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  1. erpurohit

    Thread Apps Force Close after Titanium Batch Restore

    hi Guys, I know this is not a developer thread. however posting this over here so everyone can get help from this. I always keep flashing ROMs and that too I always do a clean install of roms. However, sometimes after installing rom I do restore of my user apps with data using Titanium backup...
  2. erpurohit

    Thread Suave v1 [updated 6 Oct 2014] [Downloads 300+]

    XDA:DevDB Information Suave Theme, Theme for the Samsung Galaxy Note II Contributors erpurohit Version Information Status: Stable Current Stable Version: v1 Stable Release Date: 2014-10-06 Created 2014-10-06 Last Updated 2014-10-07
  3. erpurohit

    Thread AirCommand Theme

    hi guys, After a very long time, I have started themeing once again and just did a very basic theme on aircommand. Hope you like it. Screenshot attached. Link to download theme:- http://d-h.st/DZ8 Rom tested:- wesam.othman v6 cheers, erpurohit
  4. erpurohit

    Thread Knox warranty, reading the IMEI number

    hi Guys, I have seen somewhere that the we can find if the knox warranty status through programmatically and also any guide which can show how to read and understand the IMEI code. Or if you can guide me to any source will be great help. Thanks.
  5. erpurohit

    Thread Sometimes things are just out of our control

    I am going to be a lot and lot busy in my real life so I wont be having time to do stuff on xda as I was doing in past. I am also not sure for how many days/months I will be away from xda. Once I am again free then surely will come back and will provide you guys the same quaulity/unique stuffs...
  6. erpurohit

    Thread Droid Invanders's Mods

    All of Droid Invanders's Mods in one place S4 Notification Drawer RichSiya Addon [S3 Style] Vertical CRT-OFF animation Transparent Statusbar JB 4.2.2 Center Clock Transparent App Drawer [Trebuchet.apk] Boot Animations Randomizer 'S' - Style Lockscreen TWRP Theme (Mackay Kernel) SIII...
  7. erpurohit

    Thread [SCRIPT] Boot Animations Randomizer

    Droid Invander's Present Boot Animations Randomizer Introduction Here's a repackage of djmcnz Random Boot Animation script. All credits goes to him. I only like the concept and thought of sharing this with my Galaxy S users What it Does This will have you different boot animation on each...
  8. erpurohit

    Thread [MOD] SIII Style Notification Drawer

    Presents Information This will transform your regular notification power widgets into SIII style notification power widgets. How to Install 1. Download the version for your rom from 2 or 3 post 2. Reboot it in recovery 3. Flash it in recovery 4. Reboot and Enjoy Make sure which version and...
  9. erpurohit

    Thread [I9000] TWRP Theme (Mackay Kernel) updated 25 Jun 2013

    TWRP Theme !!! READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, THESE ZIP ARE NOT MEANT TO FLASH FROM RECOVERY !!! Here is the first TWRP theme for Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) [CENTER] If I have missed anyone, pm me and i will update the thread. If you have created any theme and want it to be a part of this...
  10. erpurohit

    Thread Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Samsung Galaxy S I9000 This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only post in this...
  11. erpurohit

    Thread [I9000][CM 10.1] Tip using notification bar

    Hi guys, Not sure...if this is been discussed earlier or not....or if this is a common feature across all the roms...however just wanted share.... When we pull down the notification bar....you can get both power widgets or quick setting panel.....as : 1. If you pull the bar by putting your...
  12. erpurohit

    Thread [All Roms] 'S' Lockscreen

    'S' - Style Lockscreen I have seen lots of request to have a flashable zip which can get the 's' style lockscreen of the rom they are using. So here is the flashable zip for all of you. It will work on all roms. Installation:- Download the zip and flash through recovery. Download:-...
  13. erpurohit

    Thread Wallpapers / Backgrounds Collections

    We all love to have high quality wallpapers for lovely SGS, so I though how about a thread where we can share any wallpaper which we came across here and there. If anyone wants to contribute in this collection, feel free to send me a pm with the link to your wallpaper and if its really looks...
  14. erpurohit

    Thread [JB][SIII Addon] RichSiya v3 (14 Apr 2013) **** Big changes*****

    This adddon will transform your normal looking rom in awesome S3 look. Download and changelog in second post Screenshots follows in third post Note:- This addon may remove all ringtones from system and add new ones over there so dont forget to reset your phone ringtone, alarm ringtone...
  15. erpurohit

    Thread [Guide] Auto removal for boaltware apps which you don’t use w/o using any script

    I know the guide should go in general section however I have added in this section as I thought this way it will reach to a lots of users might help them. Just my thought. So here are the steps which you need to do it once (I will mention Titanium Backup as TB):- 1. Open TB and goto...
  16. erpurohit

    Thread [I9000/1][KK 4.4.2][SIII Addon] RichSiya v3.2 (13 Feb 2014)

    This adddon will transform your normal looking rom in awesome S3 look. Download and changelog in second post Screenshots follows in third post Special thanks (helping me in testing) rodman01 Thanks:- smalldookie - who allowed me to use his work and re-post as a new thread. Do visit his...
  17. erpurohit

    Thread [MOD][JB][All Roms] RomBooster v1.0

    I will add first 2 users in thanks section who test this and provide feedback. Introduction:- After creatng few mods for Remics and Xbean users I thought there should be something which can improve your performance/battery so after looking on lots of threads in xda and searching all over...
  18. erpurohit

    Thread [Guide] Tips on saving battery + smooth + faster ROM

    After being on custom roms around 2 years and flashing of roms more than hundreds of time I am sharing my experience on saving battery / smoothness / faster rom so if you dont agree or have any issue give me a PM and if I like your suggestion then will include in the OP with proper credits...
  19. erpurohit

    Thread [APP] Gmail 4.2 unreleased version

    Hi... The test version on next Gmail 4.2 is out and here is the way how you can get in on your phone? 1. Open TB (Titanium Backup) 2. Take backup of Gmail app then uninstall it from TB itself 3. Reboot in recovery 4. Flash the zip (http://d-h.st/1C9) 5. Reboot and enjoy p.s. - Its running...
  20. erpurohit

    Thread [MOD] 1% battery Remics-JB(3.0)

    These will change the battery icon... Charging Animation hAGa6udqi4Q
  21. erpurohit

    Thread [Theme] [CM10] RichSiya v2 (2 Oct 2012)

    Information:- This theme is not like based on anything like iphone, S3, ICS, GB, MIUI, etc. I have created this for my personal use and its current the very basic version where I have only changed few icons/colours in Jellybean browser but I am going to have fully themed the cm10 like system...
  22. erpurohit

    Thread [Q] Poll over thread

    I created a Poll on one of my thread and now I want to close it. any ideas.
  23. erpurohit

    Thread %1 Battery MOD

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The zips below are for Remics-JB v3.0.1...
  24. erpurohit

    Thread WiFi Strength on Jelly Bean (4.1.1)

    We are facing the connectivity/strength issue on Jelly Bean compared to ICS and GB. The WiFi gets disconnected a lots of time and which wasn't happening on the previous versions. I somehow solved this problem a bit (not 100%) however I am not sure is that just for me or will it help others...
  25. erpurohit

    Thread Modems Review for India (i9003)

    Hi i9003 fans. I have started a thread on discussing the network/modem reviews in India for i9000 phones. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1744277 However I wanted it should include different galaxy phones details also. If any one of you can help me getting this extended to...
  26. erpurohit

    Thread Modems Review for India

    Hi I9100 fans. I have started a thread on discussing the network/modem reviews in India for I9000 phones. Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1744277 However I wanted it should include different galaxy phones details also. If any one of you can help me getting this...
  27. erpurohit

    Thread Modems Review (I9000)

    Hi, I have started this thread as I haven't seen any discussion forum which gives us a review on the modems being used in India. I have tested quite a lots of modems and here are my reviews on each of them. 1. JW4 - battery life was good, lots of drops in network 2. KB3 - battery was draining...
  28. erpurohit

    Thread Recording app

    Hi guys can someone provide me the name of link for app which can record my phone screen. Something using which i can record each activity i do on my phone. -----Sent using RemICS-i9000-----
  29. erpurohit

    Thread Hindi Font

    Hi all, I want to view Hindi as well as English font on my galaxy i9000. Can someone help me. Currently i am only able to see blanks wherever there are words written in Hindi. I am currently running slim ics 3.2 with midnight kernel. Thanks. Sent from my GT-I9000