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  1. ndwgs

    Thread [Q] Has anybody tried going into a AOSP ROM (ex. SlimRoms) coming from the NC2 Bootlo

    Just like what the OP says, I would like to know if that was possible. I've seen answers but no defined "yes" or "no". To clear the 'onesy twosy' answers, bring that on a centralized thread/area. Thanks
  2. ndwgs

    Thread [Q] Is there a working program to deodex this tablet?

    I'd like to know how to properly deodex the US Version of Model SGP311U1 Firmware. 370 Sent from my SGP311 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  3. ndwgs

    Thread [Q] TMobile S3 working on AT&T HSPA+?

    Question: I'm getting mixed reports all over the blogs/forums/irc about the TMobile SGS3 isn't working as what it was first reported it to be. I haven't seen that yet, or even posted, here on xda... So, has anyone tried to have a TMo S3 with a AT&T sim? I use both TMo Straight Talk and AT&T...
  4. ndwgs

    Thread Has Anybody Tried Increasing the size of where the apps gets installed

    I just wondered, I'm not sure if this was ever brought up... Lately, some of my friends have been passing all of their old phones such as Nexus S, Nex4g, HTC HD2, and SGS4G. Well, I notice that the HTC HD2 and the Nexus S 4G can be partitioned or somehow manipulated that you can install...
  5. ndwgs

    Thread Is the Qualcomm chip on the new TMo SGS2 worth it than the Exynos siblings?

    Just as the question say: TMo SGS2 Qualcomm vs. SGS2 siblings (AT&T/Sprint) Exynos... Is it worth it? Found this on the other forum that I found interesting, and could be a debatable topic: I iz da XDA usah! Vibrant baby!
  6. ndwgs

    Thread Lets do the dance!! March madness baby!!

    LETS GO UNLV, LETS GO!!! Beat that ILLINI !!!!! Lets make GRANMAMA PROUD!!!! Goooooo REBELS!!!! Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA Premium App
  7. ndwgs

    Thread [Q] Referrals in the Statistics section of User CP?

    MODS PLEASE DELETE. I found the answer to another website :)
  8. ndwgs

    Thread Samsung Introducing Galaxy S 4G

    From Samsung's Website: Samsung had a news release of the new Vibrant 4G or the so called, Galaxy S 4G. In the news print, i've excerpt the synopsis of its specs: The news print can be found here. What do you guys think? I'm more interested on that 4G antenna modem, that 1650 mAh battery...
  9. ndwgs

    Thread Dual Core Successor?! S-Amoled (Plus??)

    Here we go again! Courtesy of Androidheadlines.com For the General Public reading... Enjoy! http://goo.gl/fb/knpjV
  10. ndwgs

    Thread Froyo 2.2.2 hits Nexus 1?

    "@androidcentral: Nexus One Android 2.2.2 update pushing out -- Build FRG83G http://bit.ly/gQaj1l" Dev's, there is a download link at that androidcentral site. Official leak from what I saw, or maybe? Check it out! Sent from my SGH-T959
  11. ndwgs

    Thread With so many OC/LF, ULF, etc., which is the best?

    Ok... With so many Kernels out there, and so many ROM's out there.... Which is the best (and STABLE) Kernels out there that works your lifestyle? Describe what ROM are you using (Bionix, Eugene, Anderdroid, etc) And what OC/LF or OC/UV or ULF of some sort are you using. Questions in mind...
  12. ndwgs

    Thread [Q] I've searched, no one asked: Should I root my Vibrant?

    Ok... No one has debated or have asked this question: Should I root my Vibrant? :confused: I'd like to actually see a debate whether or not rooting is better or stock is better. I know you have to root in order to do custom ROM, but what I'm trying to achieve on this thread is, the benefits...