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  1. nathanjp

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD] How to add custom banner in Settings "About Device"

    1. Download Settings Files.zip 2. Decompile your Settings.apk 3. Extract custombanner.xml of Settings Files.zip and place it in res/layout in decompiled Settings.apk 4. Open /res/xml/device_info_settings.xml You'll see several <Preference android:title tags 5.Add this just a line above the...
  2. nathanjp

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD] How to change settings background image on Jellybean 4.2.x

    This is how you can change all the system backgrounds plain colors (settings, contacts, etc) to an actual image instead of a color The how to: 1. Decompile the framework-res.apk using Android Multitool 2. navigate to the res>styles>styles.xml and with notepad++ locate <style name="Theme"> and...
  3. nathanjp

    Thread LiquidSmooth ROM for Qmobile Noir A8

    i am not responsible if you damage your phone in any way. This is your own desicion and if you make a mistake and blame me for it. I will laugh at you and i will laugh hard. Enjoy HERE ARE THE TWEAKS FOR THE ROM 60 fps full cpu/gpu utilization zipaligned all apks for better ram optimization...
  4. nathanjp

    Thread [Guide][Mod] How to change System Settings Background and Framework Background JB/ICS

    FOR ALL THOSE WHO WOLD LIKE TO THEME THEIR PHONE A BIT First download framework-res.apk from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?aaxgspj95aqj9nf 1. open the framework.apk with 7zip 2. Navigate to res/drawable-nodpi 3. Delete the file named background_holo_dark.png. it should be the very first one...