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  1. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread XDA Redesigned for 2020+

    I know ETAs are heavily looked down upon, but I am extremely excited to see and feel the new version of XDA Forums but geared for the future. Don't like the suggested XDA 2020 name, as 2020 hasn't been a good year for us. Here are some suggestions... - XDA X2 - XDA 20 - XDA X20 - XDA 20 Pro Max...
  2. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Does dex work on custom rom?

    Main question: Does Samsung Dex work on custom ROMs. If it doesn't, Does Samsung Dex work on a rooted Samsung phone with Knox failed?
  3. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread S20 vs S20 FE 4/5G Rootability

    Hey! I heard that some S20 models (even snapdragon ones) are bootloader unlockable ones. However, it seems like it's only the USA Snapdragon S20 models that can't... If it is applied to the S20 FE, does that mean every S20 FE model (exynos/sd) outside of the USA that is not locked to a carrier...
  4. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread About TWRP, Magisk and Custom ROMs

    Do you think any of these 3 will come to the S20 FE, if so which one? I assume TWRP/Magisk and maybe custom ROMs might make it to the Exynos 990 variant, but will it come to the SD 865 version too?
  5. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread What can I do with my SM-T819Y

    Hey! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it's on the latest untouched firmware, however, I haven't found a thread with exactly SM-T819Y. Can someone tell me what exactly can I do with it TWRP and ROM wise and how the bootloader situation is? I've recently rooted/custom rommed my Redmi Note 8...
  6. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Android IR Remote Apps..

    For the longest time I've wanted to leave Mi Remote, but no app compares in terms of design or amount of IR remotes available, what apps would you guys suggest?
  7. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Does Xiaomi Tool V2 work on the RN8Pro?

    Information on it here I've seen this pop up quite a few times, but does it really work and what does work? Thanks guys.
  8. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Downgrading through MacOS Catalina - Error

    I downloaded the correct files and put them all into one folder. I did the correct methods, however, flash_all.sh wouldn't work. The error goes along these lines... Missmatching image or device. So it wouldn't downgrade. I am on 11.0.5 QGGMIXM MIUI 11 and have tried going down to both 11.0.2...
  9. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Redmi Note 8 Pro Charging Test

    Hey, I've been charging my RN8Pro with many different types of chargers, here are my findings. If you have your own, please comment them down below and I'll do my best to update this. Full Fast Charging (⚡⚡ in top right • 18W) Official Wall + Off. Cable Blitzwolf QC.3 Car Charger + Off...
  10. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Bootloader Unlocked!

    hey, have been off XDA for a long time, forgot to delete this post.
  11. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread My Mate 10 Pro not charging

    Hi, TL;DR my phone is dead, my phone isn't charging, here is a little bit of detail since it's last charge. 1. B% 39 - Charged mine a bit to 39%, this was in the morning. 2. B% 33 - Attempted to connect it to an external display. Didn't even recognise it, it works as my laptop is receiving...
  12. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Emui 9.1 Current Pros and Cons

    Hi, I have an overseas M10Pro and I am desperately trying to get EMUI 9.1. I want to know your opinion on how stable the update is and if I should continue trying to get it. I've heard different sides like issues with third party launchers but I've also heard about smoothness improvements...
  13. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Better software update plans

    I have an SG Huawei phone and I live in Australia. No update for me and they need to fix future issues like this.