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  1. nqnguyen2

    Thread last minute meeting application

    I've attempted to search with no results if an application like in the title exists. So, please forgive me if this has been posted before. Ever had a bunch of people that weren't sure if they wanted to execute a meeting/plan/function unless someone else was in on it? Sometimes I've had a vital...
  2. nqnguyen2

    Thread Reminders set off twice

    Hi, i've tried searching for this issue a long time ago but it's becoming a nuisance especially while driving on the freeway. Situation: I'll set a reminder for 12pm with a 10 minute reminder which should remind me at 11:50am. The reminder sets off at 11:50am and i'll dismiss it. Then at 12pm...
  3. nqnguyen2

    Thread wrong caller ID

    Did a quick search and didn't find anything. I've been having problems with my caller ID function. Case 1: a call from a non contact/sim number came in which should only show their phone number. Instead, it showed up as my previous caller (best friend) so i picked up and found that the caller...
  4. nqnguyen2

    Thread contacts management problems

    hello, i'm confused as how to update a contact's phone number. i'd mainly like to update in both contacts and sim card. for example, John Smith changed his phone number and kept his email the same. i wish to update in the sim as well as automatically update in the contacts without manually going...