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    Thread Just flashed Lollipop - No exchange email??

    So it looks like Google has merged the "Email" app and gmail together to handle Exchange emails... Is there anyway to get the Android 4.4.4 Email client to run on 5.1? I prefer having 2 separate apps with different ringtones to notify me of what email I receive. I have tried Nine, but it's...
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    Thread Downgrade 5.0 to 4.4.4 and KEEP DATA

    So I updated to 5.0 lollipop via ADB flash a couple days ago, and I realized that without xposed + root, I really cannot stand this phone... I need the simplicity that xposed gives me to make using my phone much easier. So now, I want to downgrade back to 4.4.4 KitKat. Has anyone here tried...
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    Thread Need an app to hide root access

    So I used to use Root Cloak with xposed on android 4.4.4 because I use an application that will only allow access if the device isnt rooted (its a company device). I upgraded to android 5.0 and root cloak isnt working anymore because xposed isnt supported. Does anyone know a way around this or...
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    Thread [Q] Having trouble flashing 5.0

    So I am running 4.4.4 and want to flash 5.0. I had xposed installed, but I uninstalled it to try the update. The only system files I changed was the "Volume Boost", which I also reverted back to stock for the update. Once I boot into my custom recovery (TWRP) and try to flash the 5.0 update, it...
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    Thread Bugs after xposed?

    So I got my nexus 5 this week and rooted and installed xposed framework. I have a handful of modules running and have noticed bugs. I'm not sure if it's because of using xposed or if it is just stock android bugs.. 1) randomly there will be a new blank home screen created 2) Sometimes volume...
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    Thread Rooting my nexus 5 (questions)

    So I am waiting for my nexus 5 to arrive (hopefully by end of this week or early next week) and I am pretty sure I want to root it. Coming from a rooted s3, there are just way too many advantages of Rooting that I cannot give up. So I have a few questions: 1) how easy it is to relock the...
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    Thread Upgrade to 10.2 nightly but keep apps?

    So I am currently running cm10.1.3 stable and want to upgrade to a nightly of 10.2. I know the best way to do this is to wipe all data and flash the new Rom. However I was wondering if I will be able to restore all my system settings and app data without much hassle. Sent from my Galaxy S3 on...
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    Thread Running CM10.1.3, want to flash CM10.2 Nightly?

    So, I have been running 10.1.3 for a while, and now that 4.4 is out, I want to flash a 10.2 nightly (4.3) so I am not too far behind. However, When I try the usual way of updating the ROM through the CM Updater, my google apps dont work... (like play store, messaging, dialer, etc.). I will be...
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    Thread [APP][2.3+][Free] My Grades - Easy Grade Management

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nicholasjparis.mygrades This app has functionality for anyone, anywhere in the world! The results are simply presented in a percentage format where the user is then able to convert to their own appropriate GPA system if required. Features...
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    Thread [APP] Gas Cost Calculator

    A very simple, intuitive, and easy to use calculator to calculate how much money you spend on gas/fuel for a trip. -Support for both metric and imperial systems -Options to enter manual MPG or default MPG (default = less accurate) -Simple layout Available on Google Play Store...
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    Thread Disable physical power button

    Is there anyway to disable my physical power button? It is a faulty button which causes the phone to go into random boot loops so I avoid using it all together now and was wondering of there is anyway to disable it. Sent from my Galaxy S3 on CM10.1 using XDA App
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    Thread Flashed new camera, now it freezes!

    So, I flashed the new camera that was released for android 4.3 on my S3.. it worked fine, so I used titanium backup to uninstall the other camera on my CM10.1.2 rom. Anyways, now I notice that I get alot of "cannot connect to camera" errors when I try to launch the app, and sometimes when it...
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    Thread Vonage mobile on cm10.1?

    Has anyone been able to make free calls to landlines or cellphones using Vonage app on cm10.1? I am currently on nightly June 3rd but every time I try to make a call it fails and sometimes causes a system reboot.. It works fine on my sisters stock nexus 4. EDIT .. Seems like fongo also doesn't...
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    Thread CM10.1 Flashing an update?

    Hi, I currently have an S3 running CM10.1.0-RC2-d2att Apparently there is a known issue with battery draining fairly quickly on this release. Is there anything I can do to fix this other than flashing a nightly (as I don't really know how stable those releases are)? Any tips is greatly...
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    Thread Flashing a new ROM but keeping the old one too

    Hey, So I currently have Android 2.3.3 RCMix S v2.0 A2SD CM7 HBoot on my HTC Desire... And i really want to try out the ICS roms. Is there anyway to keep my current rom and try out ICS and go back to the old one if I dont like ICS? The main thing is I have tons of apps installed and I just dont...
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    Thread [Q] Google Voice - Canada?

    Is there anyway you can use gmail calling in Canada on an android device? if not, is there alternative apps that let you call phones for free in Canada?
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    Thread Rooted, Flashed... but issues..

    So, ive rooted my phone, and put on the latest RCMix rom. All is great, minor bugs, BUT, i only have about 15mb free! I can't install ANY apps cause there isnt enough room :S what could be the issue? how can I fix it? Are there any better roms with sense 2.1/3.0(lockscreen) + android 2.3.x...
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    Thread [Q] Is this normal? (RCMixS ROM)

    Hey, So over last weekend I installed the RCMixS rom, and it works good, for the most part. I experience the following bugs first of all: -Random restarts -Randomly deletes alarms -Lockscreen screws up sometimes (GO SMS Pro icon doesnt show sometimes) -HTC Flipclock does always shows old time...
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    Thread [Q] Ready to root, but question!

    I am ready to root my HTC Desire v2.2 (TELUS)! But I have a few questions... 1) if i root, can I go back to the original telus v2.2 with htc sense? 2) when telus releases v2.3, can I upgrade from a rooted phone? Thanks!