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  1. lavaclaw

    Thread [Q]New OTA update

    I am using the LS980 on GSM every thing was fine i got an OTA (190MB) when i rebooted to install ,twrp was there and every time i reboot it boots to recovery how to boot back to system?
  2. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM][KK][Jan 18] -=- CloudyG2 2.2 -=- [All Variants]

    daw41 thanks man for your reply.
  3. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM][KK][Jan 18] -=- CloudyG2 2.2 -=- [All Variants]

    I am usin LS980 on GSM which baseband should i choose?
  4. lavaclaw

    Post [Z1s / C6916] Possible to SIM unlock this phone without acquiring an unlock code?

    unlocking the Z1s c6916 I have the Z1s unlocked and it is very good phone but i did it using the unlock code , Though I didnt want to hold responsibility so i made my friend do the job . See if a local mobile services shop can unlock it for you BTW you have limited attempts so be careful after...
  5. lavaclaw

    Post Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones ! (1.5)

    I need AOSP ROM Is there any AOSP Rom for S930 or Cyanogenmod made for this phone but run on real ICS or jellybean Thanks.:confused:
  6. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM][NS4G][4.2.2] RemICS-UX JB v3.1 Build 2

    My baseband version is FC19 Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium ---------- Post added at 11:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 PM ---------- What are the benefits of swapping any way ? I only use Wi-Fi i don't live in USA . If i want to flash this rom should i swap first or it...
  7. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM][NS4G][4.2.2] RemICS-UX JB v3.1 Build 2

    What does it mean having ns4g modem ? Or do i need special way to install it iam currently on "PA 4.1.2" v2.57 Thanks :) Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
  8. lavaclaw

    Post [Q] TW Task manager on CM10?

    it is working Yes i have samsung task manager installed on CM10 just put it in system/ app fix permissions and you are good to go
  9. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM][PORT] HYPERION only for Pop Plus

    my friend flashed this on his galaxy mini 5570 and now the phone is dead doesn't boot just nothing but it booted at first then after that it turned off and came to this dead state . will a usb jig bring it to life or it is hopeless? Thanks in advance .
  10. lavaclaw

    Post XXBLL7 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware Change Log

    I mean can we add it by moded frameworks or someother way ? just because it would be great to make use of screen size.
  11. lavaclaw

    Post XXBLL7 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware Change Log

    multi window Will we have the multi window feature as gaalxy noteII & SGSIII or can any developer add this feature it would be cool to snap photo while doing something else thanks
  12. lavaclaw

    Post [Q] Modify Stock ROM and make it CWM flashable

    can you upload the rom you created as my mini has malfunction USB port and i need arabic stock rom rooted or not that can be flashed in CWM recovery thanks
  13. lavaclaw

    Post [help] mytouch 3g s-off & recovery

    same here if u found an answer tell me so i can get my s-off too thanks
  14. lavaclaw

    Post [REQUEST ][Q]RemICs-JB for epic 4G

    I don't need messaging or calling 3g 4g I only use it as PDA using Wi-Fi and bluetooth any tutorial to port it answer me please
  15. lavaclaw

    Thread [REQUEST ][Q]RemICs-JB for epic 4G

    Can any one port this ROM from galaxy s as it is similar to our epic link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1804032 Thanks....
  16. lavaclaw

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    :good: Samsung Galaxy S relay 4G for T..Mobile
  17. lavaclaw

    Post Galaxy Note 10.1 ROOTED! [ClockworkMod Recovery Is HERE!][HighOnAndroid Custom ROM]

    Awesome Good job Max you are the best :good::victory: btw can you reupload your video showing how to install ubuntu on android Thanks
  18. lavaclaw

    Post [ROM] toleROM for LG GW620

    can u make this ROM from the official 2.2
  19. lavaclaw

    Post [Q] How to thank somebody

    thanks really helped me