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  1. Slovan_A3

    Thread Benefits of rooting the G Watch?

    Hi All, Off the cuff I just want apologise. I am unable to easily search from the mobile app and there is a lot to read through here. I recently got the G Watch as I was unable to get my hands on the R. It is all up to date and paired with my rooted LG G4 which has a locked bootloader. I just...
  2. Slovan_A3

    Thread Step count not accurate in LG Health

    Has anybody else noticed odd results with LG Health? I carry both my G4 and an S5 mini (work phone) in my pockets all day and always get a difference of at least 2000 steps less on the G4 at the end of the day. Some days the difference is much higher. On occasion I also carry my old S4 as well...
  3. Slovan_A3

    Thread [Q] 3G / Mobile data not functioning at all

    Hi All, I have been using this CM9 KANG since it first started from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461240 All has been fine until this morning when i couldn't connect to 3G. This has happened once or twice before, but a reboot fixed my connection problem...