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  1. J

    Post Aokp offcial its coming :):):):)

    Nightlies?? Saw someone ask about it a few pages back... y00t00bs and usb mounting are fixed! Yay! http://rootzwiki.com/topic/25528-rom5132012kangkong-51312-unofficial-cm9-nightly/
  2. J

    Post [REQ]trebuchet launcher for gingerbread

    I saw somewhere that a port was coming... ill see if I can find a link
  3. J

    Post ICS progress for the samsung SGS2 LTE

    ICS? Anyone working on a vanilla ICS port to the tmo SGS II? *Never mind. Thread in the Q&A section about it. Sorry guys.
  4. J

    Post [DEV][ROM] ICS Port {13/11/2011} | Beta 12 | Sources Out Now

    N00b question; is beta 4 working on the ns4g?
  5. J

    Post Thread Closed Please Delete Mods....

    oof. I remember asking that question. And to answer, I have a few of my own: are you rooted? have you flashed/dl'd cwm yet?
  6. J

    Thread G2x wallpaperzzz?

    Hey. I'm a vibrant owner wondering if anyone could pull n' post G2x stock wallpapers? Such as this one: http://tftscdn.nexus404.com/Blog/wp-content/uploads2/2011/03/t-mobile-g2x-480.jpg Thanks
  7. J

    Post [Q] Anybody Running HTC Sense ROM?

    Hey! Sense is not impossible, but you're probably not going to see it for a looong time if it does ever happen. HTC's software mantra is "lock-and key"-- only HTC branded phones have the correct permissions/drivers/guts in general to flash Sense ROMs. I've been waiting for one on the Vibrant...
  8. J

    Post [ROM] Vibrant AOSP ish JK2 1.1 Official FROYO (Working GPS, WiFi Calling) *11/9/2010*

    did you try his twitter? He updates it pretty regularly http://twitter.com/#!/Eugene_373 *Edit* oh.... thought this was Eugene's original ROM. Just noticed that this is anderdroid's. suhweet. Guess good ol eugene isn't the man your looking for then haha sorry. Overexcited.
  9. J

    Post (Rom)[GSDT]{FROYO 2.2} AOSP Vanilla~Version 3.0-UPDATED 4/27/2011

    On a nit-picky note: the rounded top edges, white-on-white clock numbers, non-aosp camera/browser icon and transparent notifications menu in this build make it feel a bit disjointed. Not really any kind of big deal at all whatsoever: your work seriously takes the best advantage of vibrant...
  10. J

    Post (Rom)[GSDT]{FROYO 2.2} AOSP Vanilla~Version 3.0-UPDATED 4/27/2011

    Round of uproarious applause on smooth vanilla... we're talking G2X comparable speeds...fantastic work. If you can make Eugenes old vanilla froyo ROM run THIS fast and THIS smooth, you will have made all of my dreams come true.
  11. J

    Post [ROM] Vibrant AOSP ish JK2 1.1 Official FROYO (Working GPS, WiFi Calling) *11/9/2010*

    as in all the aesthetic details the same...?? plz leave this ROM as is visually. I've been a fan since its release. Unless there are ways to make it even more vanilla haha. The more vanilla and pure-untouched-googly it looks the better :]
  12. J

    Post HTC Sense on Google Nexus One!

    It's not really fit for mortals' daily use yet, but there is a ROM from the Desire S being worked on right now (as in, gingerbread-sense, tchyeah!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=995445
  13. J

    Post HTC Sense on Google Nexus One!

    evil's NXsense ROM is pretty sweet. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=791151 It's a really stable port from the desire HD with all the latest bells and whistles (i.e, flipping clock, themes and whatnot) steps to instal are as follows: 1.) use AmonRa recovery to repartition...
  14. J

    Post [Rom][Update4]Android Stock 2.3.3 From 2.4 sys dump+googles OTA GRI40 posted :)

    Which is the most recent release? V3? or that first link at the top? sorry for the noobish question.
  15. J

    Post Honeycomb?

    The LG gslate is releasing at the end of next month for T-Mobile. The vanilla, honeycomb enhanced tablet iteration of it's "G" line of devices. Which will likely be superior to/better priced than the xoom
  16. J

    Post [ROM] GRI40 (2.3.3) system dump + unmodified stock ROM + rooted ROM, etc.

    Forgot to wipe: wiping and trying again :/ Edit: Nm, jumped ship to rooted version :]
  17. J

    Post [ROM] GRI40 (2.3.3) system dump + unmodified stock ROM + rooted ROM, etc.

    Umm... home button doesn't work... and I don't have the android market...? Help...?
  18. J

    Post Root Nexus One on a Mac/Linux/Windows

    Great! Love it!
  19. J

    Post [Q] PLEASE HELP! Clockworkmod broken?!

    Yup. Problem solved :] flashed Amon-Ra via Fastboot. Coming from a vibrant which features the luxury of odin and wonderful Clockworkmod support. Thanks for the help, was geeking out for a while without odin at my disposal. Never had to partition sd in my life haha. Learning a lot.
  20. J

    Post [ROM] eViL's NXSense HD v.1.1 BETA - Official Desire HD Port [01/24/11]

    Can someone post a noobish guide to installing the latest version of this ROM..?? I just can't seem to get it right haha
  21. J

    Thread [Q] PLEASE HELP! Clockworkmod broken?!

    Tried flashing a 2.2 Sense ROM in clockworkmod 3.0. Did not work, I was told to flash an older version of clockwork-mod. flashed the ROM, all was going well until the unthinkable happened. I now get this system error: E:Board does not support mtd utils.E:Failure at line 388 write_raw_image...
  22. J

    Thread [Q] [REQ] froyo/honeycomb theme?

    Just wondering if anyone had the time/desire to whip out a quick aosp froyo theme? (Notifications bar, lockscreen, icons)? Running eugenes gingerclone right now. No desire to run his aospish rom again. Love this rom and its speed. And now that I think about it, I remember engadget ran a story...
  23. J

    Post anyone know how is cm7 for galaxy s going?

    I'm really excited for this release too, man :]
  24. J

    Post [Q] "Insanity" ROM?

    Thanks. Edited to account for my scatterbrainedness.
  25. J

    Thread [Q] "Insanity" ROM?

    Okay, does anyone know what was up with that Einherjar dev team ROM that was supposed to come out a few days back called "insanity"? I saw that a mod closed the thread because it was an announcement not a post. But then they never got around to actually posting the ROM. I heard murmurs of a...
  26. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    From Barak's twitter: "@captainfreshh Nice phone once you get the right rom on it" Hope he's referring to the vibrant. Hope he's referring to Sense UI running on Vibrant
  27. J

    Post [REQUEST] Sense ROM for Vibrant

    It's coming. http://eb-productions.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=samsungsgs&action=display&thread=205 www.twitter.com/barakinflorida
  28. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    I bugged him about it on his twitter, he says he won't make any promises in that regard. He said, however, that he wants to make it happen just as much as we do. Wise words, if you ask me.
  29. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    Am a designer w/o coding experience honestly looking to develop user interfaces that revolutionize the way we interact with our phones. Teach me your ways.
  30. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    Don't give up!!!!! :[[[ keep this thread alaaaahve. Hows the progress going? Anything we could test? I want to help any way I can, as long as it doesn't involve being patient :D
  31. J

    Post Backplates!!! UPDATE **1/14/2011** (Hardware development)

    Yeah, same with mine! Goes double for all over-clock aficionados. Will make sure theres some kind of heat conduction control if we go totally metal (which we most likely won't) Good catch, thanks for the input! :D
  32. J

    Thread Vibrant owners up in arms; you should be too! :D

    Some guy is filing a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile and Samsung for being so dumb about customer service in regards to Galaxy S owners. Anyone on Big Blue as obsessed as we are? Could use some support. Expert and hobbyist whiners alike should follow the link below to check out this...
  33. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    Any idea when it will be ready? :] (This is an excited post, not a pushy post. I feel like a wide-eyed kid at Christmas who peeked at his presents)
  34. J

    Post Backplates!!! UPDATE **1/14/2011** (Hardware development)

    Great Feedback! That goes for everyone-- thanks for talking. Keep it up.
  35. J

    Post [ROM] KA5, build date 2011.01.11

    Uh oh. Don't like the sound of this. Can you get back into clockworkmod?
  36. J

    Post Backplates!!! UPDATE **1/14/2011** (Hardware development)

    Soft touch rubber accents, such as those found on the HTC Desire or HTC Droid Eris seem to be a logical solution, and would absorb impact much better than plastic :D
  37. J

    Post Backplates!!! UPDATE **1/14/2011** (Hardware development)

    Been looking into this issue, and it seems the only big gripe was with Macbook pro aluminum unibodies detracting from wi-fi signal reception. These problems were inconsistent at best, and were supposedly few and far between. I know that wrapping a phone in aluminum foil will make for a no...
  38. J

    Thread Backplates!!! UPDATE **1/14/2011** (Hardware development)

    Attention all Vibrant owners who are sick and tired of the flimsy plasticity of their phone! ***UPDATE 1/12/2011*** We have taken your ideas into consideration and have decided that the following features WILL make it into the final model (these are subject to change) -brushed aluminum...
  39. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    I'm soooooo excited!!! Been waiting since release for this!!!!!!!! How many features away are we from a daily-drivin' sense ROM?
  40. J

    Post [Port][ROM]Gone TeamGalaxySense Htc Sense Port...READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!!

    This makes my face smile :] I'm so stoked for sense. Thanks devs for your completely selfless, unpaid dedication.
  41. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    Motherff--!! Still no RC3. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow :/
  42. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    HAHAHAHAHAHA hope this facilitates another outburst :]
  43. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    Dude, jumaaneface, I just realized that it was you!!! If you don't remember, you helped me flash my first ROM! Congrats on contributing to a truly awesome ROM. Also, yes, Go Launcher please :]
  44. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    I'm hoping we'll know soon for ourselves. The current iteration is a 3D app drawer, however.
  45. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    It's not a long book-- there's only one chapter titled, "How to become a tweeker to pass the excruciating hours between now and the inevitable release of one's desired custom ROM".
  46. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    Dude, PM me: I wrote that book when RC3 was announced and can mail you a free copy.
  47. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    What is this? Can someone post a link?
  48. J

    Post [ROM] M9 Clone - M11 coming soon

    Is the M9 Google Search bar coming to this ROM? just curious :] http://www.chinitech.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/M9_retina_chinitech-450x675.jpg