info i have gained and the way youve helped to make my device exec all it could be I feel windows has let me down and PDA's are being all they can which leaves a disapointment for me Ive got a standard phone but i can email,surf the web,upload pics,and it works while windows are...
  9. J

    Post Pda youve owned with the least reboots

    im keeping my exec for long trips and when needed but thinking of a treo or blackberry or sony p1 for day to day but a norm phone with net is looking tempting
  10. J

    Thread Pda youve owned with the least reboots

    Which do you find the best pda,as far as reliability,im upgrading and i dont want a device i have to reboot 3 times a day or on i find has frozen and lost me calls it will be a phone first ,pda second what have you found to be the most reliable device? thank you
  11. J

    Post Business Ringtones

    www.zedge.com have a voice and effects tool which makes tones and sms for free
  12. J

    Post What to do with Newbies..?

    shut up noob lol sorry only joking :)
  13. J

    Post Need Iphone scroller (mp3, contacts ) on wm5

    what vvjay is the nicest guy on here tut shakes heAD SOME PEOPLE EH!:(
  14. J

    Post Need Iphone scroller (mp3, contacts ) on wm5

    i think the guy is just saying if we use all the apps around in the ipohne look,we are almost there we just need these two things aleksander100 the guy may have meant no harm,and just linked it as an example of the work around
  15. J

    Post Need Iphone scroller (mp3, contacts ) on wm5

    in case this has not been linked it may be what you need, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=1277714#post1277714 using this and other skins you can make ,a very good iphone iterface,but it wont ever be spot on ,it will take a lot of time and wont run half as good when its...
  16. J

    Post What to do with Newbies..?

    Well Put maybe a rude or curt reply to them ,amkes them go elsewere and some help and a welcome ,will draw them in and they get more from there devices ,and go on to futher advice hand on heart how many people have gone on to own another PDA,following time on here?me for one,if the device had...
  17. J

    Post Need Iphone scroller (mp3, contacts ) on wm5

    No WAI......
  18. J

    Post Surveillance with Windows Mobile

  19. J

    Post Expansys

    me too maybe we shloud get the MD EMAIL and forward the thread lol
  20. J

    Post Surveillance with Windows Mobile

    ibaby i can email it too someone ,who then poss able to host it? someone PM and ill email it to night if thats ok
  21. J

    Post PocketDOS for universal?

    would this mean old games such as system shock run on my exec can it handle the graphics
  22. J

    Post HTC S420 Release Date - May 16th, 2007

    if there not even an in the wild tru pic knocking around the net ,then i doubt we are anywere near getting it myself
  23. J

    Post What to do with Newbies..?

    think of it this way,someone gets there first pda ,lets say an exec they wish to learn how to use the net on it,or use it to set up with wifi in the house they will simply enter exec and wifi and may end up here,they may not want to join to contribute or go in depth but simply to find a tiny bit...
  24. J

    Post Surveillance with Windows Mobile

    i have an app that u leave ur pda in a room with the prog activated ,if it hears any noise above your own preset levels it calls your other landline or mobile and plays the sounds to you ,all done on the pda in silence great to bug a room its supposed to be a baby monitor but great for spying lol
  25. J

    Post What to do with Newbies..?

    help them, some people are not pda svay and new to it all,they may have had a cell prior and dont work in a tech/IT role so may not be to sharp on a lot of the tech side Everyone starts somewere,if you can take the time to reply with an insult or try google ,then you can find the time to point...
  26. J

    Post anyone know release of the neo 1973

    lets hope so eh looks awsome thanks for the info mate
  27. J

    Post anyone know release of the neo 1973

    btw i mean hack the OS not unblock or change imei etc,just tired of having my stuff limited by the providers/makers if it was not for this site my pdas would have been half no even less the gadget that they now are
  28. J

    Thread anyone know release of the neo 1973

    will this ever be a reality? if not whats the best smartphone/pda to hack anyway?
  29. J

    Thread can i

    turn a 750 into a 750 v really appreciate a fast reply as im ordering online asap thank you so much cheers
  30. J

    Post Toggle Bluetooth with single button press with 'discoverable' mode

    phone alarm is awsome does all the things you need at a great price and good support imo the must have no1 app
  31. J

    Post Big Brother watching you via your phone

    in the uk people have already been located in court case for serious crimes ,using the monbilephone to give times and locations within feet
  32. J

    Post Problems with uk T-mobile GPRS settings for Treo 750

    hope this helps someone good luck http://www.filesaveas.com/gprs.html
  33. J

    Post Big Brother watching you via your phone

    we are traceable as is via our phones and there are no such things as private calls 9yrs in the militray and 11 in the gov security uk/overseas
  34. J

    Thread uk tarriffs data plan

    do any other providers currently offer a set free data plan,like tmobile web n walk? please post if your provider offers a good plan thanks
  35. J

    Post HTC S420 Release Date - May 16th, 2007

    hmm ive only seen a mock up CGI type pic of the unit not an actual live photo,any around?
  36. J

    Post Most expensive you have lost

    Someone Walkin' well mate,the phone alarm hadbeen used to wake us that morning,and we had job around the house all day so had not been out the person veiwing the house came at 2:45 and left at 3,about 5-530,we realsised it was missing and not mislaid ,i called tmobile and they said the phone...
  37. J

    Post Gmail today plugin

    ive tried the applet on the exec ,it was ok mate
  38. J

    Post Mail Button softkey

    maybe wm new menu works on treo that changed the keys on my exec
  39. J

    Post Most expensive you have lost

    Well not expensive but a cheapo phone ,but i was gobsmacked that people viewing our house which is for sale stole the phone,while they were with estate agent
  40. J

    Post treo vrs other pda's

    amazing feedback everyone seems to love there treo,shame its not on more networks in the uk
  41. J

    Post treo vrs other pda's

    the more i hear the better it gets ,thanks for your input mate
  42. J

    Thread day to day progs/software

    what programmes do you run on your treo day to day ? thanks guys also if you can give me any pro's and cons of the treo
  43. J

    Post treo vrs other pda's

    if anyone else can offer any info,compereing treo and other pda's I'd be really greatfull thank you
  44. J

    Post treo vrs other pda's

    hmm 750 or 680 or wait for the new 755p ,i dont know which but thta made my mind up 100% thanks guys im due an upgarde on tmob uk,ill get a n95,then sell it on unused and get a treo
  45. J

    Post treo vrs other pda's

    brill reply mate thanks so much, the main issue i had before was getting out the exec to find it had frozen up and id missed calls, i think im deffo gonna go with a treo ,i guess its just deciding which if i may ask mate,how do you find the battery life and are they touch screen? i was under...
  46. J

    Thread treo vrs other pda's

    have any of you guys had other products,exec,charmer etc etc etc basically,im considering a treo after my exec,but im really off windows after all the resets abd frezzes etc,but on another forum(3g),a guy told me he had other htc devices and they had been the same but his treo had one reset in...
  47. J

    Post The SUCCESSOR of TREO 750

    wots it like compered to the exec mate? many resets and freeze's,? is it touch screen,i didnt think so, then i saw a stylus for them ,so im unsure? does the software on the exec run on the treo ok? hope you dont mind me askign mate as i may get one next month thanks
  48. J

    Post Voq Professional Mobile SmartPhone - WM5?

    expansyes have it mate,i looked at it as a back up,i did post a link sometime ago ill try to find it you
  49. J

    Post The SUCCESSOR of TREO 750

    funnily enough about the same,i have an exec too great but too cumbersome for daily use its great for travel on a train just pull out,surf,msnmp3 etc but day to day ,i need a unit thats a phone no1 then has email,net ect,im thinking of blackberry,treo and n95 but doing a lot of waiting and...