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  1. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread AOSP Nougat Rom for Micromax Q402+ (cg sky)

    AOSP 7.1.2 Rom For Micromax Q402 Plus Cautions *Read the ROM installation instructions correctly *Press the 'Thank you' button instead of saying it will keep me motivated to do more Requirements Unlocked Bootloader...
  2. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread Mmx q440 (cg sky) mt6737t

  3. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread TWRP, Root for Micromax Bharat 4 Q440 (cg sky)

    Need to unlock your boot-loader first . Need PC (obviously) Go to settings - About Phone - Build no - tap 7 times continuously to enable developer option. After Developer Option Enabled -Go to -Settings- Developer Options- toggle OEM UNLOCK to on Install Adb and fastboot driver first here - (by...
  4. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread How to port & flash marshmallow rom to nougat base

    I want to port and flash a marshmallow rom (spreadtrum sc9832a) to nougat base rom (same spec and kernel version). the nogat rom has no downgradable firmware of marshmallow base . so i have just take system.img of mm rom and boot.img of nougat rom and flashed it on twrp but it does not...
  5. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread How to fix bugs in ported rom (spd sc9832a)

    In this tutorial we will learn how to fix those bugs arise in ported roms .I will cover only main bugs CAMERA BUG There are many guides available over internet even on xda but there is still that issue faces by many guys. So now lets start to debug those bugs. first of all replace this file...
  6. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread 360 UI OS for micromax bharat 2 [INFECTED]

    Custom Stock Rom For Micromax Q402 Plus This Rom Can Easily Ported For Other Device Having Sc9832a SoC & Running Android Nougat OS Cautions *Read the ROM installation instructions correctly *Press the 'Thank you' button instead of saying it will keep me motivated to do more Here is the...
  7. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread IDOS ROM BUG FREE For SC9832a MMX Q402+ (CG SKY)

    Custom Stock Rom For Micromax Q402 Plus Cautions *Read the ROM installation instructions correctly *Press the 'Thank you' button instead of saying it will keep me motivated to do more Here is the following Feature of this Rom Requirements Unlocked Bootloader...
  8. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread [help] please

    i am trying to compile this kernel source https://github.com/jedld/kernel_9832_7.git I am getting this error my system linux mint 19.1 cinnamon AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4 kernel 4.15.0-46 genric ram 8gb Looks my system has problem because i had compiled samsung j3 pro...
  9. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread bootloop on kernel build from source

    I am new in kernel developing and i started learning development by compiling kernel from source for samsung j3 pro (2016). I downloaded its kernel source (J320F / LL swa INS ) from samsung opensource site And gcc toolchain arm-eabi 4.8. I followed available guide on net step by step for...
  10. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread [Q]How to cross port roms b/w spreadtrum devices ???

    How to cross port roms for spreadtrum device How to cross port roms b/w following cpu based devices SC9850ka TO SC9832a SAME SDK android 7.0(advan i55d to mmx Q402Plus) I have ported roms only for SC9832A TO SC9832A SAME SDK 24,same GPU devices(infocus a2,evercross m50 star, ivoomi a1 to...
  11. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread Custom stock rom for micromax q402 plus sc9832a

    Custom Stock ROM Ported From InFocus A2 To Micromax Q402Plus Features Cool UI Theme Supported Deodex ROM Heavely Debloated Requirements Unlocked Bootloader https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/bootloader-unlock-root-twrp-mmx-q402-t3918122 Patched Boot (for dm-verity...
  12. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread Custom Stock Rom For sc9832a Devices (MMX Q402+)

    Custom Rom Ported From IvooMI Me 1 For Micromax Bharat 2 Features lightweight Heavely Debloated Prerooted Busybox Installed su.d support Deodexed Requirements Unlock Your Bootloader First https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/bootloader-unlock-root-twrp-mmx-q402-t3918122 Patch...
  13. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread How to port boot.img For SPD SC9832a Device(MMX Q402+)

    IN THIS GUIDE WE WILL LEARN HOW TO PORT BOOT IMG FOR SC9832A DEVICES CAUTIONS- Read instructions carefully before proceeding. I am not responsible for any damage to your device, Use at your own Risk FOR OTHERS GUIDES LIKE Unlocking Bootloader...
  14. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread [solved}Please help on removing this message from ui

    II recently ported a Custom Stock ROM for my device Micromax Q402 Plus (as base Rom) from Evercross M50 STAR (as Port Rom). I successfully booted this rom and configure it but after a message come up "Not verified illegal Version". I want to remove this annoyed message from my system UI. what is...
  15. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread Bootloader unlock, root and twrp for mmx q402+ sc9832a

    HERE I WILL TELL YOU HOW TO UNLOCK BOOTLOADER, ROOT AND INSTALL TWRP Requirements - adb and fastboot tool- https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979 twrp img - https://mega.nz/file/2pg0UILD#GnZxf1BWIWqcndAslCce8ksEjHFozJKjQgsOwHFbOJA First enable OEM unlock option in...
  16. Fire _Phoenix

    Thread PORT ROM for micromax q402 plus (cg sky)

    CUSTOM ROM FOR MICROMAX Q402 PLUS Hey guys today i am presenting you to custom ROM for Micromax q402+ (cg sky) This ROM is Specially made for Micromax Bharat 2 device, which is distributed by chhattisgarh govt to people of cg. and came with an subcidy lock app.Due to this app no consumer can...