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    Thread Oneplus 8 pro touch latency is bad for gaming

    Hello everyone. I have converted from Rog Phone 2 to Oneplus 8 Pro as the bottom port of my rog phone 2 got damaged and was giving hot temperature warning all the time. My model is IN2020. I am a gamer and I have noticed that as compared to rog phone 2 the touch is slow as I do not think it to...
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    Thread Best Aosp kernel

    Hello everyone. I am currently on RR 709 build. I play pubg a lot and it lags and phone heats up while playing pubg only otherwise its temperature is normal in other usage. Suggest me best AOSP kernel which can resolve heating issue as I play and charge at the same time. When it heats up, game...
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    Thread How to flash vendor via odin

    Hello. I am on rr 1101 build. For camera to work i need bre5 vendor image. I downloaded from afh in .tar. Kindly guide me to flash it via odin. I have tried flashing flashable twrp zip of soldier but no success.
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    Thread What have I done to my phone

    I tried to root my phone and forgot to flash Samsung anti root zip. When I was setting up my device, I got error "only official binaries are allowed to be installed " and so i flashed stock rom. Now camera app is not showing 4k UHD rear video option and is stuck at FHD. When I enable oem unlock...
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    Thread Device is on July security patch and not updating

    Hi Everyone, I bought s9+ today which is on July security patch. When I check for updates, it says latest update already installed. Can u guys tell me which is latest firmware and security patch.
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    Thread advice needed for swapping Pixel 2 XL with LG V30

    Hello Everyone. I would like some input from V30 users as I intend to swap my Pixel 2 XL with V30. Reasons of swapping Pixel 2 XL. No headphone jack. Bluetooth earphones very expensive. (The one Having no sound delay in pubg mobile). Charging time. Reaons for switching to V30. Headphone jack...
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    Thread I would like to know Carrier of my device and I have other questions too

    Hello. I would like to know Carrier of my device plus stock rom link. I also have further questions. 1. Can I install other carriers rom (sprint on US Cellular). 2. If I install custom and and soft brick my device. What are the chances of recovering it to stock rom compared to Pixel 2 XL (I use...
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    Thread z2 force US Cellular bootloader unlock

    I want to know if bootloader of z2 force us cellular could be unlocked ?/Or Can it be rooted ? Is there any custom rom available to install on this carrier ? I want to know before I buy this model...
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    Thread System update paused "waiting for wifi"

    I just received January security patch and i am connected to wifi (hotspot of another mobile). When I press check for update, the update is paused with error "waiting for wifi". Solution anyone? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Thread Custom Rom suggestion+guide to flash it

    Hi, I am on stock rom (AQH3) and want to flash custom rom. I would like suggestions from guys who have tested different roms. Which rom is better? And in what way? I would appreciate guide for flashing as I am noob [emoji847] and have never rooted device before. Thanks. Sent from my...
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    Thread Adb bootloader command turns off device

    I am trying to unlock the bootloader of my moto z xt1650-03, adb seems to find it, but issuing the" adb reboot bootloader" command simply turns the device off instead of opening the bootloader. Fastboot does not recognize the device if I manually put it in bootloader by key combination. USB...
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    Thread Nexus 6 giving error during update installation

    I got rid of moto turbo for no updates and bought nexus 6 and when I check for updates there is an update of 23.3 mb which gives error during installation. Android 5.1.1 Build LMY48M. It says device is unlocked in boot options but its not rooted as I checked it using rootchecker app. There is an...
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    Thread Moto turbo xt1225 latest firmware issue

    Hello. I think my phone is not updated to the latest firmware version shown on Motorola's website i.e 22.34.16. My mobile's build version is 22.34.11 and when I check for updates it says it is up to date. Any idea on the issue ? Sent from my XT1225 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Glass protector for moto turbo xt1225

    Hello. I have Moto Turbo xt1225. Which mobile's model would best fit moto turbo screen size 5.2 in . I have tried g2 but it is not good enough as it does not attach to screen around edges. Any suggestions ? Note: Moto turbo's glass protector is not available in my area. Sent from my XT1225...